About the product

What Is It:

First thing’s first! Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water rewrites the old cleansing water rules, and it starts with the first ingredient. This cleansing “water” is actually water-free! Instead of using low cost fillers such as water, Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water uses micellar technology and Aloe to effectively yet gently cleanse your skin of make-up, dirt, excess oils, and debris. Made with 74.35% organic ingredients, each bottle of Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water is made with a base of Aloe Maculata Leaf Extract. By using Aloe Leaf Extract instead of water, your skin is conditioned allowing it to retain and protect its essential moisture barrier. Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Water doesn’t just clean your skin, it also utilizes Whamisa’s beloved blend of fermented botanicals to treat and pamper your complexion. Chrysanthemum Sinense Flower Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus Nelumbo Nucifera Flower Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Rhizome/ Root Ferment Filtrate, and Lactobacillus/aloe maculate leaf/molasses ferment filtrate are blended together to envelope your skin in rich nutritious nutrients. Use daily to refresh your skin and improve your complexion’s overall condition with each subsequent use!

Our insight:

Aloe is the perfect way to deliver vital hydration to the skin without a heavy or greasy after effect, making it a great option for both dry and oily skins alike.

How to use:

Pour onto a cotton pad and gently swipe across your face to cleanse. For heavy makeup removal, soak a pad in the cleansing water and let it sit for a few seconds to break down the pigments.


Corylus Avellana (Hazel) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Paeonia Suffruticosa Root Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Lactobacillus /Chrysanthemum Sinense Flower Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus/Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus /Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Rhizome/Root Ferment Filtrate, Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil, Geranium Maculatum Oil, Fragrance, d-Limonene

Brand info:

Wha means “flower”, Mi stands for “beauty” and Sa stands for the number “4”. It symbolises the basis of their products: roots, seeds, flowers and fruits. Whamisa brings you natural and organic fermented ingredients.
Since the founding of the ENS Beauty Group in South Korea in 2002, Whamisa has been working intensively on the topics of fermentation technology, the production of cosmetics without added water, and natural preservation.
Whamisa uses organic raw materials and plant extracts found in nature as a base, and through the fermentation process to increase the absorption rate and preservation rate that helps to enhance skin moisture.
It also aims to be transparent with the ingredients which contains clean and safe ingredients verified by EWG, an Organic Certified by BDIH as well.

Reviews & Comments 6


This is a fun product for all skin-types, cleansing water is always a great option for those needing hydration, and that includes even the most oily skin. Hydration=boost in water levels which in turn balance out oil production. think of this step as an extra sip of water for the skin, replenishing as it cleanses. Drink life water free:)


Love love micellular waters they work the best with my skin type. I can't wait to try this!


I'm so picky about sunscreen because I am a makeup artist as well so it HAS to sit well under a full-face of foundation and color. This product is so lovely! Sheer and silky plus and SPF 50+. Perfect for any skin type and daily use. Highly recommend!


What an amazing product! No more wipes for me! This literally gets off makeup and daily grime so easily and leaves my skin feeling so soft and moisturized! AND it's clean beauty and comes in an really large size as well!


The ingredient list is awesome! For those of you with problem/sensitive skin, you need to give this a shot. This would be a great gentle way to remove makeup and sunscreen as the first part of a double cleanse routine.


Ingredients like Jojoba nourish skin without stripping the skins sebum and disrupting barrier function. Best for Sensitive skin. However you must follow up with your regular cleanser after due to medium-high level comedogenicity . Superb at makeup / SPF remevoal.