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What is it: This extra-mild, pH balanced cleanser gently lifts away dirt, makeup, and impurities without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Antioxidants, vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, and a unique blend of the latest botanical extracts (like green tea) nourish your skin and protect it from free radical damage. The rich, silky formula transforms into a dense foam with water and then into a cream texture as you massage onto your face, leaving your skin glowing and radiant. Even better? This water-based cleanser is made without SLS, synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments, and artificial preservatives, so it’s great for all skin types.

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How to use:

Apply a small amount of the cleanser on your wet hand and massage onto your wet face in a gentle, circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.


Vitamin C Vitamin E Coenzyme Q10 Magnolia extract GotuKola extract Green tea extract Japanese knotweed extract

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In its nature-based skincare line, SanDaWha harnesses the purity and power of the camellia flower that thrives in the unique ecosystem of Jeju Island, considered Korea’s Hawaii for its tropical climate and lush greenery. Camellia seed oil is rich in vitamins, omega-3, -6, and -9, and oleic acid; absorbs well without stickiness; and helps to deeply hydrate skin. Using a cold-pressing process to naturally extract unrefined camellia oil, thereby preserving its skin-nourishing properties, SanDaWha emphasizes high quality ingredients over fancy packaging. SanDaWha believes in skincare that is kind to your skin, your health, and the environment, and never uses harmful ingredients.

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Review based on sample: Not Bad! It smells very nice and refreshing and is a less harsh cleanser than my usual go-to's. Definitely more gentle than what I'm used to haha. P.S. SanDaWha if you read this review GET BETTER SAMPLE PACKAGING, they were hard to open and had minimal product inside I had to use multiple packets. Thanks :)


this cleanser definitely gets the job done. It leaves my face so clean, its nearly too clean. A bit dry-But when I follow it with a nice toner, then the San Da Wa camelia flower cream i find it works very well for me. Ive noticed my porses are smaller and my skin is much cleaner after about two weeks of use.


I love how simple the ingredients are so you feel light and fresh. The green tea extract is a nice touch and it doesn't have any synthetics or preservatives so it works for everyone!


I really liked this cleanser. I love the light lather it creates when rubbed together. It’s nice that it’s not drying to the skin but gives you a nice clean feel on your face.


SanDaWha makes beautiful products, and this cleanser is no exception. It's very mild and foams slighty (and can actually become ultra-foamy with a bubble maker, which I adore). The scent is minimal, and the pH is right, so it won't strip away your natural oils. My skin varies from normal to dry in autumn/winter to normal to combo in spring/summer, and this works well year-round. Recommended for all except those with very dry skin (who may need a richer, cream-based cleanser).


My skin type is prone to dryness with occasional breakout and I live in a humid climate. I LOVE this cleanser!!! Removes makeup plus a gentle daily cleanser without stripping your skin. Rich texture, great foam, and pleasant scent you just feel so refreshed!


One of my all time favorite cleansers! Great for all skin types. My teenage daughter uses it too. I love how the texture changes as you continue to wash. Your skin will feel clean but not at all dry after using it.


This brand is one of my favorites. Im never disappointed. I've recommended for several clients that have problems with other cleansers they've tried and I've gotten great feedback from them. I really like the smell.


My client really like the feel of this and the freshness afterwards. Really nice.


A wonderful cleanser. A little goes a long way. It can be used along with the cleansing oil or alone. It leaves your skin feeling clean but not stripped.