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  • Profile photo of yohanaessentials yohanaessentials

    Holy grail moisturizer! I love the feeling of coolness on my skin, and it doesn’t make you oily. My husband doesn’t like moisturizer because they make his face oily. But this product he absolutely loves because it moisturizes his face without leaving it oily.

  • Profile photo of yohanaessentials yohanaessentials

    This eye cream works amazing underneath your concealer. And it’s a plus for me that it’s sensitive, because I suffer with sensitive eyes. I would wish they targeted more dark circles but overall this is a really good product.

  • Profile photo of yohanaessentials yohanaessentials

    After months of wanting to try and review this product, I finally got my hands on it ! I love love love love the Liposome Skin Softener. After double cleansing this product really brings my skin alive. It instantly moisturize, smells amazing and absorbs beautifully into the skin. I give this product a 10/10

  • Profile photo of glambeauty glambeauty

    I LOVE this shampoo - they need to offer it at larger sizes for people who have very long hair like myself. This shampoo will give you that spa feeling while using it. It also not only hydrates l hair, but gave my hair volume and when my hair dried, I could smell the amazing scent remain as I simply walked- the scent lasted for about two days- it was so refreshing! If you want shampoo that actually makes you feel good and confident about your hair, I recommend GrowGorgeous! Follow my page and let me help you throughout your beauty needs; I’d love to help another beauty lover feel good and confident about the beauty products they use.

  • Profile photo of deborahbell86 deborahbell86

    It can definitely be tricky choosing a lipstick shade online, but this is exactly what I hoped it would be! Paris Metro is a beautiful neutral shade with just a touch of pink and the perfect amount of shine. Love, love, love it!

  • Profile photo of tanyalekhtman tanyalekhtman

    Wow! Great quality product and very affordable . Do you know what is it - browcara? Mascara for your brow. Cool product!

  • Profile photo of tanyalekhtman tanyalekhtman

    This beautiful pencil is on my list to buy. 3-in-1 and triangular edge -easy to create the right shape for my eyebrows. And stay long time!

  • Profile photo of liyanage716 liyanage716

    This product is worth every penny! It’s lightweight but carries a powerful punch of moisture. My skin was glowing and felt like velvet after just one use. What’s even better is knowing that it is free of all the harsh agents that are typically found in skincare products.

  • Profile photo of puliswifey puliswifey

    HARUHARU is a new brand to me this year. Ordering a sample of their Honey Green Reparative Cream was an excellent choice! I am happy with my experience. The texture of this product is ultra hydrating but also super lightweight. I think this formula would play well with makeup since it layered nicely with the other products I was using in my routine. Immediately after use, I noticed my skin was more plump and juicy. If you're looking for a youthful glow, this product will offer that to you. All skin types can benefit from this formula in my opinion.

  • Profile photo of beautymarque beautymarque

    One of the many great things about being a Beautytap Beauty expert is getting exposed to new products, ingredients, and formulations. Did you know blueberry and raspberry extracts/oils are great for sensitive types and help to reduce the production of melanin to help brighten skin, reduce sun spots? This hand cream has all those benefits and at this price, it's criminal not to stock up!