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    I never thought I would see the day when face masks were an accessory staple and a mandatory one at that. So here we are, and if you are going to wear one, it might as well not feel like you are. These masks appear to be all that and a bag of chips...light, durable, and comfy. Into the cart, they go!

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    Great for acne prone skin! I've been using this after I put my makeup on and I feel like it really sets my makeup and gives me that smooth, glowing, dewy look. It leaves my skin feeling very smooth and silky and it feels very hydrated. The main reason why I like this product is because it's made for breakout prone skin (like myself) and I like the antibacterial properties in it. I always get worried trying new products on my face because I usually break out, but I haven't had any issues with this and am so happy about that!

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    I've only used this patches a couple times now but just thought I'd mention what I've noticed so far. I like how smooth and hydrated it feels under my eyes after I use it. When I remove the patches after 10 mins, I like to pat the rest of the product with my ring finger so my skin can get all the amazing ingredients it contains. The only downside to these I'd say is they're very thin and I have longer nails and have actually ripped the a couple of times. I also think it's a little tricky to get it perfectly right underneath your eye. These will be nice to use when we can start doing things again and have events and can put these on before I apply my makeup. I also think these will be great to use on my wedding day before I get ready to freshen...

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    If I could give this product 10 stars I would! I had to jump on the bandwagon to see what all the raves were about and even thought it's a $150 it's well worth the money!! I'd rather pay more for a product and have it work then pay for something cheaper that doesn't give me the results I want. I actually took a before and after photo after using this for 2 weeks and my brown spot on my forehead has faded! Also, the texture of my forehead looks smoother and has a more even skin tone. I actually posted my before and after on my page, check it out! This is by far my favorite product in my regimen now!

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    I know I commented a few weeks ago but I just had to mention fiancé has REFUSED to use a face wash (he says its too much work and is lazy...haha *eye roll*). The other day I decided to do an experiment and I put this cleanser in the shower and told him he had to wash his face because he played golf and was all sweaty and gross. Then this morning I asked him to try another cleanser (not from Beautytap) that was in the shower. He got out and said, I like this one better and pointed to the SanDaWha one. AND he said he would start washing his face every day. It's a miracle!!! No but really, it goes to show how great this cleanser is and how gentle it is on the face. I also like that it removes excess sebum but it s...

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    So I've been on a facial mist kick lately and this one is one of my favorites! I'm pretty much obsessed with the entire line of SanDaWha. Everything from the ingredients, how great it smells, how soft my skin feels, how I hydrated my skin is and the list goes on! I've been using this after I apply my makeup and then spraying a couple of spritzers throughout the day to freshen up my skin. Having the ingredient, camellia oil and extracts in it means your skin will be protected, hydrated and glowy! It smells so refreshing and makes you want say "aahhhhhh" eveyrytime you spray it! P.S. The other day my mom asked what this was and so she sprayed it a couple times on her face and now she just just told me she bought one! :)

  • Profile photo of justcallmejenny justcallmejenny

    Since makeup has become a slight afterthought with the introduction of the face mask as the new accessory, I have been searching for a BB or CC Cream that can still get some coverage without having to commit to a heavy foundation. To my surprise this BB Cream not only gave me great coverage, but is light enough for my skin to "breathe." Add that there is an SPF to protect against sun damage, and anti-again benefits? Yes please!Packaging is great too, as it allows to really use up every last drop of product. A little goes a long way, so this could last through summer!

  • Profile photo of lindaconte lindaconte

    Great product to lock in moisture. Camellia flowers derived from such a pristine environment make this product a must have. Also the oil boosts collagen production. What’s not to like.

  • Profile photo of juliebeauty juliebeauty

    My skin was so soft after using it for the first time. Highly recommend if you have dry, sensitive skin.