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February 27, 2018

This Is Why This Swanicoco Ampoule Left a Ferments Lover Shook

Whether you’re oily or dry, this Swanicoco ampoule is a ferment lover’s dream, perfect for transforming your dull, dry, dehydrated skin. Oh, did we mention the luxe-ass packaging?


It feels like it’s been winter for about one million years. I haven’t dealt with seasons in about three years, so this winter has hit me particularly hard in every way. We’ve had it all here in Atlanta: freezing snow days and multiple well below zero nights. I moved to the South because I thought the winters would be milder here. I was wrong. The ridiculously cold temperatures plus running the heater at night really left my skin in a pretty dire state. But all hope is not lost! Thankfully I’ve found my new winter time bae: the Swanicoco Black Yeast Fermentation Ampoule.


First of all, when I got this Swanicoco ampoule in the mail, I was absolutely SHOOK (as they say) by the packaging. It was just so luxe! I felt like I was opening up some top secret, ridiculously expensive, only-Rihanna-uses-this skincare. It comes in a sturdy dark brown and gold box, and when you open it, it’s nestled in some luxurious-ass gold fabric. It’s out of control and right up my alley.


swanicoco ampoule


The Swanicoco Black Yeast Fermentation Ampoule is designed to give your skin an extra mega dose of hydration and moisture. And not only will it heal your dry skin, it also helps protect against more damage from the environment like dust and pollution.


Let’s talk about the ingredients because, baaaaaby, do we have some great ones in this product. I am a ferment queen so I nearly died when I saw that the very first ingredient is soybean ferment extract, followed by mistletoe ferment extract, and a whole bunch of other root ferment extracts. It’s literally just a giant dose of fermented goodness for your face. So I know you’re maybe thinking, what’s so good about fermented ingredients and how can they help my skin?


Fermented ingredients in skincare, like the soybean and mistletoe extracts in this ampoule, are very easily absorbed into the skin and contain more nutrients than a non-fermented skincare ingredient. It’s kind of like a level up in a video game. There’s soybean extract, which is great, but then there’s fermented soybean extract, which is like the jetpack that takes you to the next level.


swanicoco ampoule


The Swanicoco ampoule is a beautiful golden amber color and has a lightweight, non-sticky, non-greasy texture. It absorbs into the skin almost instantly and doesn’t leave it greasy, oily, or tacky. If you’re sensitive to fragrance, I have good news for you because it’s completely fragrance-free. The top of the bottle is a pipette dispenser, which gives you the perfect amount of product to use each time.


Honestly, this ampoule is a dream. I use it during my day and nighttime routines. During the day, I use it after my hydrating toner, and at night, I use it after my chemical exfoliant step. It has made my complexion so bouncy, hydrated, and glowy. If you’re like me and you’ve been suffering from dull, dry, and sad winter skin, you should definitely consider adding this babe to your cart. Thank me later!


Have you tried the Swanicoco Black Yeast Fermentation Ampoule?



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I saw this on your IG story...

I've been looking for a suitable serum to use for the upcoming months since where I live gets extremely hot and is also extremely dry. This is sooo tempting and I love me some ferments basically wherever I can get them (in my food, on my face, in my drinks, etc).