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What Is It:

The SanDaWha Seaweed Mud Pack uses safe, eco-friendly ingredients to gently remove any excess sebum from your skin. SanDaWha goes one step further than your typical mud pack and includes the powerful skin-soother allantoin to soothe skin with its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties. It also includes moisturizing algae, a skin-conditioning humectant that locks in hydration, making this a rare breed of mud masks that addresses oily skin without stripping it of moisture! The result is fresher, balanced skin, without any of the dryness or irritation associated with other stripping and harsh mud masks. Here’s what skincare blogger Michelle of blog BeautyFindsForMe.wordpress.com says of the Seaweed Mud Pack:

Another really fine product from SanDaWha! I think that all skin types, barring any allergies, can use this seaweedy-mud packed wash off mask and get solid results. I have oily skin and it worked fine in extracting the gunk and excess oil, but leaving my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I do not feel that this is a drying mask at all, so even those with the driest of skin types might enjoy using this mask ~ it is very moisturizing.

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Our insight:

If your skin is dry and mud masks have proven to be too harsh and drying for your skin, SanDaWha’s version is mild enough to accommodate even the driest of skins. Pair it with the brand’s Camellia Flower Antioxidant Cream Mask for a multi-masking session: this duo is truly a gift for all skin types, making it an incredibly versatile treat for yourself that can be shared with loved ones.

How to use:

Spread the mud mask on oily-prone areas of your skin, namely the T-zone (nose and forehead). Leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.


Purified water, kaolin, propanediol, glycerin, caprylic glyceride, pentylene glycol, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan caprylate, allatoin, seaweed extract, hizikia fusiformis extract, algae oligosaccharides, sargassum fulvellum, rosewood oil, vanilla flower oil.

Brand info:

In its nature-based skincare line, SanDaWha harnesses the purity and power of the camellia flower that thrives in the unique ecosystem of Jeju Island, considered Korea’s Hawaii for its tropical climate and lush greenery. Camellia seed oil is rich in vitamins, omega-3, -6, and -9, and oleic acid; absorbs well without stickiness; and helps to deeply hydrate skin. Using a cold-pressing process to naturally extract unrefined camellia oil, thereby preserving its skin-nourishing properties, SanDaWha emphasizes high quality ingredients over fancy packaging. SanDaWha believes in skincare that is kind to your skin, your health, and the environment, and never uses harmful ingredients.

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This seaweed mud mask contains eco-friendly ingredients, it is anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, moisturizing & soothing- all the while gently removing excess oil. Leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth and is great for all skin types. Another product perfect for the whole family :)


This is a great mask if you are feeling like your skin is congested. (I’d time so that you aren’t using this product directly after any sun irritation ) but perfect for a mid-week purge of the pores! This doesn’t have a very heavy consistency, and it dries powder light! Follow up with Sandawha Liposome Skin Softener for the best 2-step at home spa treatment!

Marvellous! Im so impressed that this brand cares about our skin, health and the environment. They never use any harmful ingredients. I have combination skin and the mask balanced my skin. Left it smooth and nourished.


A perfect mud mask thats both hydrating and detoxifying! Made for even the driest of skin, this mask is a must have for all skin types!


Very gentle but deep cleaning 🧹 This mask absorbs all stuff that I have gotten during the week)

Jude Chao

Quick dry skin feedback: I have been trying this and really appreciate that it doesn't make my skin feel dried out after use, like many clay masks do.

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