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August 1, 2017

Why I Gave Up My Holy Grail Cushion for Romand Innerlighting Cushion

It inspires love letters. She equates it to witchcraft. How the Romand Innerlighting Cushion made one editor give up her double-the-price holy grail cushion compact.


As if I weren’t already a fan of Romand’s lip colors and blushes, they just had to go and make a cushion I wanted to write love letters to. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft went into the making of this product, but they have really outdone themselves with this cushion.


romand innerlighting cushion


The Romand Perfect Innerlighting Cushion is very aptly named. The finish on this thing is like the beauty filter on an Android: absolute perfect blur with a soft dewy glow. Y’all, I am in love. The first time I patted this cushion onto my face, I literally said “Whoa!” out loud. The way the sun hit my skin after I had done one side of my face, it was like angels singing “ahhhhhhhhh.” It almost felt like hubris to have skin look that pretty. To get the kind of glow this cushion gives me, I used to have to pair most BB creams with the VDL Lumilayer Primer, or even with a Volumer. With the Perfecting Innerlighting Cushion, it’s plump, glowing skin right out of the box.


romand innerlighting cushion


Speaking of the box, I love the color scheme of this packaging. The compact is pink (millennial pink, what up) with a pretty gold band around the middle and the minimalist “rom&nd” logo across the top. The plastic is sturdy but not overly clunky, and there’s a mirror inside so it’s good to take on the go. I’ve got one at home and one in my purse currently, and I love whipping it out to use the mirror because it’s so cute and minimalist. It’s right up my alley, aesthetically speaking.


The finish is light to medium coverage but can easily build to very nearly full coverage. My freckles on my nose are muted but still show through; however, I don’t need concealer for dark circles or sunspots. It does an incredible job of covering any flaws and yet it still makes your skin come across as totally natural.

romand innerlighting cushion

I can’t think of another cushion that performs this well for me. This even outperforms my beloved Sulwhasoo cushion and is way less than half the price. The wear time for me is all day long, however as always, YMMV. I don’t have oily skin; in fact, my skin is dry, so foundations do tend to go a long way with me. However, this one isn’t greasy or oily, so I feel like it would do well with just about any skin type. Which is great news, because this is a BB cushion that I think everyone would enjoy.


romand innerlighting cushion


I have one big complaint about the Romand Innerlighting Cushion, but it has nothing to do with the formulation — it’s the shade selection. It’s available in an abysmal two shades only. Boo 🙁  There’s Pure 21 and Natural 23. I’m a MAC shade NC25 and the 23 suits me perfectly, so very pale skins will probably like the 21. I really wish this cushion came in at least five shades ranging from pale to dark, because I would have loved to be able to send these to everyone in my life. If I were trying to get people on the BB cushion train, this would be the formula I would get them hooked with.


I don’t know how they do it, but omg, Romand, keep doing it!


Have you tried the Romand Innerlighting Cushion? What did you think?


Coco Park is an author, beauty journalist, blogger, podcast host, and all around oddball living in Montreal Quebec with her family. Originally from the southern USA, she worked for several years in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and holds a certificate in esthetics. She is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Want to know more? Check her out on the Beauty Beyond Basics podcast, on her blog, on Instagram @thebeautywolf, and in her book "Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup."



I haven't tried the Romand cushion, but I really do want to try it! The fact that it won over the Sulwhasoo's cushion is an eye opener! I do wish that Korean brands will start making more shades... :( Especially since Kbeauty is expanding a lot right now!

So far I don't have fav cushion (every one I tried is more noticable on the skin than Loreal's lumi cushion and so far that one works best for me).Romand is a new brand for me so I need to try it out and I think 23 will be my perfect match

Giving up the Sulwhasoo cushion?! That's my HG too ??? I know what's going into my next haul...

Any advice for shade-picking? I use 17 for the Sulwhasoo brightening cushion, so I'm going to assume I'm safely a 21 for this ?

I really think you'll love it! And yes, I'd say you'd def be a 21 :)

I wonder if I can get away with 21? I'm pretty sure I'm smack in the middle of these two shades, maybe I'll have to watch some more videos on 21 vs 23

Let me see if Coco can give you some guidance! (I'm a 25 in the Sulwhasoo cushion, so the Romand 23 definitely felt "brightening" (read: bordered on looking like a ghost) on me. ?

That would be awesome! I think I'm a 21 in SWS cushion, but I'm honestly more familiar with Skin79 shades if you guys know how that compares?

Booo...I got the Sulwhasoo in 23 but could have moved up to 25 and am getting tanner by the minute (welcome to living in East Asia I guess) so the Romand 23 sounds like it might be too pale. Lame, this sounds so good, I want to try it!!

You know what I discovered? I will now squirt a dollop of regular foundation on the back of my hand, pat Romand 23 with the puff and then on the regular foundation, and voila! My skin looks like a warmer, more true version of my skin, with even better coverage but with the benefits of a cushion compact. It's my new hack for too-light cushions!

Hi Lindsey!
Do you know what shade you are in MAC foundation? I know that's an odd old metric, but it's usually how I gauge things haha. The 23 is too probably too light for anyone over Nc30 and too dark for anyone NC15. If you're anticipating getting even paler during the winter I'd say go with the 21 :)
Hope that helps!

Thank you, that helps a lot! I'm probably about NC15 in the winter and only a bit tanner in the summer, so 21 would probably be the go-to :)

Ugh, dying to try this (and pretty much all of Romand's products)! Hopefully I can get away with a Natural 23. *crossing fingers*

I've been so impressed with this entire line, truly.

The Natural 23 was a tad light for me, but not unwearable. But it did offer luminous coverage, and I can see it being great for people who don't need high coverage. I absolutely adore the packaging, though, just like all of Romand's products. You have to actually feel them in your hand to really appreciate how good the packaging is!

I loooove Romand's packaging for all their products, it's one of the rare occasions where the product lives up to the packaging. Such a great brand, I'm so glad W2 is bringing attention to them!