Get that just-ate-a-popsicle lip with these irresistibly adorable water gel tints! Boasting an ultra-moist formula in six vivid colors, the Etude House Limited Edition Dear Darling Water Gel Tint comes in an Instagram-worthy popsicle-shaped package.  Highly pigmented and long-lasting, this lip tint absorbs quickly, infusing the lips with moisture and rich vitamins from fresh fruit extracts.

Check out Soo’s review + tints swatches:

After applying a lip balm and an optional lip concealer, apply a light layer of the Water Gel Tint and press lips to blend.

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One look at any Etude House boutique or product, and you’ll understand: Etude House is all about making the everyday a little bit sweeter. Though they have a fast fashion approach to makeup — with playful packaging, trendy and limited edition colors, and affordable prices — this global beauty brand doesn’t skimp on quality. In fact, long-time favorites like their Fresh Cherry Tint and Proof 10 Eye Primer have been around for years and continue to be fan favorites. Their philosophy of positivity and optimism is truly infectious, and their wide array of makeup and skincare encourages the young and young-at-heart to have fun with beauty and, yes, make life a little sweeter.

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Omo omo lend me some money mom. I'll buy these. Then i'll eat'em all. 🤧💕

Bought this and the packaging is so ADORABLE. It's so tiny and cute! I bought the shades Jewel Red and Red Bean. I mistakenly thought that Jewel would have been a nice shimmer but oh no. Was I ever wrong. It's glittery. Like, straight up glitter. On my light-medium skin, there is practically no color, even on my colorless lips. It's still pretty though, just, not what I was expecting. I do have to say that after applying it, my inner lips still feel wet. The rest of my lip feels tacky, sticky. Still, I like it. Super cute.

packaging is super cute! it smells really good and tastes good too :P it does go on quite wet and sheer. it's sticky for about 30-45 min after application and then it goes away. Doesn't last all day and is a bit drying on my lips after a couple of house.

When receiving this tint, it does come in such a cute packaging and I love how I the bottle looks. I would say the color is very natural instead of so bright, which is super nice since I like that look. However, despite it smelling really good, the application is really wet where it tends to not fully cover my lips. I would have to keep apply, but honestly would not make much of a difference. Luckily it does not make the lips dry, but only a tad sticky. I would also like to say this is a tint you... Read more

Great info. Thank you!

Love this cute packaging but for a good result, I have to take very few gel and I was expecting something else concerning the smell

Etude House lip tints have always been my go-to and I looooove the shark red one in this collection!! Planning to pick up a jewel red one soon <3

so cute ???packaging is an A++++

Sometimes packaging is EVERYTHING and this is a perfect example I flipping love these lip glosses! had to have them love the red bean and jewel shades?

This is just... must-have!! So cute!! ♡♡♡