* Removes excess sebum from pores as if using octopus tentacles to remove them

* full of minerals to care for pores

* provides care for pores, removes excess sebum and blackheads

* Removes excess sebum in one shot, mostly found in forehead and nose

* excellent adherence to skin

* leaves skin looking smooth and clean

* Key ingredients: Marine Root-up Complex (mud and anti-sebumP(TM)), Hawaii deep sea water, sea salt from the dead sea, and taurine

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How to:

After cleansing, make sure forehead and nose area is wet. Remove film on the nose pack and apply to nose and forehead area. Remove after 10-15 minutes.

Coming soon!
Coming soon!

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I used this last night, and phew, it definitely pulls a lot of gunk out of your face! Ha! I like that it covers up to the center of your forehead. The slits allow for better coverage and adherence than the usual style of strip, too.