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Verified Expert

Not my favorite toner as it is more gel like then your normal watery toner. From my background in esthetics, toners are suppose to remove any residue cleanser that you may have left on your skin and balance the pH. Since this is more of a serum, I'm not sure how it would do what a traditional toner is suppose to do. The smell was nice though.


Verified Expert

I just got this the other day. I don't like toners, but this a toner-serum and it is amazing so far. My goal is to achieve balanced skin, which for me has always been a pain in butt.


Verified Expert

I love the texture of this, it keeps the skin very hydrated and a nice natural glow

I love this toner it doesn’t dry you out but leaves your face feeling supple and refreshed


Verified Expert

This is a great product

Great toner, really high percentage of Aloe Vera which is great for the skin and has a good consistency!

This is such a good toner!
it’s so refreshing & has a fine mist.
I always use it before i apply my makeup and it leaves my skin hydrated & feeling fresh.

I think it is a good product!