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Little goes a long way. Beyond its sealing in moisture and helping skin to heal, new research has shown that snail mucin may have anti-aging potential, too. ... works great on, hyperpigmentation  , dry, dehydrated, normal- combination skin because it helps hydrate and treats spots!

i love a product that is light weight, and moisturizing. After applying my treatment i love to put this on, then layering it with a much heavier moisturizer. When applying my makeup i do notice that my smile lines are less noticeable.

I'm actually shocked at how much I like this moisturizer! I thought it would be slimy and gross. It's not at all. It has a light pleasant scent, it's a thinner consistency cream that is very moisturizing without feeling slimy or sticky. This cream helped clear my acne!

Innisfree carries this  has the most awesome stores in S.Korea. When I lived there I had the best help  and tried everything this became one of my favorites quickly. Highly suggested! 


I know what you're thinking "snails" on your face is disgusting. Nope, this really improves the look of your skin overall and would be a great purchase for beautiful clean skin.