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More important than your ABC’s, let’s learn our EGF’s and FGF’s!
These groups of letters are about to be your skin’s new best friends. When used together, these ampoules will help to restart and restore the vital Epidermal Growth Factor and Fibroblast Growth Factor. What’s that? A fancy way to say #SquadGoals when it comes to your skincare routine.
Swanicoco EGF 10ppm Pure Ampoule
Our skin’s ability to heal itself slows down more and more each passing year. One major culprit is known as EGF, (Epidermal Growth Factor) which decreases in our body as we get older. Fight back with Swanicoco and their EGF 10ppm Pure Ampoule! Swanicoco created this ampoule, which contains 99% EGF (or 10ppm — parts per million) along with other important skin rejuvenating ingredients to boost skin elasticity, protect skin, and even strengthen skin barrier. Wrinkles, fine lines, and even pores all see improvement with Swanicoco EGF 10ppm Pure Ampoule.
Swanicoco FGF 10ppm Pure Ampoule
To revive, regenerate, and strengthen skin, there’s a major building block known as Fibroblast Growth Factor. FGF heals damage within the dermis caused by skin stressors and age. It also increases collagen production which strengthens skin layers for overall healthier skin. With that strengthening in place, skin barriers are fortified, protecting skin from further damage! Swanicoco’s FGF Pure Ampoule is 10ppm (parts per millions — that’s a whopping 99%!) and delivers all natural nutrients that will improve skin elasticity and efficiently heal damaged skin cells!
It’s not your ABC’s, but youthful revitalized skin is as simple as EGF & EGF!
Here’s what skincare blogger Vanity Rex had to say about the EGF and FGF set (and read the full review here!):

Used together, these ampoules work like a sensitive-skin friendly AHA. My skin is brighter, has noticeably less dullness, and is smoother. These are all things that AHAs do for my skin. However, whereas AHAs create a lot of inflammation and irritation for me, these ampoules don’t at all. The trade off for gentleness seems to be speed – AHAs work a lot faster, especially in terms of the brightening effect, whereas the effects of the ampoules are much more cumulative and required consistent use for 2-3 weeks to really become noticeable. If you have sensitive skin or skin that responds better to a slow and steady type of treatment, this is an awesome alternative to exfoliants to getting smoother skin.

Our insight:

For maximum renewing results, mix with Swanicoco FGF 10ppm Pure Ampoule before applying, as seen in Beautytap Marketing Director Jude’s big Swanicoco roundup!

For me, these products work much better together. I noticed a definite and significant improvement in my overall skin texture, which looked and felt much smoother, more refined, and denser. If you’ve ever noticed how skin tends to get crepey and delicate-looking with age, then you probably know what I mean: this combination of products produced the opposite effect in me. My skin gained a resilience and a tighter and more fine-grained appearance that I didn’t even know I’d been missing until then.

How to use:

Though you may use the ampoule after applying a toner or an essence, it is recommended to use the ampoule as the first step in your skincare regime after cleansing. Apply the ampoule evenly to your face and neck, and pat gently to promote absorption.


EGF Pure Ampoule: Ingredients: rh-Oligopeptide-1, Tocopherol, Allantoin, Carbomer, Arginine, Olibanum, and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil........FGF Pure Ampoule: Ingredients: rh-Polypeptide-11, Tocopherol, Carbomer, Arginine, Olibanum, and Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

Brand info:

Beauty brands that claim to be nature-based are a dime a dozen in South Korea, but Swanicoco takes that claim seriously. With the commitment to ensuring that each Swanicoco product consists of 90% to 100% natural ingredients, Swanicoco has risen to the top of Rankey.com’s list of natural cosmetics in Korea. And it’s no wonder. Beloved for their standout products like the Bitamin C line, the Centella Asiatica Salve (an editor favorite), and PHA 10% Coco Soft Peeling Cream, Swanicoco is on a mission to disprove the notion that natural ingredients are less effective. Swanicoco harnesses Korea’s high-tech biotechnology to provide products with not just time-honored botanical ingredients but those that are science-based, ranging from epidermal growth factors to snail mucin to fermented ingredients. Originally founded in 2000 by Seong Chunseon as a way to treat her family’s sensitive skin, Swanicoco soon expanded to a business after Seong started getting rave reviews of her naturally fermented soaps from her neighbors. Today, Swanicoco boasts a collection of over 150 products, ranging from skincare and color cosmetics to hair and body care and, of course, Seong’s fermented soaps (now offered in nine varieties). There are 28 Swanicoco retail locations throughout Korea as well as a robust online presence. A favorite of insiders in the beauty community, Swanicoco continues to operate in the spirit of its founder, making each product as if it were for their own family.

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I'm currently using both of these ampoules and the results are extraordinary. Granted, I'm using other powerful, results oriented products in conjunction with these, but I'm of the opinion that the two ampoules, used together, are the brightest stars in the constellation. They are the first products I reach for after using a "first" essence or serum. I mix half a dropper of each in my palm and upon application they absorb into my skin almost instantly with minimal patting. I've been a k-beauty convert for almost a year and am slowly finding the few priceless... Read more


Well, I've been debating getting these, and now after reading your review I want to get my hands on them more than ever. My wallet is not happy. Sigh!
BTW, I'd love to know more about your skincare routine.😊


Please restock! 🙏🏼