Fresh as a daisy, soft as a baby: Hera brings the elegance and glamour it’s famous for to the Black Cushion. Using cutting-edge Ultra Fine Powder Dispersion technology, Hera presents us with a full coverage cushion that feels like air. You’ll get a beautiful semi-matte finish with none of the dullness associated with other mattes thanks to an ingenious formula including mica coated with amino acid derivatives.


With each tap of the cushion, you’ll lay down a seamless double layer of foundation Hera calls  Double Lasting Layers. The Double Lasting Layer is comprised of a hard layer and a soft film for makeup that adheres better, deposits color more smoothly, and most importantly, lasts longer.


Coverage is seamless and completely buildable without worry of any clumping or caking. Not only will your foundation last, it will retain its semi-matte glow throughout the day.


There’s no need to worry about any sticky residue with Hera’s Black Cushion. The cushion leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh, and matte without a trace of tackiness. It’s like powder applied on top of foundation, but contained within one exquisite compact.


Hera Black Cushion also contains an SPF of 34 PA++, offering you additional protection from harmful UV rays. With a wider range of colors offered it’s easy to find your perfect match. From Vanilla to Amber, it’s available in six different shades, a rarity with most cushions.


If you’ve been searching for a high coverage, high quality, long lasting cushion, let Hera Black Cushion blow you away with a softness and brightness unparalleled!


* Comes with 1 cushion refill

COSDNA ingredient analysis


We love Hera for its cutting-edge marketing and deeper skin toned models. Check out some of their steamy ads here.


Beautifulbuns raves about the Hera Black Cushion and considers it a must-try:


The Texture/Finish: Guys, this is GOOD. Finally, here is a cushion that gives high coverage, matte finish, creates a bright and radiant finish while covering most enlarged pores and smoothening the surface of the skin. It’s not a full matte finish, but the glow is a good 5-10%, so it means you get that radiance at strategic locations such as your nose bridge and cheeks. — beautifulbuns


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Press the puff applicator onto the cushion and dab puff onto face to blend. Apply in thin layers for best results.

See the COSdna analysis in Our Insight or go here:

Inspired by the beauty, grace, and confidence of the Seoulista woman, Hera strives to bring her sophistication and elegance not just to its skincare and makeup offerings but as an ambassador of K-beauty to the world. And with hallyu star Jun Ji Hyun as the face of the brand, it won’t be hard. Hera Rouge Holic lipsticks and UV Mist Cushion (Paris Hilton is reportedly a fan) are fast becoming must-haves, thanks to their appearance in Jun’s latest drama. And it’s not just about style — there’s plenty of substance to Hera, too. Backed by 30 years of skin cell research, Hera’s innovations include the world’s first cell-mimicking substance as well as its Cell-Bio Technology, which activates skin cells to bolster the healthy functioning of skin. Part of the AmorePacific family, this modern beauty line is every bit as sophisticated and pragmatic as its muse.