About the product

What Is It:

Pink Reveur – Scalp care shampoo contains soft touch and softly scented ingredients that reduce daily stress and take care of scalp and hair.

How to use:

Apply to wet hair. Massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly.


This shampoo is a mixture of three types of botanical extracts and 12 types of various hair-friendly extracts.

Brand info:

Reveur continues to evolve while enhancing your beauty – Reveur is renewed for you so that you can select the most appropriate hair care product for ensuring shiny hair. Expectation and rich imagination created by knowing and reflecting on yourself in order to select an appropriate product for yourself lead to a source of invaluable beauty.

Reviews & Comments 3


i am really curious to know what exact ingredients are used in here - looking to purchase a bottle myself. has anyone else tested it and have the ingredients on hand?? thanks yall!


Yes. Just yes. Hair health starts with scalp health. It’s so nice to have a shampoo that focuses on the root of the situation.


Great stuff! If you have oily care this will be great also, my hair is course and thick and this does the job without drying excessively.