About the product

What Is It:

Naturally colored and flavored lip whips for a lasting hint of color, shimmer and moisture to protect lips year-round. Paraben free, sulfate free, vegan.

Our insight:

Highly buildable color to craft the look you want from sheer to bold. Nourish and protect lips with a hint of natural shimmer.

How to use:

Gently rub the surface of the lip whip with finger tip and apply to dry lips for a nourishing coat of all-natural, sheer color.



Brand info:

True Moringa (Best of Indie Beauty Expo, Best of NY NOW, INNOCOS Blue Beauty Award Winner) makes healthy skin and hair care powered by cold-pressed moringa oil. They work directly with 5000 small farming families throughout Ghana to cultivate and create their natural ingredients. To date, they have planted over 2 million moringa trees to combat deforestation and malnutrition.

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I really wanted you to love this lippie, but it's a little disappointing. The color is sheer and lovely, but the moisturizing effects didn't last more than an hour. There was no cocoa scent despite the name, and I think this may work better as a cream blush than a lip color. It's not bad by any stretch, but I wouldn't recommend it for it's primary purpose as a lip color.


I love it! super moisture! you can put it either before or after your lipstick :)


Where my Vegans at??? Listen ladies, Vegan or not, everyone can appreciate having all natural products in their makeup kit. These whips are perfect for multiple uses. Being buildable means they are so shear you have control over how subtle or daring you want that color to be. You can add it to a different color to change the hue altogether, or add it to the center give your lip some dimension , it's your world girl! last but not least, having supple lips are a must, no one is attracted to cracked and crusty. Lol! This one... Read more


I am obsessed with lip products and this is one of my favorite new products. Just enough color if your running out to the store, but I even use it at night when I go to sleep because its so hydrating. Its 100% cold pressed moringa oil!!!! vegan, paraben free sulfate free it doesn't get better than that.


From sheer to bold, the lip whip's buildable nature to go alongside any desired look is a major win and pairing it with my natural makeup look adds the perfect amount of subtleness.


I love this lip whip so much, it doesn't dry out your lips and i love the fact that you can put on a very sheer layer, i am very into the " no makeup" makeup look,and this definitely helps achieve that look


Wow. I was very apprehensive to try an oil based lip product - I am VERY particular about what textures I put on my lips. Normally oil bases feel too slippery and don't last how I want them to. This is the first product that has performed how I want it to - and this color is GORGEOUS. The pigment is truly buildable - which as a makeup junkee I very much appreciate! LOVE LOVE LOVE this whip!


This gorgeous lip whip has a glossy, smooth finish and makes the lips look luscious. This can be worn very sheer, or built up in color so don't let the bright color throw you! Love Moringa oil in all its uses!


I absolutely love this color! It’s one of my favorite colors! I am so excited to true this lip whip! To heal my chapped and aging lips!


Although this is labeled as a lip product, it can be used as a cream blush on the cheeks! Since it is a buildable product you can add a healthy glow to your cheeks or a more noticeable color! I love products with more than one use!


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