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  • Profile photo of preslieperez preslieperez

    I have really sensitive skin, but these exfoliating pads are heaven sent! They do not irritate my face at all. I use them around one to two times a week. As soon as I exfoliate, I rinse my face with water and my skin feels sooo smooth! Definitely a must-try.

  • Profile photo of maymi maymi

    LOVE this super hydrating mask perfect for dry skin. Leaves skin feeling super moisturized and soft!

  • Profile photo of chyla chyla

    This mask felt like a luxurious treat. Upon applying, the mask felt nice and cool, which was great on my dry and sensitive skin. It has actual camellia petals which also acts as gentle exfoliants. After rinsing it off, I noticed how bright, hydrated and calm my skin looked. I recommend this to be enjoyed with a glass of vino.

  • Profile photo of hui.milly hui-milly

    Loving this face oil! I use this on my face and neck. This is a very light face oil moisturizer, so do not be afraid of it, if you have acneic skin. Its noncomedogenic. I have not broken out. My skin is quite temperamental. I have normal, but also dry, sometimes flaky, bumpy and occasionally break out. After my toner and essence, I use this as my 3rd layer as my light moisturizer. Then SPF for day, or at night, a cream or night mask. This oil balances all of my skin's need right now. Thank you BeautyTap for carrying this!! Please never discontinue Sandawha!

  • Profile photo of jamac jamac

    Well, I finally got to try this product and I'm happy to say, I love it! The texture is really rich and creamy and when I applied it, it really saturated my hair. Being that I have thick, wavy hair, I often times find that I end up using more than the suggested application amount to really get it through all my hair. That is not the case with this product! It immediately took to my hair and did not have a weighed down feel to it. The smell is really great and has a slight floral note to it. My hair is shiny and lightweight after using it and it still smells like I just washed my hair, which I absolutely love! The amount of moisture it infused is helping my sometimes dry and damaged locks, to look healthy, feel soft, and make it more manageable after just the...

  • Profile photo of jamac jamac

    Tried this and I love it! I'm usually quite skeptical when a product boasts being creamy while one of the key ingredients is sea salt. This product delivers on that promise though! Massaging it into the scalp is actually quite pleasant. You really can feel it lifting up dry skin, dirt, and impurities without it being harsh on your scalp. Once you add water to emulsify, it will lather up really well. Just be aware that if you have a lot of build up or residue in your hair, like I did because of hair gel, it will take slightly more than a tablespoon of the product to really work towards your scalp. But not much! This is really a little goes a long way scrub! The smell is amazing! I would definitely recommend it for all hair types, and any gender! In fact I already told my husband he's...

  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    I have to admit that this particular wash is only ever so slightly sensitizing to my skin. I always need to apply immediate moisture after using. Keeping in mind I have skin which normally reddens and sensitizes extremely easily. Also that the proprietary blend here is actively meant to mimic the wonderful effect of retinol by promoting cell turnover for people with sensitive skin. Still the very light sensation it produces on my skin dissipates within moments after washing, and the difference I see in my complexion after regular use is quite noticeable and very pleasing. My skin is tighter, firmer, bouncy and radiant. This tingly feeling is physical proof to me that their patented Aquabeautine XL is doing it's job. You may be wondering what in the world salmon enzyme has to do with skin care! Well this particular enzyme is released upon the hatching of baby salmon. It...

  • Profile photo of jamac jamac

    I can not say enough praise for this conditioner. Changing up my hair style and color is one of the few things I constantly do as my way of self expression. This conditioner is lightweight and the texture is amazing! I use heat a lot on my hair and argan oil has always been one of my Go-tos in my hair care regimen. This product will not disappoint. You still have a great looking shine even after using heating tools that dry out the hair. And the wonderful fragrance lasts for days as well.

  • Profile photo of jamac jamac

    I love the fragrance of this product! The shampoo is lightweight and very mild, but has a very rich texture as it lathers. It can very easily be used as part of your daily hair care routine. I have very thick, wavy hair that can be a challenge to take care of and this shampoo has done wonders for me. It's perfect for any hair type and will help with adding shine to the hair without a greasy residue left behind.