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What Is It:

This camellia flower-based face mist instantly hydrates and calms skin, leaving your complexion with a healthy, dewy glow. Camellia flower extract (92.52%) moisturizes dehydrated skin, while other antioxidant-rich botanicals protect skin from pollution particulates in the air. Use it as a toner after cleansing or to revitalize the skin throughout the day. And like all SanDaWha products, there are no artificial fragrances or dyes, synthetic preservatives, PEGs, or alcohol, making it a great choice for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin.

Our insight:

There are so many ways to use a face mist. We love spritzing it on before makeup to prep skin or after makeup to enhance its staying power and impart a dewy glow. Also try spritzing your face before you apply a mask or on a beauty blender or cushion applicator to even out foundation and help it blend seamlessly.

How to use:

Close eyes and spray onto face. Pat in gently or allow to dry. Use as a toner after cleansing or throughout the day to refresh skin and makeup.


Key ingredients: Camellia japonica Flower Extract (92.52%) Licorice root extract Green tea extract Pea protein Pea extract

Brand info:

In its nature-based skincare line, SanDaWha harnesses the purity and power of the camellia flower that thrives in the unique ecosystem of Jeju Island, considered Korea’s Hawaii for its tropical climate and lush greenery. Camellia seed oil is rich in vitamins, omega-3, -6, and -9, and oleic acid; absorbs well without stickiness; and helps to deeply hydrate skin. Using a cold-pressing process to naturally extract unrefined camellia oil, thereby preserving its skin-nourishing properties, SanDaWha emphasizes high quality ingredients over fancy packaging. SanDaWha believes in skincare that is kind to your skin, your health, and the environment, and never uses harmful ingredients.

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Can you believe I finished 1 bottle of this mist in two months!? It is so easy to rehydrate the skin when you have a moisturizer in mist form. It is also perfect for lazy days when I don't want to do all 6 steps of my skincare routine (LOL) cause it's practically a toner and a moisturizer. Plus how convenient is it to just mist this product and instantly feel refreshed during this hot and humid summer months.


One of my clients tried this and loved it. Very refreshing.


I love using this as a toner after cleansing. Many toners are harsh and dry me out, but this is incredibly hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft. Definitely recommend. Feel free to message me to learn more about receiving samples!


This mist is so delightful! Smells refreshing of camellia flowers!!! The perfect mist for everyday use! Keeps my skin feeling hydrated!!


This hydrating mist is amazing! It has been leaving my skin feeling refreshed and has definitely added moisture before applying my moisturizer. Just ordered another one since I use this on a daily.


I love the light smell and it really does add hydration. Use it after your skincare and/or make-up routine to help set everything in place.


This is useful for all skin types! So, you can use it as a toner, after a makeup application to add a glow or you can keep it in your purse to use throughout the day when you need to refresh! Even spray it on your chest for hydration.


If you work in an office that goes from hot to cold in an instant (or are of "a certain age" like me, this little mist is a lifesaver! It's cooling, soothing, and hydrating, and I've been using it in between skincare layers for at least two years. One of my favorite ways to use this is to mist my face before and after I apply the COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml. It reduces stickiness and helps the essence absorb better. It's also nice as a finishing spray after makeup to tamp down powderiness.... Read more

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