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19 Brand of the Week - Epicuren




  • Profile photo of tracyteel tracyteel

    I've been using this consistently for eight weeks. I took before and after photos and am pleased with the results so far. While this isn't a miracle in a bottle (most of us need medical intervention for dramatic results), it has improved my neck's texture, and the skin seems more taut. The skin on my chest looks noticeably better, so I'll be repurchasing this as a maintenance product. I know this isn't the sexiest review, but for the money, I'm quite pleased with the results.

  • Profile photo of tgermain tgermain

    This is not only amazing for use during and after pregnancy, but the benefits are not exclusive to only pre and postnatal clientele! This can aid growing teens with preventing stretch mark and relieving any discomfort. It's perfect for relieving muscle pain for athletes, especially runners. Even office workers, who spend long hours at a desk, can benefit from the soothing relief for muscle tension, discomfort, and even water retention or swelling in the legs and feet. So many uses and benefits!

  • Profile photo of jenbsully jenbsully

    Lip tint is a must-have for me especially for days I'm not in the mood makeup. I love the coral color, perfect for summer.

  • Profile photo of sandras sandras

    With age I’ve noticed that my pores are more visible and while I have sensitive skin it was difficult to find a product to take care of both. COSRX has the perfect blend; it tightened my skin enough to reduce the pores but it didn’t strip me to where my skin was dry or irritated. It’s a keeper.

  • Profile photo of sandras sandras

    Love this product as everyone has mentioned, a little does go a long way, it’s super light and silky perfect for wearing under makeup. And it definitely softens crows feet.

  • Profile photo of classyebonygirl classyebonygirl

    This toner really does make my skin feel smooth, soft and hydrated. It has a very subtle citrus scent, almost fragrance free with a very interesting milk like texture.

  • Profile photo of kellybeautywellness kellybeautywellness

    I love recommending this product to people who love that fresh clean just washed feeling. Being that this is a gel it is super light weight and absorbs quickly. Also, this is great for all ethnicities because there is NO white cast left behind. This is summer must have!

  • Profile photo of jenbsully jenbsully

    I love the yogurt-like texture that provides intensive hydration to my skin with a breathable finish.

  • Profile photo of jenbsully jenbsully

    I love the serum texture of this toner.It spreads easily ans sinks in quickly.

  • Profile photo of jenbsully jenbsully

    Great product! One of the best eye cream I've ever had.