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    I sat down for a facial in store and explained to the gal there that I was dealing with dry lips. She recommended these patches and tried one on me. I had mine on for 5 minutes, but she said you can leave these on for up to 45 minutes or when the patch seems dry. Wow! My lips didn't feel dry or looked like they were peeling anymore. (Which was likely due to the weather and a new lip balm I tried for a few days.) The patches not only lock in hydration but they also help with reducing lip lines. You should use only 1-2 per week.

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    This is my 2nd bottle and I have a 3rd waiting for me. That's how much I love this stuff. It is like a toner and essence in one. Feels like a serum sometimes. You can skip 1 or 2 steps and simplify with this. Keeps my dry winter skin very hydrated. Feels so luxurious on my skin. Quality ingredients. Give it a try!

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    i had been recommended this toner at the beautytap store at south coast plaza and ever since i have been hooked on this toner. i hope that beautytap starts to stock this product in store again to be more convenient then buying online. this toner has a great texture it has a semi-thick jelly-like texture and feels great on the skin - the texture is so unique i love it. it is moisturizing toner but not too much as to irritate my oily skin.

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    after using so many tyoes of mask under the sun and from other countries, this is truly one of the best mask I have used. not only fits my small face, I kept this mask on for 30 minutes because there is so much solution! it made my face feel like o came out of a spa. the softness and glowing effects lasted a few days. absolutely worth the money.

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    I think this is a good starter product if you've wanted to try snail but are afraid it will be gross. ;) It made me a snail fan! It's a lightweight gel -- I don't know why they include "cream" in the name -- so it's not enough for my dry/combo skin in the winter, but it was great in hot, humid weather.

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    It’s the best cream I’ve ever used! My skin never breaks out when I use it.

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    I love this so much. Been using it for 4 weeks now, almost 5, and it does exactly what it claims: moisturizes and brightens! The packaging is SO cute and sturdy, and it goes hand in hand with the brand's theme of being a part of every day life. Although the cup isn't actually fully filled with product (if you hold it up to a light source, you can see the container in which the lotion actually sits in), a little goes a long way with this product, so it'll last awhile! Mine's barely below what it was when I first bought it, so I assume this will last me quite some time. I use this in the morning and evening after I wash my face as the last step in my relatively simple facial routine. It's not thick at all and feels light. Absorbs pretty fast and smells great! TOTALLY worth...

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    Me encanta la fórmula para disolver el maquillaje. No reseca la piel. Lo recomiendo.


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