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August 8, 2017

Here’s Why You Need to Try These Vlogger-Approved Skincare

After a while, you realize that certain K-beauty products consistently gain love from micro-vloggers to bona fide Youtube stars over and over. Here, the vlogger-approved skincare products that are totally worth the hype.



With countless beauty vloggers sharing their personal recommendations on the latest and greatest Korean skincare and beauty products, it’s nearly impossible to watch try ‘em all. That’s why we dove headlong into the YouTube realm to find out exactly which Korean skincare products have outlived the hype and remain a tried-and-true product in vloggers’ skincare collections. Get your shopping carts ready for these vlogger-approved skincare products you won’t be able to live without.


vlogger-approved skincare
Jen of meejmuse.


Oil-based cleanser: Heimish All Clean Balm


Although we could wax poetic about countless other skincare categories for various skin concerns, we’ll start this list with one essential product that’s a must-have for your cleansing routine. We’re talking about an oil-based cleanser. The first step in a double cleanse, an oil-based cleanser (whether it’s in the form of a balm, oil, or gel) is crucial in achieving a clean slate for your face, especially if you’ve had a full day of makeup and sweat-inducing activities. Oil dissolves oil, so an oil-based cleanser will gently but thoroughly melt away makeup, sunscreen, sebum, and other pollutants that have accumulated on your skin.


One such cleanser is the Heimish All Clean Balm, a sherbet-soft balm quickly gaining popularity with K-beauty vloggers. Free of dyes, parabens, and artificial fragrance, the All Clean Balm from the relatively new Korean beauty brand gently melts away makeup and is safe to use around sensitive areas like the eyes. Korean vlogger meejmuse mentioned the cleansing balm in both her February 2016 and 2017 favorites video, so you know it wasn’t a one-time fluke.



Cleansing Waters: Son&Park Beauty Water & Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water


Search for Son&Park Beauty Water in the YouTube search engine, and you’ll instantly get over 300,000 results, including the most notable K-beauty reviewers (like Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters below) giving their stamp of approval on the popular cleansing water. Needing no introduction, the Son&Park Beauty Water quickly became — and remains — a cult favorite for its cleansing, exfoliating, toning, brightening, and moisturizing properties. Housed in a sleek, minimalistic bottle, the naturally fragranced cleansing water is best used on a soft cotton pad swept in an upward motion over the face and neck.



If Beauty Water doesn’t float your boat, try the Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water. An all-in-one cleansing water, Dermaclear removes impurities, tones the skin, brightens the complexion, and can even dissolve stubborn mascara. Tati (a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers) swears by the cleansing water infused with natural ingredients and 85% active hydrogen mineral water instead of refined water.



Acne care: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch


YouTube beauty besties Joan Kim and Edward Avila both swear by the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch as their top go-to product for spot treatments in 2016. The patches are made from cellulose gum and come in various sizes to fit your specific acne spot. Place them on an all-out angry pimple or spots that look like they’re about to break out; the patches will extract and absorb acne secretion overnight and act as a barrier against dirt and bacteria. They’re great for cystic acne, according to Joan, and perhaps most importantly, they’ll stop you from picking at your acne until it heals.



Exfoliators: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask & Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine


vlogger-approved skincare


This is a classic that’s been a favorite amongst avid skincare devotees for years: Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask. There’s a reason why the sweet-smelling mask has outlasted other competing brand’s counterparts for so long, and it has to do with its trustworthy exfoliating powers. The real brown sugar crystals within the mineral-enriched mask break through the barrier of dead skin cells and extract impurities while clearing up blackheads and whiteheads. A mask and scrub in one, it starts off as a thick sugar scrub and then melts into a nourishing and exfoliating mask. It’s a staple in beauty vlogger So Young’s nighttime skincare routine.



The Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine is another ubiquitous exfoliating product used and loved by K-beauty gurus the world over. Beauty vlogger Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup likes the fermented wine-soaked pads because they’re rich in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage. These pads also exfoliate your skin with lactic acid, a gentle AHA or alpha hydroxy acid, as well as its criss-cross texture that helps manually remove dead skin cells.



First, use the side of the cotton pad with criss-crossed texture to exfoliate dead skin cells; then, turn the pad over and smooth the softer end all over the skin to remove any remaining residue.


Did you start using any of these vlogger-approved skincare products because of them? What other products do you use because of beauty vloggers? Let us know below!


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The Neogen peeling pads and the Cosrx pimple patches and Son&Park have a permanent place in my stash.


I love the Heimich All Clean Balm and the Black Sugar scrub from Skinfood. <3


Love it!


I recently bought 8 packs of the pimple master patches and even my boyfriend became addicted to them! I love the neogen pads however I have fallen in love with the green tea one instead of the wine :)

When you manage to get your BF into beauty product, you know you just did something very hard and amazing :D


I love love love the Pimple Master Patch! It definitely sucks all the goo out quickly.

Ruth Kim

I never cease to be amazed at how much goo gets sucked out!


I started using the Heimish Balm Cleanser because of Meejmuse! It's so good, especially for travelling. The only downside of that product is that it comes in such a huge pot. Can't wait to see w2beauty offer Heimish :)

Ruth Kim

We are definitely working on getting Heimish in the shop!


Shout out to beauty water for still being one of my favorite products ever.

Ruth Kim

Yesss, it was one of the first K-beauty products I've used, and I've recommended it to so many of my friends!


Thankfully there's a couple items I've tried...and I have samples of the Heimish balm! Not too many to add to the wishlist. :)


I swear, I could listen to meejmuse all day. How can anyone be so adorable???

I have to agree here, she is seriously so nice!