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NOW READING HyunA May Be Too Hot For Some, But Her Makeup in “Lip & Hip” Can Work For Anyone
December 21, 2017

HyunA May Be Too Hot For Some, But Her Makeup in “Lip & Hip” Can Work For Anyone

HyunA is HOT. And while you may not be able to pull off her booty shorts (or maybe you can), you can certainly pull off one of her hot makeup looks in her new “Lip & Hip” video. (Red panties optional.)



If you’ve just escaped from the rock you’ve been living under to read this: HyunA is the queen of pushing boundaries. From her debut with 4Minute to her wildly successful solo career, she has been widely regarded as the “sexy idol,” wearing scandalous outfits and going beyond the black smoky eyeshadow looks that take over the majority of the K-pop scene.



Her most recent single, “Lip & Hip,” had me particularly excited. The song is an absolute BOP and the makeup is too good to not rip off on my non-idol face. From smoky neutrals to playful vivids, there’s a bit of something for every type of makeup junkie to recreate.


Here’s how you can slay HyunA’s looks yourself:




Before starting any look, it’s best to keep your skin looking as fresh and flawless as possible. To get that my-skin-but-better effect, apply a light layer of velvety matte foundation, followed by undereye corrector (like Skinfood’s Salmon Concealer Cream) with your ring finger.


If you run on the oily side, add a light dusting of colorless powder. Use a powder highlighter of your choice to accentuate the high points of your face, like the nose and cheekbones.


Neutral Bedroom Eyes




Because if anyone can show how to do “daytime seduction,” it’s HyunA. The perfect “every day” makeup, HyunA’s eyes are smoky yet clean, while a pop of red-orange lippie steals the show without overpowering the look.




Using Romand’s Perfect Styling Eye Palette in Temptation Night and an oval-shaped blending brush (like the M.A.C. 217), dust the camel shade over the entire eye, slightly passing the crease and bottom lid. Using the same brush, grab the shimmery maroon shade and focus blending on the outer eye in circular motions. Then grab a pencil brush and apply the same maroon shade just below the waterline, lessening the smoky effect as you go toward the inner corner. To up the intensity, use a flesh-toned pencil to line the waterline.


Throw on your fave mascara and a creamy coral-red lip color (like Innisfree’s Real Fit Creamy Lipstick in 02 Coral Grapefruit Tea) and boom! You’re officially ready for the most effortless selfies of your life.


Smoky … Literally




Why smoke cigarettes when you can smoke your eyeshadow? (Even if you don’t wanna smoke out your eyeshadow — don’t smoke cigarettes. That’s the ult beauty tip from me. DON’T DO IT.)


This look is pure monochromatic goodness. It’s sexy, daring, and aligns perfectly with HyunA’s DGAF attitude, plus it’s crazy easy to recreate.




Thankfully, there’s a palette that has absolutely everything you need for this look. Using Etude House’s Play Color Color Eyes in Wine Party, buff #3 Oak Barrel onto the entire lid, blending toward the brow bone with a tapered blending brush. With a flat shader brush, apply #8 Bordeaux Wine over the entire lid and below the waterline.


Take some time to seamlessly blend out any harsh edges by dabbing the same tapered blending brush into #4 Wine Cork and using small, circular motions. For peak sparkle, grab a flat synthetic brush and fixing spray and pack on #5 Rose Sparkling Holic to the center of the lid. Without being terribly precise, thinly line the upper lid with a brown-black liner — you don’t want to overpower the look with a starkly contrasting black!


Pop on a mega-matte magenta lippie (Pony Effect’s Out Fit Velvet Lipstick in Another Code is the perfect shade for any skintone) and very slightly blur out the edges with a Q-tip.


Sunset Vivids




Neutrals, who? Don’t believe the rumors — you CAN do a bold eye and lip and make it look totally wearable. Using bold colors on the reg is justifiably scary, especially when wings are involved, but this look is extremely achievable with the right tools. (Lipstick earrings are 100% optional, of course.)


The secret to eyeshadow wings? Scotch tape and a little bit of hope. After a few peel-offs from the back of your hand (your body’s temp will melt the adhesive a bit, making it less painful to remove), place the tape diagonally along your eye, using the angle of your bottom eye line as a guide.


3CE’s One Color Shadows are an excellent option for some seriously vibrant color. Densely apply Spritzer (a hot-hot pink) onto the lid using a flat, fluffy shader brush. Use the same shader brush to pop on Tangerine Stain (a bright tangerine, obvi) in the middle of the lid for added dimension. Grab a blending brush and lightly tap into Pink Jungle (a pretty, soft baby pink) to blend out any harsh lines to create a soft, smoky effect with a bang.


Time to get #oddlysatisfying: Slowly peel off the tape to reveal the crispest, sharpest line your eyes have ever seen.


It’s time to get real familiar with the pencil brush when repeating the top color scheme along your bottom waterline. Starting with the inner corner, pack on #6 Yolk (a true, vibrant yellow) onto the inner corners; feel free to go off on this part, as this is gonna serve as an inner-corner highlight of sorts. Next, densely apply Spritzer from the outer corner of the eye, connecting the wing, to slightly past the pupil. Follow this with a touch of Tangerine Stain in the small amount of negative space left to marry the previously applied shades together.




Throw on your favorite mascara on top and bottom lashes (I always like to use a teeny, tiny wand for pesky bottom lashes — Innisfree’s Skinny Waterproof Microcara is the perfect size and comes in a waterproof option). Finish off with a hot pink, glossy tint — Romand’s Juicy Lasting Tint in Dragon Pink is a perfect match — and done! You’re officially ready to live your most colorful, HyunA-inspired life.


Feelin’ Extra?


Fake moles are definitely not required, but if you’re down for it, grab a brown pen liner (CELLNCO’s is super precise) and dot away. It adds a fun, unique aspect to any look.


What do you think of HyunA’s new video? And which look in this video are you most likely to try?




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