This reconstructive hair treatment nourishes dry, brittle strands with argan oil, plant oils, and a Black-20 Complex™ to restore shine and softness. Great for color treated or permed hair.

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After shampooing, remove excess water and massage on hair. Rinse thoroughly. For a more intensive treatment, apply a generous amount starting from scalp and working your way to the ends. Wrap hair in a hot towel or hair cap and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice a week.
* Tip: After styling, apply on ends.

Argan oil (200ppm), jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, 20 kinds of black food extracts

This nature-focused roadshop beauty brand believes that food that is good for one’s health is also good for one’s skin. To that end, they strive to make “delicious cosmetics” from “delicious foods,” formulating their skincare, makeup, hair and body products to retain as much of the original benefits of foods like French Burgundy grapes, Brazilian brown sugar, royal black honey, bitter greens, avocado, and eggs. With bestsellers like their Black Sugar Mask and Royal Honey Propolis Essence, Skinfood leverages 60 years of beauty knowhow and works with farmers around the world to find the best food sources grown with environmentally conscious methods.

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