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What Is It:

This rich nourishing body cream is the family friendly skincare that even the kids can use! Rootree Camphorganic Rich Body Cream is made without any harmful or irritating chemicals, making it a great choice for those seeking safe, effective body care. Good for even sensitive skin types, this transformative cream will leave your skin feeling soft, pure and clean, just like the ingredients! 

Made with 98% all natural ingredients, including 93% organics, Rootree Camphorganic Rich Body Cream goes above and beyond the Korean FDS standards and is fully Eco Certified.

Rootree Camphorganic Rich Body Cream uses essence from the camphor trees grown in the nutrient dense soil of Korea’s beautiful Jeju Island to soothe any redness, irritation, or inflammation your skin may be experiencing. It also imbues your skin with deep moisture captured from distilled Chamomile flowers, Shea Butter, Coco-Glucide, Asiatic Pennywort, and Bamboo. 

Our insight:

Combine this with a rich body oil to really seal in the moisture after a shower!

How to use:

Apply anywhere on the body concentrating on any dry spots in need of a soothing treatment.


Main Ingredients: Camphor Tree, Chrysanthemum Zawadskii, Sasa Quelpaertensis, Vitex Trifolia Fruit, Dendropanax Morbifera Extract, Peppermint, Citrus Sudachii, Canola

Brand info:

Rootree’s philosophy to send this message, is to truly deliver the benefit of the tree from the forest that helps to improve your skin’s healthiness by providing rest. Rootree’s formulation, with particular and certificated organic ingredients, could provide skin with positive changes forever. Uses pure and clean natural raw materials grown in South Korea, process the clean production progress to create a product in ideal condition. Selects only pure and clean raw materials from pure nature, mainly from Jeju island, for your skin. Rootree wants to forward the benefit of the tree from the forest which provides the healing energy to the skin.

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