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  • Profile photo of vanessaramn vanessaramn

    This is an awesome set. Anywould would be grateful for this as a gift because it has such luxury products in a whole set for a very decent price! Each product in this set works marvelous. I totally recommend because during the winter, my skin gets super dry, and sometimes it hard to find products that would help improve my skin. This set is an all in one, so you dont have to worry about hunting about different products to work to help your skin. These products will work together well to help hydrate your skin.

  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    This Liposome skin softener is deliciously moisturizing. The texture is light, viscose and very rejuvenating. Application is creamy and so smooth it applies beautifully and leaves my skin so soft and supple, its like a dream. There is no real scent to be detected, which I like. But it also doesn't have that odd scent to it that I find with many of the "unscented" products I've tried. Its very gentle and soothes my firy combo skin.

  • Profile photo of hui.milly hui-milly

    I am very glad I got this bottle after sampling it. This fluctuating weather in the east coast of 65° then to 23° then back to 65, 70°, has caused my arms and legs to flare up, become irritated, dry and patchy. even slightly bumpy.   I have used this 3 days on a row and its keeping my skin from being itchy. I was using black African soap and sometimes Dove sensitive shower cream. I noticed how this Bioderma shower oil did what the others didnt do. It comforted my skin and prepped it for my True Moringa Oil. This smells clean. I smell no flowers or scent. It also foams up not too much, which is to my liking.

  • Profile photo of hui.milly hui-milly

    I've switched to using this as my 1st cleanser now, morning and night (double-cleansing). So far for a few days now, my very dehydrated skin is loving it and thanking me. Night time, it washed away my sunscreen. Very soothing and it doesnt leave me tight and screaming for my toner. It smells clean. I dont smell a scent. This is new packaging, not the one you see in pic - it comes in a luxurious, dark red-pump. The box packaging is so intricately beautiful, & it has braille on it! What a thoughtful company. I love it so I am keeping it for awhile, just bcuz. Bottle-wise, I have to cup my entire hand over the pump bc maybe I am heavy-handed that too much comes out when I press. I recommend this to dry or dehydrated skin. Maybe even for sensitive skin. Lately, I am having irritated, dry...

  • Profile photo of rebeccareidbeauty rebeccareidbeauty

    The smell of this cleanser is divine! It cleansed very well but didn’t leave my face feeling dried out. I love this line... the ingredients, the organic botanicals and the clean beauty approach! Definite a great cleanser!

  • Profile photo of rebeccareidbeauty rebeccareidbeauty

    Love this foot spray!!! I love the minty cooling... perfect after a long day on your feet!

  • Profile photo of tracyteel tracyteel

    As a long-time Sulwhasoo fan, I have trouble finding sleeping masks from other brands that live up to my expectations. I sampled this recently after reading a review from hui.milly, and I'm so glad I did. Now, it's important to note that this does not compare to my Sulwhasoo favorites, nor do I expect it to. That said, my sample gave me a chance to use this four nights in a row, and each morning I work up with well hydrated skin that was calm and even in tone. I use prescription tretinoin (Retin A) so my skin can easily become irritated from simply sleeping on my side, but this sleeping mask prevented that. I'm ready to buy the full size and can easily recommend this for anyone with normal to combination skin. I'd personally like it better without the tea tree oil, but that ingredient will help those...

  • Profile photo of mrsbeautycare mrsbeautycare

    What I love about This Bioderma Hydrabio Serum is that it contains apple seeds extract, which helps to protect the skin from free radical damage caused by UV exposure, pollution, and other environmental factors, not only that it is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. So after washing my face with my favorite cleanser, I applied a pea-sized amount onto my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, massaged it gently into my face. I'm so impressed by the concentration of the serum-not feel like a heavy moisturizer, and it deeply hydrated my skin in seconds. For a smoother, cleaner, and brighter skin, use it regularly. *I received a sample product from Beautytap.

  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    I was delighted by this product. I must admit this butter was not right for me personally. I do have pretty wavy hair, and a lot of it! However, it is also quite fine and it gets weighed down easily. I found a large pea size amount to be sufficient for my entire medium length head of hair. It is not that I would not purchase this, but I think I'll give a few other curl creams a try before I decide to land on a favorite. Its no surprise, I tend to bounce around these kinds of products often and still haven't quite landed on one I cant live without. I will say that in very small amounts it locks down those fuzzy short curlies that tend to break and stick up. The texture is truly a butter, the scent is somehow a comfort. The little bottle my sample...

  • Profile photo of yohanaessentials yohanaessentials

    I tried this product out today for the first time. And I was surprisingly shocked about the scent. For me smells don’t really bother me but with this product the smell, in my opinion, was a little bit too strong for me. Other than that the product so amazing it really did instantly moisturize my skin. I’m still planning on using this product for testing it out.