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August 26, 2017

These 5 Must-Haves For Moms Will Keep You Looking Good on the Go

If you’re a mom, you know there are more days than not when you can barely sneak a peek at the full-length mirror before dashing out the door, babies and all their gear in tow. For those days when you’re an afterthought — which may be every day — here’s a list of five beauty must-haves for moms (mostly under $20!) you should always have stashed away in your diaper bag.



As a mom, getting out of the house looking decent is a feat in and of itself. Besides getting the little ones dressed, the checklist of their on-the-go essentials goes on and on: diapers, wipes, water, snacks, and anything else to stave off starvation and tantrums. After you manage to pack their arsenal into your diaper bag, there’s neither time nor energy to think about how you look. But once you’ve reached your destination and reality sinks in, you start wishing you had at least brushed your hair or swept blush on your cheeks.


But the calm after the storm doesn’t have to be filled with regret. The key to looking pulled together is to keep your complexion on point while on the go, especially if you didn’t have time to paint your face on before stepping out. Even a glum outfit can’t overshadow a bright complexion! While your normal skincare routine at home is important, there are beauty boosters that refresh your look in a flash wherever you are.


Here’s a roll call of the secret weapons that are small enough to nestle nicely into your diaper bag (and are mostly under $20 — hey, diapers are expensive!) and definitely deserve a permanent home in there somewhere next to your wallet, keys, and cellphone.


must-haves for moms


1. Facial Mist


Like a jolt of caffeine for your face, a good facial mist refreshes and re-energizes tired skin, which you’re all too familiar with as a mom. With a quick spritz, all sorts of multitasking-mom ailments dissipate, from dryness to dead skin to a dull complexion. In addition to instant hydration, the latest mists also work other wonders, like brighten skin tone or tighten pores, so you can spray on your skincare even while you’re out and about.


must-haves for moms


Like an oil-blotting paper and beyond, Swanicoco Pore Care Tightening Glacier Mist, $18, regulates excess sebum production so your skin is not drowning in midday grease. Infused with papaya and plankton extracts, it also brightens the complexion and moisturizes skin. This is one you don’t want to mist out on.


must-haves for moms


Take a break from wiping snot and drool off your cutie’s face and escape into an #islandstateofmind without breaking the bank. Innisfree’s Jeju Lava Seawater Mist, $13.50, is actually filled with lava seawater from Korea’s Jeju island. The exotic formula showers skin with anti-aging benefits in addition to deep hydration. Squalane derived from coconuts also forms a protective barrier over skin, sealing in moisture for hours, so no one will know you forgot to moisturize at home.


2. Eye Cream et al. 


Nothing gives away lack of sleep, stress, and late-night mom munchies than your under-eye skin. The thinnest, most delicate skin on our face is under our eyes, so it tends to dry much faster and even pulls at the skin surrounding the area. This tug of war makes you look wiser beyond your years (not in a good way) and leads to wrinkles and fine lines over time. Ironically, eye cream is one of the most neglected skincare products on our vanities when we’re pressed for time. That’s why having some sort of effective eye treatment in your diaper bag is so critical. For that moment when you suddenly realize your skin feels taut and dry, a quick dab of eye cream will moisturize your under eyes, rejuvenate the appearance of your eyes, and make your entire face feel comfortable again.


Missha’s Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Eye Treatment, $20.64, is a tall, refreshing glass of water (Blue Mountain water, to be exact) for your dry under eyes for #TFW you smile for a selfie with your bébé, then go back to your resting face, but the skin under your eyes is still recovering from your smile (aka wrinkled). In a flash, this eye moisturizer splashes dry skin with a water bomb of hydration, and over time it improves the appearance of dark circles with powerful brightening effects. It’s also packaged in a slim tube with a cap so it’s spill-proof and hygienic to tote around.


must-haves for moms


A quick swipe of Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick, $10, and your peepers will look and feel wide-awake. The balmy stick is enriched with bamboo sap, seawater, and glacial water to hydrate dry under eyes and can be layered under or over makeup. A cherry on top is the adorable panda packaging that can double up as a fun toy for your kiddo, giving you a 10-second breather.


3. Cushion Compact


When it comes to getting gorj on the go, you need instant gratification. So stow away a cushion compact in your carryall right away, and you won’t regret it. Cushion compacts are BB or CC creams soaked in a sponge and packaged in one convenient compact with an attached mirror and puff in separate compartments. These portable glam squads deliver coverage and sun protection in one fell swoop (or pat), as well as plenty of other skincare benefits depending on their formulation. Buildable and quick absorbing, they apply with lighter and more even coverage than their liquid counterparts. That’s code for failproof application, so you can pat, pat, pat to a flawless complexion with one eye on your tot.


must-haves for moms


There’s just no greater compliment than when friends wonder how your skin looks more radiant now than when you were pre-mom and had no other life to look after but your own. That kind of complexion, or at least the illusion of it, can be achieved with M Magic Cushion, $19. This cult-fave protects skin from damaging UV rays with an SPF 50+/PA+++ formula and covers imperfections, then goes above and beyond its duty and helps fill out wrinkles, brighten skin tone, and calm irritations.


Surprisingly lightweight with long-lasting coverage, Sulwhasoo’s Evenfair Perfecting Cushion, $64.99, is one of Korea’s top sellers. The price is steep, but it’s an investment your skin will definitely profit from. Besides excellent UV ray protection, the cushion stars patented Jaumdan water, which fortifies and hydrates skin with antioxidants. This improves elasticity and even delivers a slight lifting effect.


4. Lip Tint


A lip tint isn’t a skincare product per se, but it can definitely light up your entire face and help you look way more than decent. A pop of color on your pout also draws the attention away from details that betray your busy lifestyle, a genius trick for no-fuss beauty. What’s more, the latest crop of K-beauty lip makeup does a lot more than color your puckers pretty. Their next-level ingredients pamper your pout with natural goodness that makes your beautiful lips safe enough for kisses for your little ones. XOXO!


Stain your lips with just the right splash of natural-looking colors with Innisfree’s Treatment Lip Tint, $9.50. These multitaskers not only add color to your look but they also volumize, soften, and nourish your lips with a luxe oil formula.


must-haves for moms


The mess-proof Dear Flora Enchanted Lip Glow by Su:m37, $30, comes in four gorgeous colors reminiscent of spring, youth, and everything flirty. Fermented floral extracts and botanical oils also smooth lips and target wrinkles, so your lips transform into pretty, pillowy softness.


5. Hand Lotion


What do hands have anything to do with this list? Dry hands are inevitable with all the diaper changes and kids’ hand washing. Sadly, they’re also the gateway to wrinkles, sunspots, and other telltale signs of aging on this very important part of your body that’s always on display for the world to see. But keeping your hands moisturized in between moisture-sucking washes can help prevent raisin-esque fingers, leathery skin, and darkened knuckles. You’ll be surprised what healthy hands can do for your confidence, not to mention your handshake.


must-haves for moms


Banila Co.’s Miss Flower Mr. Honey Hand Cream, $11.25 is hands down the fanciest lotion at the most affordable price. Fermented honey and yeast extracts instantly hydrate and nourish the most chapped of hands, while a unique yellow flower complex creates a non-greasy moisture barrier over skin to help retain moisture. Plus, its rose and gold packaging is a refreshing breath of beauty amidst the motley mess in your diaper bag.


Another one you’ll want to keep on hand, Dr. Jart+’s Cermidin Hand Cream, $17.05, is ideal for sensitive skin, thanks to its safe, cruelty-free ingredients. Rich and creamy, this gentle formula plumps up dry, rough skin so it’s hydrated and soft to the touch.


When “me-time” is more a luxury than a given, having these often overlooked items ready to go in your diaper bag can make all the difference. They’re the ultimate quick fixer-uppers for the mom (or any busy body for that matter) on the move.


What do you always have stashed in your bag, diaper or otherwise? And if you’re a mom, what do you consider must-haves for moms?





my mom love hand cream so much thats why i always give here ...also toner and cream set is really nice to give??

I always gift moms packs of quickie sheet masks, a good face mist and gentle cleansing wipes.

I think keeping a bottle of micellar water and hydrating toner along with some cotton pads in/on your nightstand is a great time/energy saver for moms who just want to collapse into bed.

Totally agree! I grew up with my mom keeping her nighttime skincare routine on her nightstand, instead of her vanity. Now that I'm a mom, I totally understand why!

I just do it because I'm lazy and don't want to stand at the sink (lol), but I always tell mom friends to try that since I know they're probably permanently exhausted!

I think i'm definitely in need of some of these items! Particularly a facial mist! :)

Yasss!!! Can't live without mine.

Good set for mom's ?

No baby yet, but it sounds like I need a facial mist/ spray! :)

Yessss I am an absolute addict when it comes to mists. The Missha FTE mist is my absolute favorite, though I'm currently having a fling with the Mario Badescu cucumber, green tea & aloe mist. <3

Ooh, I've yet to try both. Love Missha, so will give that shot next. Thanks!

I ordered the Sandawah face mist to try it out... if no succes I will try the Missha one! Thank you for the tip! ?