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Verified Expert

This is a great product it not only removes eye make up like butter but there is also no oily feeling! We all know how oil products stings our eyes. This product in particular is specially formulated for the eyes. I love this product


Verified Expert

This is a great makeup remover! It is gentle on your skin and gets the job done. I find it nice to use especially for someone like me that wears contacts. It doesn't leave an oily feeling on your face and it makes your skin feel soft. I find some makeup removers can make your skin feel stripped this does the complete opposite.

I am so impressed and absolutely have fallen in love with this product. First of all when I think of an oil makeup remover I’m assuming it would be a heavy oil that’ll leave a residue, I was WRONG! this remover is so light and scentless. I love how it didn’t irritate my eyes and it removed my stubborn waterproof eyeliner and glitter eyeshadows with such ease. This is definitely apart of my collection.

I love this stuff! My eyes are super sensitive, and the slightest speck of dust that gets in them feels like burning. This makeup remover doesn't bother my eyes at all, and it does a really good job of getting my eyeliner, mascara, and lip sleeping pack off.

Soy nueva en esto 😊 me podrían decir el costo en precios mexicanos porfavor.

puedes usar un conversor de precios por internet, solo dejame decirte que la mayoria de los productos salen caros ya que no es lo mismo dolares que peso, ya que 1 dolar es igual a 20 pesos mexicanos.

I really like this product as it gets my mascara off gently without stinging; and it has a sweet, light smell :) A little on a cotton pad goes a long way

This product is really good because it removes well your eye and lips makeup without irritated your delicate skin in eye area. Its like a water-oil and really soft ^.^ I recommended for all skintypes (even sensitive) !