About the product

What Is It:

Raise a toast to more beautiful lashes in an instant with Labiotte Chateau Wine Angle Mascara. With curved wands made to perfectly follow the contour of your eyes, these mascaras moisturize lashes while adding dramatic length or volume. The Lash Fixer version uses fibers to lengthen and define lashes. The fiber-free Volume Fixer version thickens lashes for noticeable fullness.

Our insight:

Need more length and more volume? Use one coat of Lash Fixer for length and follow with one coat of Volume Fixer for thickness.

How to use:

Apply with a light hand from the roots to the tips of lashes, gently wiggling wand as you go. Do not let dry in between coats.

Reviews & Comments 1


I have the Lash Fixer, and it wasn't that great for me. I can't really use mascaras with fibers, since they always get into my eyes... I wish I could've gotten the Volume Fixer instead.
But, my sister loves the Lash Fixer, she said she hasn't gotten any problems with the fibers. She said she likes how her eyelashes look very fanned out and lengthened! If you're fine with the fibers, then I think this product will be great!