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What Is It:

Dull, dehydrated skin got you down? Well, have no fear, for the Missha Time Revolution Artemisia Essence is here to give you the glow of your dreams. This product only features one ingredient (yes, one!) — Artemisia Annua — harvested from the incredibly lush lands of Ganghwa Island in South Korea. What is artemisia, you ask? Well, it’s an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant rich powerhouse that soothe treat redness, as well as dry and irritated skin. Its antioxidant levels are similar to vitamin C, so you can glow like an Instagram filter IRL.
Missha takes this unique herbal ingredient and ferments it twice, once in a warm temperature and once in a cool temperature. Using a low-temperature extraction method, the pure, 100% essence is removed, and bam, you have your essence! Use the Missha Time Revolution Artemisia essence as the fourth step (essence/toner) after double cleansing in your nighttime routine for a hydration boost, or if you’re using it in the morning, you can apply a generous amount to your skin after cleansing to soothe and prep your skin.

Our insight:

Apply a few drops to your hands and gently press into the skin after cleansing. For a more targeted treatment, soak the essence onto a cotton pad and place onto your most dehydrated areas.

How to use:

Moisten a cotton pad with 3-4 drops of the essence and smooth all over the face, gently patting and pressing palms into your face to aid absorption. Alternatively, apply essence with the palms of your hands.


100% Artemisia Annua Extract

Brand info:

Perhaps one of the best-known K-beauty brands, Missha offers a huge selection of department store quality skincare and color cosmetics at reasonable roadshop prices. From their Time Revolution First Treatment Essence to their Perfect Cover BB Cream, Missha has garnered a loyal following around the world for their iconic, must-have products.

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This is almost perfection for someone with oily skin like me, i would say it's pretty much a 4.5 (rounding it up to 5 stars) due to the only downfall of this product: if you begin to layer it just a bit/apply a bit more than just a "refresher" (which is what i consider a mist for), it will end up becoming like a slight tacky film on the skin. That being said, everything else about this mist is divine: simple and efficient formula consisting of artemesia (mugwort) that is double fermented to get out the best nutrients and benefits... Read more


It's rare to see a product only have ONE ingredient! That's how you know you aren't putting anything bad & icky on your face. In fact, the one ingredient in this product is total powerhouse! Prepare for a super glowy & soft face!


I personally have had issues with rough skin. Incorporating this into my skincare routine has made my skin the softest its ever been! It's an amazing prep for more moisture!


Great product! My skin easily gets irritated but this was just perfect for me. My skin feels more hydrated and smooth.


it works well with every other product I use and always makes my skin calm and soft.