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Verified Expert

Looking for a mask that hydrates, revitalizes and smooths out fine lines and wrinkles all while you sleep ... then this is the mask for you. I tried this mask when my skin was having a reaction to a product my skin didn't do well with. The mask claims that "Forest Yeast" will help to stregthen the skin's moisture barrier and reducing sensitivity-- it was exactly what I needed. In the morning when I woke my skin was calm, hydrated and looked tighter. I think I found my new go to sleeping mask.


Verified Expert

This mask is incredibly lightweight and your skin is hydrated without clogging pores or experiencing breakouts. My husband and kids use this at night because it is so light, non-sticky and you wake up with beautifully hydrated skin.


Verified Expert

I love how light this mask is! It absorbs so well into the skin without leaving that oily feeling or oil marks on my bedding. My skin was smooth and felt hydrated! Another great benefit is that my skin is very oily, but when I woke up my skin wasn't overly moisturized. It's hard to find that for me in a sleeping mask!


Verified Expert

This sleep mask is amazing. It has great benefits and absorbs into the skin so well. You wake up with nice flawless skin and I like that it has protectants to help our skin.


Verified Expert

Not heavy like other overnight masks I have tried. After using my cleanser, toner, serum and regular moisturizer, I put this mask on top. It enhances the benefits of all the other products as well as bringing its own unique moisturizing formula.


Verified Expert

Is miracle product too strong of a description?? I have tricky skin—normal to combo depending on the day, usually on the drier side in some areas and acne prone in some areas. So thick creams have never been appealing to me, or I would have to spot treat certain areas of my face with different products, which gets old. This product does the hydrating work of a thick night cream without clogging my pores or causing acne. It helps tone down my redness and leaves my skin soft and hydrated when I wake up. The packaging says use a couple... Read more


Verified Expert

Well I'm on board. It looks thick and creamy, but my skin drank it up it felt so light and silky. Went to bed not afraid to lay my head on the pillow or worn my husband "i have a stuff on my face". I woke up with my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I've been in the sun a lot lately, so i've promised my skin to take extra better care (before and after sun fun.) My skin is happy with this one.


Verified Expert

Seal in all the ingredients from your night time routine with this soothing sleeping mask! Your skin combats multiple environmental and hormonal stressors on a daily basis and it is important to restore the hydration layer at night. Your sleep cycle is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Boosting your skincare at night will make a world of difference with how you feel and look in the morning. This is a great mask to incorporate in your regimen that acts as preventative anti aging treatment and provides youthful looking skin now.


Verified Expert

No Fragrance ?! my skin is so sensitive I've been wanting to try the laneige water sleeping mask but i did notice it has slight fragrance. but this will be my next buy.. matter a fact its in my cart rn ! can't wait to try it out.


Verified Expert

This sleeping mask is incredible!! Rich creamy texture that is lightweight. It's very hydrating and soothing! It soaks into the skin after a few minutes, so you don't have to worry about getting it all over your bedding. I also love to put this mask on my hands at bedtime to soothe my dry, eczema skin.