October 20, 2018

Rootree: Finally a K-Beauty Brand That’s Organic, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, & Super Effective

There’s a lot of choice in K-beauty, but considering how much Korean brands love natural ingredients, when it comes to truly organic, cruelty-free, vegan, eco-friendly, and chemical-free brands, they’re not that easy to find.

About the product

What Is It:

Rootree Cryptherapy collection contains concentrated natural ingredients, which absorbs softly and smoothly through the skin. Jeju Cryptomeria which has pure water and fresh air that helps with natural anti-inflammation material(phytoncide). It improves skin’s immunity, delivers plentiful nutrients and gives moisture. Great for sensitive skin type including atopic skin and helps with the removing dead skin, leaving your skin moisturized and brightened.

How to use:

Apply a decent amount to the skin.


Key Ingredients: Cryptomeria Japonica Leaf Extract, Mentha Arvensis Leaf Extract, Brassica Napus Extract, Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract

Brand info:

Rootree’s philosophy to send this message, is to truly deliver the benefit of the tree from the forest that helps to improve your skin’s healthiness by providing rest. Rootree’s formulation, with particular and certificated organic ingredients, could provide skin with positive changes forever. Uses pure and clean natural raw materials grown in South Korea, process the clean production progress to create a product in ideal condition. Selects only pure and clean raw materials from pure nature, mainly from Jeju island, for your skin. Rootree wants to forward the benefit of the tree from the forest which provides the healing energy to the skin.