The perfect sampler of all the amazing sheet masks from Moksha, with each sheet mask addressing a myriad of skin concerns with K-beauty favorite and science-backed ingredients, from propolis and honey to green tea and bamboo. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight essence, a hardworking ampoule, or a soothing cream, these masks offer something for everyone. All of Moksha Dear masks contain 91.5% natural ingredients (many of which are rated low hazard by EWG) and are formulated without six harmful ingredients, including parabens, synthetic dyes, and silicone.


This pack of 10 includes:

Dear Honey Ampoule Type

Dear Green Tea Essence Type

Dear Berry Cream Type

Dear Bamboo Essence Type

Dear Tea Tree Essence Type

Dear Avocado Cream Type

Dear Apple Essence Type

Dear Shea Butter Cream Type

Dear Aloe Gel Essence Type

Dear Orange Essence Type

Moksha Dear sheet masks are an editor’s favorite. Read our full review here.

Apply sheet mask on face for 10-20 minutes. Remove and pat in remaining essence.

See the ingredients list for each individual sheet mask.

Moksha is a great brand that offers nature-based sheet masks and face exfoliators with high quality ingredients that belie their affordable road shop prices. Their 10 sheet masks each focus on a different main ingredient, like Tea Tree, Honey, or Shea Butter, and offer four different essence types: ampoule, cream, gel essence, and regular essence.

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These masks are filled with essence and that is a great thing! The downside I experience is that the mask is so loose on my face that it would not stick long enough without getting air bubbles, so I would have to keep patting it down to ensure the hydration is set.

I’ve tried the green tea and tea tree flavours so far. They are decent everyday masks but I find that these sheets are super huge, especially on the sides of the face. The eyes and mouth holes are very big too. And for that, I don’t think I’ll be ordering them. For the green tea flavour, alcohol is the third last ingredient.

I just tried the dear honey mask that came as a free gift and I am blown away!!! So good. I kept staring at my skin today! lol. Soft and my pores seem smaller. I'm thinking of stocking up now with the sale going on!

Haha that’s what I did after I received a sample too! They’re all great!

hchillin, which are your favorites?

Love the honey, aloe and bamboo. But those are the ones I’ve tried so far out the bunch. 😅but I look forward to trying the rest!

Nice! Thanks for replying! :)

Beautifully gives the skin a softness

I received the Honey one as a freebie last time and I was blown away... My skin was soooo soft!
I did not know that you could buy them! I usually use Tony moly or Innisfree, but I will buy this pack with my next order! :)

This is the mask sheet that we usually give as freebies these days so that you can try them before buying if you want :)

My favorite ones are Green tea, Honey and Aloe :)

Yes thank you for giving them as freebies???? ..i love the aloe and greentea i might order some but need to finish my etude house mask coz i buy a lot during sale???

I am honestly so tempted to take advantage of the sale and buy 2 sets of the multipack. Hmmmmm. To give in or not to give in? That is the question I'm ALWAYS asking myself.

I love this mask it makes my skin hydrated and soft...and i used it also before i apply my make up