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I love this mask! It makes my skin look and feel amazing! It really helps my face look brand new and doesn’t dry it out!! I totally recommend this product to everyone!!

This nourishing clay mask helps refine the pores without drying out your skin! Excellent for all skin types! It feels very nice and leaves pores appearing smaller and skin softer.

Whenever someone with dry skin wants to try a clay mask, this is the one I always recommend. It's lighter and creamier than most other clay masks (hence ~mousse~ mask) so it's not too harsh or drying to the skin. It's also easier to spread around the face since you don't need to put on a thick layer. But my most favorite thing about this mask is its packaging. It's more hygienic because you're not dipping your finger into a jar and you don't have to worry about it potentially drying out overtime. I know that you can revive a... Read more

I really love this mask. It can work for woman of all ages!! Myself and my daughter both use it. It feels so wonderful when on, and the results are amazing!! A definite go to!!


I absolutely love this mousse clay mask , this has been my go to for a long time, it doesn’t dry your skin but clears out all impurity’s without irritating your skin. It’s definitely one of my staples