Mainly containing bergamot fruit oil, lemon, and lemon grass, Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Lemon gets you fresh, aromatic mood with hypoallergenic peeling effect. By getting you both chemical and physical peeling effects at once, 100% pure cotton thread pad removes dead skin cells and the other side of wavy pad removes wastes within pores.  One of the easiest self-treat peeling and it leaves no stickiness after using it.

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Use it after washing your face. Put your fingers in the cotton and wipe over skin with cotton-thread part first to remove dead skin cells. After that, turn the cotton and wipe your skin with wavy cotton part to clear skin texture.

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This popular, award-winning Korean brand — a bestseller at Korea’s Olive Young stores — offers highly innovative and effective skincare products that are still gentle enough for sensitive skin types. With a number of technology patents, Neogen Dermalogy marries advanced biotechnology and natural ingredients to develop high quality products in its own lab and manufacturing facility. Case in point: Its bestselling Real Flower Cleansing Water, which features genuine calendula and rose petals floating in the formula, and its Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine pads, infused with resveratrol.

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So far I'm loving it... and I have sensitive skin.

nice! I have sensitive skin and I was a bit scared to try this one. What did you like about it??