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  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    My intent in using this product was for my itchy scalp, which also tends to buildup excess oil and also remain quite dry. The ingredients here are simple and powerful and they do the job. My first impression is that the fragrance is nice, however a little strong and could sensitize body skin over time. That being said this may seem like it could double as a great body scrub, but I don't recommend that. Great for anyone who really wants the scent to last in their hair, it's almost floral. My favorite part is that the lather, once worked up, is the richest and most luxurious lather I've had the pleasure of experiencing in a haircare product, it makes me want more! Sea salt has a long history of purification ritual throughout holistic wellness history and within beauty regimens across the ages and across the globe. The properties which...

  • Profile photo of jamac jamac

    I can not say enough praise for this conditioner. Changing up my hair style and color is one of the few things I constantly do as my way of self expression. This conditioner is lightweight and the texture is amazing! I use heat a lot on my hair and argan oil has always been one of my Go-tos in my hair care regimen. This product will not disappoint. You still have a great looking shine even after using heating tools that dry out the hair. And the wonderful fragrance lasts for days as well.

  • Profile photo of jamac jamac

    I love the fragrance of this product! The shampoo is lightweight and very mild, but has a very rich texture as it lathers. It can very easily be used as part of your daily hair care routine. I have very thick, wavy hair that can be a challenge to take care of and this shampoo has done wonders for me. It's perfect for any hair type and will help with adding shine to the hair without a greasy residue left behind.

  • Profile photo of madlovebeauty madlovebeauty

    This regenerating hair mask is such a dream I produced a whole promo on it in combination with the Purifying Sea Salt Scrub, and put that on my social media pages. Fun Stuff! Let me begin with the ingredient- prickly pear seed oil- which is very rich in fatty acids and vitamin E to protect hair and skin alike from free-radicals. Linoleic acid aka Omega-6 fatty acid has a menagerie of benefits including helping your scalp soak up and utilize other ingredients. It helps to keep moisture locked into the hair and provides a healthier scalp from which that hair can grow. This is gonna reduce breakage and promote optimal growth. These are the facts. First impressions- creamy and rich, almost like a batter- this stuff is dense. The scent makes me feel like - French luxury spa on a light spring day. It's that powder fresh scent, meets high...

  • Profile photo of tracyteel tracyteel

    If you have combination or oily skin, this is a great choice. Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin, and this one is non-sticky, very silky, and dries down quickly. Drier skin types can also benefit by using two layers (which is what I do). It also contains cica (centella asiatica) which is calming and soothing, especially if you've over-exfoliated or have active breakouts. The licorice root adds a brightening component as well. For the price, this is a solid option and works very well.

  • Profile photo of jennabswit jennabswit

    I love these and our other brands but these have a higher price point for less patches which is why I rotate between them and COSRX, but the price is in the modality of the prickles that directly deliver the zit vanishing magic! Wish they had different sizes but other than that they’re awesome

  • Profile photo of thesongbirdsbeauty thesongbirdsbeauty

    As a curly girl, my hair CRAVES moisture. I've only discovered the beauty of hair oils in the last few years, and I have to say they have been an absolute game changer! I particularly love this oil for a few reasons: The fragrance is INCREDIBLE, but not overpowering. Hints of warm sandalwood makes this product feel like an every day luxury! Not only is this oil intended to nourish hair, but it also protects it from heat - and I love how it has performed for me so far! The shine. Is. Real. She is looking healthy and GORGEOUS after each use. As the directions state - try to keep oil away from roots. Less is more with this product. You can always add more if you need, but once you've used too much of an oil you're literally back at square one - shampoo (which honestly isn't that...

  • Profile photo of thesongbirdsbeauty thesongbirdsbeauty

    This eye cream is WONDERFULLY hydrating without being too thick or greasy. I’ve used eye creams packaged in tubes before and didn’t love how difficult is was to get the product out of the tube. That is not the case here! I’m loving the fast absorption and how well it wears under my makeup! If you’re looking for a “bang for your buck” product - this is it! This is a high-performing cream at an incredible value! My suggestion: use a small amount (it doesn’t take much) and enjoy brightening, hydrating, and plumping benefits after each use!

  • Profile photo of deborahbell86 deborahbell86

    Everyone loves a good concealer and I definitely wanted to try this one before recommending it to clients. The word Matte concerned me and I worried it would look cakey and emphasize fine lines. Lets just say, it's my new favorite! I love the formula! It's the perfect consistency that not only gives great coverage, but stays on beautifully! The click pen is also great! It makes application easy with just the right amount where you need it. 5 stars!

  • Profile photo of allisha allisha

    The moisture up pads themselves are fantastic. They’re not greasy. They’re not harsh on the skin. They don’t burn. They’re wonderful. The emulsion were not that note worthy, though. But all in all, this would be a great starter bundle into the Kbeauty genre for someone.