October 06, 2018

From Snail to Probiotics to Lime Coke (!), Koelcia Is Sure to Have Something You’re Looking For

Exfoliation? Hydration? Microbiome-friendly? Yes, yes, and yes!

About the product

What Is It:

KOELCIA Lime Coke Cleansing Oil:
Do you worry about dry skin and continuous skin irritation? Lime Coke Cleansing Oil is the best choice for solving two problems at once! The seltzer components in this cleansing oil are key to removing waste in our skin while providing abundant minerals and moisture to tired skin. In addition, Vitamin C in lime helps protect your skin from external irritation and makes the skin look lively and vibrant.
KOELCIA Lime Coke Peeling Gel:
This brilliant peeling gel with lime and carbonated water removes dead skin cells and impurities. Your skin will feel cleaner, smoother and refreshed after using this gel. This peeling gel also significantly reduces skin pore size and its cellulose particles and Vitamin C from limes efficiently exfoliates dry flaky skin and eliminates oil in skin pores. The carbonated water components cleanse the skin and relieve rashes, which makes you feel the tightness of the pores.

How to use:

KOELCIA Lime Coke Cleansing Oil: Apply 2-3 pumps onto dry hands and gently massage over the face to dissolve makeup. Apply water to the fingertips and continue massaging face. Rinse with lukewarm water. KOELCIA Lime Coke Peeling Gel: After cleansing, wipe off moisture, then take an appropriate amount, gently massage all over face except eyes and mouth area, and then wash it with lukewarm water.


Key ingredients: LIme, Retinispora leaf extract, Cinnamon extract,

Brand info:

Koelcia is a premium cosmetic brand that covers all women from all age groups to offer more K-beauty. Koelcia provides the audience the dignity and elegance in each of their products. This brand promises reasonable prices, safe ingredients, and also products that you can rely on. They represent their brand with the color purple to represent nobility, pure, and holiness. Making sure that Koelcia preserves the purity for the beauty of all women.