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Beautytap is a curated community of verified beauty professionals who create in-depth, honest reviews of coveted brands and products across all beauty categories.

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Building Expert Content

Building Expert Content

Beautytap is a curated community of verified beauty professionals, experts and content creators who create in-depth, honest, educational reviews of coveted brands and products across all beauty categories. With an emphasis on credibility and deep education, Beautytap is paving the way to the reimagined UGC (user generated content) in the form of trusted written and video testimonials.

Beautytap Ethos

Beautytap Ethos

Beautytap’s mission is driving diversity through reviews shared by a multicultural community of professional beauty experts. Not only are Beautytap's rich reviews written by experts whose opinions you can trust, these professionals are a veritable rainbow of ethnicities, ages, skin tones, and hair types. Beautytap’s reviews serve as educational testimonials, allowing consumers to gain a deeper understanding about products and how they will work for their particular hair types, skin types and tones.

Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships

Are you a beauty brand founder or executive who is interested in building brand awareness and increasing sales by having your products reviewed by Beautytap’s diverse community of verified beauty experts? Thoughtful, in-depth reviews are the new digital currency, but not all reviews are created equally. In fact, the majority of customer reviews are very short, subjective, and provide little to no pertinent information about product benefits.  

Beautytap’s reviews, on the other hand, are highly detailed, credible, and rank high on Google searches. If you’re interested in procuring educationally-focused user-generated content that incorporates SEO keywords, video testimonials, and meaningful conversations around your products by trusted beauty professionals, please connect with our brand partnerships team to learn more. 

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