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February 18, 2018

Think K-Beauty Is Just Cute? Check Out These Steamy Hera Ads

People may think cutesy and sweet when they think of K-beauty (and K-dramas, for that matter). So thank goodness for chic Korean beauty brand Hera to bring a little bad girl (and reality) into our K-beauty world. Um, is it getting hot in here?



With all the noise in the beauty and K-beauty world — the next big thing! This is going viral! Try this now! — it’s sometimes hard to notice the slow and steady brands, the ones with longevity and a loyal following, the ones with consistently high quality products and really noticeable results.


Hera is one such brand, at least for the average K-beauty aficionado. Though many in the West are familiar with Hera’s popular UV Mist Cushion (it was awarded the best cushion compact by popular Asian magazine CéCi‘s Chinese readership in 2015), not many are familiar with the rest of the line. (Like Hera’s award-winning Sun Mate Essence Gel, which won best sunscreen by Korean readers that same year — no small feat, considering Koreans are religious about their sun protection and have no shortage of excellent sunscreen options among Korean brands.)


And yet Hera is huge in Korea. So much so that Seoul Fashion Week is officially called Hera Seoul Fashion Week, with Hera directing the cutting-edge makeup looks backstage since 2015.



Its fashion-forward sensibility is reflected in its frequent collaborations with artists and designers from around the world. Big international names like French-English designer Olympia Le-Tan, French illustrator Eric Giriat, British shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood, and fashion illustrator Garance Wilkens have all graced Hera’s chic packaging with incredibly collectable designs. And if that isn’t proof enough, check out Hera’s long-time official spokesperson: Jun Ji Hyun.



What’s refreshing about Hera in what sometimes can appear like a monolithic Korean aesthetic of gradient lips and il-ja brows is the brand’s embrace of brows with a more natural curve, skin that’s more velvety and less mul-gwang, and — gasp! — a more diverse (and realistic) range of skin tones.



But it’s Hera’s recent campaign for its new Rouge Holic Cream lipstick line that had us raising our eyebrows. Compared to the usual overly-cutesy ads Korean beauty brands put out, this super sexy series had us wishing more Korean dramas would follow suit. Check out what we mean below:


hera ads


Rouge Holic Cream Lipstick in Killing Pink:



Rouge Holic Cream Lipstick in Stunning Coral:



Rouge Holic Cream Lipstick in Tempting Cherry:



Rouge Holic Cream Lipstick in Flame Moment:



What do you think of the Hera ads? Have you tried any Hera products, and if so, what do you think of the brand?




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Mercy! Someone bring me a fan. Is it hot in here? I adore these ads! Lipstick is supposed to be sexy, and now I'm thinking I need to try one of Hera's lippies. I loved the UV Mist cushion. It was a bit too light for me (C21), but the finish was very nice.


LOL! Me too! They're such a refreshing change from all the cutesy promos K-beauty tends to love.

I just tried the UV Mist Nude Cushion and I love the finish, but I definitely need more coverage. The Cover Cushion is now in my cart and waiting for that next juicy dailytap!


I'm never try Hera products but now i like the lipstick colors ^


I have a Hera cushion and I like it very much! 1st time I've heard about the brand was in a video of one of my fav youtubers Meejmuse (she raved about the Hera Cell essence, I never purchased that product because It was so pricey).
We can judge a brand image by the "face" they have (Jun JiHyun is an elegant woman) and I feel she gives this "aura" to the brand.


Which Hera cushion do you have? I've both the UV Mist and the Black cushions and they're both some of the best cushions I've used only trailing behind Pony Effect by the slightest margin.


I really like the Hera Black Cushion too! Great coverage, nice matte finish. It does tend to \"crack\" on me though so I\'m wondering if the UV Mist is a better option. Do you know what the coverage is on the UV Mist leolouie?


I'd say the coverage between the two are pretty similar for me. I will say though that the the UV Mist cushion is not super dewy though. It's hard to describe but I feel like it maintains the moisture/hydration that you have under the cushion, so if you're dry or dehydrated underneath, the cushion won't add a ton of moisture. I got away with using it under my oily skin during the summer (granted I literally live in the desert) and it worked awesome. I'd say the black cushion would be a summer time thing for me and the UV... Read more