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  • Profile photo of tracyteel tracyteel

    If you're thinking of trying one of Sulwhasoo's products, the Essential Balancing Water is a good gateway product. I say "gateway" on purpose because it may turn into a full-fledged addiction (like it has for me). This hydrating toner has a thin gel-like texture and absorbs beautifully without being sticky. The scent is both herbal and mildly spicy. I use this during the summer and early fall when my skin is more combination than dry. Tip: Try mixing a drop of your favorite serum or ampoule into this. I often combine CHOBS Centella Asiatica serum with this to calm inflammation and sometimes mix the AZN Labs Afterglow Ampoule into it as well (much like you would combine essential oils with a carrier, like jojoba). Highly recommended.

  • Profile photo of maymi maymi

    Tea tree oil is made from the Gods!

  • Profile photo of maymi maymi

    I know I am not the only one whose skin is too sensitive for exfoliator. Always seem to irritate my skin even more! With this product, it is way gentler, allowing me a much better experience during my skincare routine. My skin feels cleaner and smoother with this product!

  • Profile photo of hui.milly hui-milly

    Thank you BeautyTap for carrying this again! Ive been waiting for this. It is getting cold in NY and my skin is becoming needier. Every winter, I alternate between this Sandawha Ultra Rich Cream and the Earth's Recipe Cream. Before the cream layer, I use a toner, essence, mist, serums, mist again and then a cream and finally a sleeping mask. For the toner, I use the Sandawha deep rich toner during the day and Earths Recipe Toner at night. I've recently incorporated 2 different bi-phase mists. Then? I follow with my Sulwhasoo sleeping mask. I will be bringing back out my radiance mask to the forefront. and moving my vitalizing ex mask to the back. Thanks for carrying Sandawha! I think this line works for many skin types. I have oily tzone & very dry skin elsewhere. But I do apply this on my Tzone. This doesnt have anything that clogs...

  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    I felt that the berry smell here was a little strong for my face. I did use it on my hands especially on the cuticles and for that it worked really beautifully. Really nice smell- despite it being so strong. Think bath and body scents only obviously more natural. Creamy and luxuriously smooth texture. This would be good for someone who loves strong scents and who is not sensitive to strong fragrances on the face or for someone looking for a nice hand cream.

  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    This is my favorite product on the entire site. At first i was thrown off because it does have a strong herbal smell. I now use it daily and I am on my second jar. Its creamy but not oily, smooths on like water then feels a bit stickier after application. But in a very nice way. Leaving my skin plump and juicy so to speak. Not uncomfortable at all. Dries quickly losing the stickiness and leaving a bright dew finish. It evens and brightens my tone. Thats the main thing i noticed. Its almost like ive been airbrushed after a few uses. It keeps my skin supple and soft. Ive noticed a remarkable diminishing in fine lines on my forehead and my under eye area. It has a cooling feel to it. My skin gets hot and red especially after a deep cleanse or exfoliator. This stuff soothes instantly....

  • Profile photo of lindaconte lindaconte

    Fantastic mask. So light. At the doctors office they commented on how good it was. I’m ordering 10 pack. Just get it.

  • Profile photo of tracyteel tracyteel

    After putting all of Eyeko's mascaras to the test, this one came out on top as a waterproofing topper. I often layer mascaras to get a desired effect, and this one locks in Lash Alert for a smudgeproof all day look. The hard-bristled, hourglass brush makes it easier to intensify the tiny lashes on the inner and outer corners while gently lifting and separating them. Highly recommended.

  • Profile photo of justcallmejenny justcallmejenny

    I was very excited to try this product because I really aligned with the Apivita philosophy, but have to admit, I was a little concerned about what the scent would be like. A lot of honey scented products can legit smell like bee spit! However, this was very subtle and almost yummy! My skin is left silky and nourished, which is great when you are dealing with hard water! Not only that, but it's a great price for the volume! Bravo Apivita, bravo!

  • Profile photo of jasminemonae jasminemonae

    I tried this mask after having some recent breakouts around my cheeks. I just felt like I needed more moisture and antioxidants that the kelp mask provides. I've never really used a Kelp mask before but I wanted to try something new. I cleaned my face, and used a kombucha toner. Afterwards I placed the mask on my face and turned on a movie. Funny enough I had it on for about an hour. Afterwards I took it off and added a moisturizer and went to sleep. When I woke up the little bumps on my cheeks were gone. I'm definitely buying more of these.