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I love this line! Have been working with it for years. This is one of my favorite products, as you do not need to be pregnant to get the benefits!! I have been using it constantly and it works so well, for the swelling and discomfort, especially when you are on your feet all day!! I definitely give it a five star review!!

This is not only amazing for use during and after pregnancy, but the benefits are not exclusive to only pre and postnatal clientele! This can aid growing teens with preventing stretch mark and relieving any discomfort. It's perfect for relieving muscle pain for athletes, especially runners. Even office workers, who spend long hours at a desk, can benefit from the soothing relief for muscle tension, discomfort, and even water retention or swelling in the legs and feet. So many uses and benefits!

I have a large prenatal clientele and this is a great product line. This leg cream is badly needed as the the legs take a beating especially during pregnancy. Great that Beautytap now has this line.

I love this skin specific line. So many women need this!