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About the product

What Is It:

The History of Whoo Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate is a literal treasure trove of youth.
Ultra-concentrated, ultra-regenerating, and downright ultra-luxurious, The History of Whoo Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate takes premium elegance to new heights. Made with the genuine treasures of Korea’s ancient court and expertly crafted using the actual secret royal formula once strictly protected, this ampoule imparts a dazzling radiance to the skin. You’ll gleam much like the real gold, amber, and precious pearls used to make up this intensely elegant mixture.
Wild ginseng brings it’s strong antioxidant properties to the table and shuts down free radical damage, pressing pause on the aging process. Your skin’s vitality is preserved and renewed thanks to this marriage of ancient wisdom and cutting-edge formulations.
The History of Whoo Radiant Regenerating Gold Concentrate is said to balance the Yin and Yang elements of the skin, bringing about harmony and optimizing efficacy. Outside skin stressors are blocked, damage is repaired, and skin is brightened paving the way for the rest of your skincare routine to work even better than before. The beauty of Korea’s famed empresses has been distilled into this gorgeous bottle as softer, smoother, younger looking skin awaits you.
Use both day, and night to nourish your skin and rediscover the vibrancy of youth.

Our insight:

It’s said that the use of this ampoule will increase the anti-aging effects of your current routine, especially if used with the other products from this premium line!

How to use:

Apply in your serum or ampoule step.


Main ingredients: coral, Gold, Pearl, amber, deer antlers, dong quai, Cornus fruit, acanthopanax, asparagus

Brand info:

This prestige beauty brand focuses on exclusive hanbang ingredients in an elegant, sophisticated package. With jars and vials that look more like little works of Korean art, Whoo was founded to revive the aesthetic of Korean royal culture through modern science and technology. From their essential ginseng-based Gongjinhyang line to their whitening Cheongidan line, formulated with rare ingredients like velvet deer antler extract and jade extract, The History of Whoo truly offers a luxury hanbang experience. With Lee Young Ae as the face of the brand for the last decade, The History of Whoo is best known in Korea and is slowly making their way to the rest of the world.

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