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I have this lip mask in berry flavor. In Colorado, the dry air and intense sun are tough on skin and lips year round. Has a smooth, creamy feel that is very soothing at night. Not slippery, not waxy, just luscious! This is the best lip treatment I have ever used.


Verified Expert

As someone who had never tried a lip mask before, I figured Laneige was not a bad place to start! I would like to also preface this by saying that I normally hate chocolate and mint together, but I can never turn down a mint lip product! (I've also loved the Mint Julep Lip Scrub from LUSH ... so go figure.) I don't find it to be highly fragranced, so if scents aren't your thing, you'll love this! The consistency of this product is absolutely dreamy! It feels like the most hydrating and satisfying gloss you have ever used in... Read more


Verified Expert

Laneige lip masks never seem to disappoint! These will change your life, I promise you that. I'm so happy that they have been bringing these iconic lip mask in a variety of flavors :)