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June 24, 2017

Get Wonder Woman’s Makeup Look With These K-Beauty Powerhouses

Proof that pretty and powerful can go hand-in-hand, Wonder Woman is helping to redefine the look of strength, whether on the battlefield or in the battlefield of life. Here’s how you can achieve Wonder Woman’s makeup look with K-beauty products you probably already own.



Wonder Woman isn’t just another superhero movie. It’s the first movie millions have watched that features a female superhero (directed by a woman, no less!). And Gal Gadot’s rendition of the iconic Wonder Woman isn’t overly cloying or aggressively fierce — she combines courage with compassion, strength with gentleness. I saw the movie twice, with two different girlfriends who were going through tough times. We gripped the edges of our seats as Wonder Woman strode into the battlefield, deflecting hailstorms of bullets with her arms. We cheered her on as she firmly and resolutely put the powerful men about her in their place. Wonder Woman isn’t just the story of an exceptionally strong female; it felt like a paean to all women, to the strength that women display on a daily basis as they navigate work, love, ambition, and desire.


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


I watched it twice and left the theater simultaneously thrilled and teary-eyed. In subsequent (nerdy) discussions over gender equality with friends, our conversations would occasionally deviate to:


“Did you notice how perfect her hair and makeup was in that battlefield?”


“Tell me about it! I wish my makeup would last through lunchtime, let along the Western Front!”


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana Prince isn’t afraid of using clothes and makeup as disguise and battle strategy. One of my favorite scenes includes her trying on Edwardian garments and asking incredulously, “But how do you fight in these?”


Sometimes I wear makeup to fight: to fight the fatigue of a long day, to look competent so I feel competent. The K-beauty junkie in me was also scrutinizing each scene and wondering how I could use my Korean beauty products to achieve Wonder Woman’s makeup looks. Here, I put together a list of Korean beauty products that I (and my fellow K-beauty junkies) can use to achieve Wonder Woman’s makeup look, whether on the battlefield or off.



As Fresh and Fierce as an Amazon


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


Diana, Princess of Themyscira (her official name), wears two major makeup looks, and the first underscores her youthfulness in her homeland. Her makeup is deliberately subtle and highlights her journey as she embarks on rigorous training and attempts to live as an Amazonian princess. The key pillars of this look are groomed eyebrows, soft, full lips, and fresh-looking skin.


Tattooed eyebrows are a hot trend in Korea right now, but for those without the means, Tony Moly offers a less invasive and less painful eyebrow tattoo pen that keeps your brows looking perfectly groomed for up to seven days. For lips, Diana alternates between peach and nude shades so a subtle lip tint such as The Face Shop’s lip tint sticks would complement this look perfectly. Apply a lip balm first to maximize moisture — Skinfood’s Avocado Olive lip balm comes in an adorable avocado-shaped container and contains hydrating avocado and olive oils.


Gal Gadot’s makeup artist Sarah Brock revealed that she used a few key products and blended a lot in order to achieve a look as close to fresh, dewy skin as possible, stressing the importance of cream-based products over powder. Since Korea is the leader in the BB cream craze, I’d recommend Dr.Jart+ Dis-a-Pore Beauty Balm, which treats pores and blemishes while blurring them from sight. It’s also paraben-free and contains herbal extracts to add luster to your skin.


My Makeup Helps Me Win Wars


wonder woman makeup look
Warner Bros.


OK, not really, but sometimes I do feel I have more fight in me when I look more put-together. For Wonder Woman’s battle-ready looks, I’m reaching for skincare products that are formulated with longevity in mind. Start with skincare like Su:m 37’s Secret Repair Toner, which helps smooth and hydrate your skin, restoring bounce and vitality. While this toner is geared towards dry, mature skin, it works well on my oily-combination skin and helps brighten and moisturize it.


Diana’s Wonder Woman look is a fiercer, stronger version of her Themyscira look, proving that you don’t have to do an overhaul just to get battle- (or club-) ready. The thinnest line of black emphasizes the eyes, so choosing one that won’t smudge or budge in the heat of war is key. (After all, Wonder Woman doesn’t have the luxury of hiding behind a mask). Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner or Clio Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner has been tested by many and really will last all day. And a fixing mascara not only keeps lashes curled, it opens up your eyes for a look that’s alert and ready (no matter how little sleep you may have gotten).


Wonder Woman also looks more chiseled and contoured when in battle gear, but Brock says that she relied more on highlighter and concealer to contour Gadot’s already perfect cheekbones. The Face Shop’s Multi Stick Highlighter is an easy-to-apply stick with a barely-visible pearlescent shine that’ll make highlighting a cinch. If you prefer a more visible contour, Etude House Play 101 Stick Color Contour Duo makes it easy to contour and blend and highlight with one convenient cream stick.


Last but not least, sun protection is vital, whether you’re powering through a memo by an office window or fighting the crowds at a Fourth of July parade. The Saem’s Eco Earth Power Waterproof sunblock provides strong sun protection while resisting sweat and oiliness, while A’Pieu Pure Block Aqua Sun Gel is a favorite for its nearly invisible finish and quick dry-down.


What makeup keeps you feeling like a badass superhero in your everyday life? Let us know!



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