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April 13, 2018

Skincare Feeling Meh? Here Are 20 Ways to Max Out Your Sheet Mask Experience

Apply, chill, remove — that’s all you have to do to reap the radiant benefits of sheet masks. But add these *extra* tips to boost your sheet mask sessions, and you’ll score so much more.


Sheet masks are the fast pass to better skin — they hydrate, brighten, tighten, nourish, and more in just 10 to 20 minutes. While there’s very little in skincare that can deliver such instant gratification with such minimal effort, there’s a lot you can do to maximize the effects. So here’s a list of the very best ways to boost your sheet mask experience that we’ve heard around town so far. Consider it your master class to #sheetmaskandchill.


When to Sheet Mask


1. Sheet mask after a day outdoors in the sun or a day indoors in a climate-controlled room (i.e. AC or heater) to prevent damage and replenish parched skin with hydration.



boost your sheet mask


2. Not just for a night in, sheet masks are the quick fix your skin needs before a big night out. Enjoy a session right before makeup application and makeup will more apply smoothly on your freshly moisturized skin.


3. In general, sheet mask one to two times a week. But treat yourself about once a month to a 1-day-1-pack routine to reboot skin. As much as we love sheet masks, doing one every day for the rest of your life can clog pores and overload skin with too much of a good thing.


4. When you’re out of masks or your skin’s too sensitive to try anything outside your daily skincare routine, DIY your own custom sheet mask. Simply soak cotton pads or plain cotton facial masks with your fave essences or serums.



Before You Mask


5. Pick and choose the right ingredients for your skin type and concern. Why is it that we pay so much attention to the ingredients in our moisturizers, but blindly slap on whatever sheet mask comes our way? We have to be as careful with sheet masks as we are with moisturizers and creams, because in a short 10 to 20 minutes, an intense amount of ingredients penetrates into our skin. (See some of the K-beauty Squad’s fave ingredients here.)


6. Keep sheet masks in the refrigerator to enhance de-bloating and cooling effects and to prolong the shelf life of ingredients.


7. Store sheet masks flat so the serum soaks evenly throughout the mask instead of collecting at the bottom.


binge masking


8. Exfoliate and tone right before applying the mask to start with a clean canvas that’s ready to soak up all the nutrients. You can also apply a serum or ampoule, as long as it’s not too thick in texture. If you’re starting a multiple, consecutive-day sheet masking regimen, exfoliate before Day 1, as exfoliating every day can damage your skin.


9. Two masks are better than one. Deep clean and open up your pores with a detoxifying clay mask or peeling mask before applying a sheet mask. Extra clean skin and clear pores will ensure better results.


Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask Refining


While You Mask


10. Make it fit. Snip the edges and eye or mouth holes of your mask for the most comfortable fit. Also smooth out any air bubbles so the entire mask is flush against your skin.


11. Scoop out some of the extra serum in the package and smooth over your face and neck prior to applying the mask (after cleansing and toning). The additional moisture enhances skin’s absorption and overall dewiness.


boost your sheet mask
BTS on


12. As advised by Fiddy Snails, “For extra moisture, dab a few drops of facial oil on skin before applying a sheet mask. This is especially helpful in the under-eye area, where dryness can exacerbate fine lines.”


13. Multi-mask. Kill all birds with one stone by wearing an eye mask and lip mask under your sheet mask. You’ll just be out of commission for about 15 mins, but the time saved and your recharged face will be so worth it. You can even use acne stickers on your pimples so the mask doesn’t irritate your blemishes.


14. Spritz a toner over the mask to keep the mask moist for longer. Or if you prefer, A’Pieu’s Mask Booster Mist.


15. Turn on the humidifier as you sheet mask for a boost of hydration and a longer-lasting masking session. Especially during the summer if your climate is dry or the AC is blasting, sheet masks can dry out more quickly.


binge masking boost your sheet mask


16. Take a warm bath right before or as you mask to open up your pores and help your skin absorb the ingredients. Plus, a nice soak will help relax you, another way to boost the benefits.


17. Place your fingertips over the mask and gently massage and lift skin for added anti-aging effects. The massaging motions are believed to stimulate blood flow.


18. Chill, but not too long. Don’t ever fall asleep with a sheet mask on, as a dry sheet mask can irritate and harm skin. Leaving it on for longer than instructed is fine, as long as you remove before it dries up.


After You Mask


19. After removing the mask, pat and press the remaining serum on your face until it’s fully absorbed. Then scoop out the rest of the serum in the package and pat and press until fully absorbed as well.


20. Remember that sheet masks are soaked in essence or serum, which means you’re not done with your skincare routine just yet. Follow up with moisturizer and cream just as you would after your usual essence or serum step.


Do you use any of these tips to boost your sheet mask sessions? What has worked for you and what hasn’t? Oh, and PLEASE share any other masking tips you love (because, seriously, #wereallinthistogether).





Perfect article for sheet mask freak like me! Thanks a lot!:))


Wow, I didn't think of #9! I've always chosen one or the other, thinking that it might dry out my skin for some reason... All these tips are fantastic!


Definitely recommend putting an eye mask under a sheet mask! Kill two birds with one stone. For me the sheet mask doesn't always hit the part under my eyes well anyway.


I think the biggest thing for me was learning to not let the sheet mask completely dry on my face. I'll leave mine on now until the material is slightly damp but not wet to the touch. When I was first learning to use sheet masks I would literally leave them on until they were bone dry and it was like peeling a bandaid off of my face. No wonder I didn't see results lol.

Ruth Kim

Lol I accidentally fell asleep with a sheet mask on and I woke up having to peel the dry mask off my face. Worst feeling ever 😂


That happened to me a few weeks ago, too. Not fun, lol.


It's like falling asleep with your contacts in; the second you wake up you immediately realize you made a huge mistake lol


#6-#7 whoops! going to fix this now :D

so many tips, angela! can't wait to try some of them out over the next few weeks :)


I do exfoliation before i use a mask sheet and apply a vitamin c serum before that too ^ i like moshka and etude house mask sheet


I exfoliate before I mask too! What's your favorite Moksha mask? Have you tried Papa Recipe honey masks? It's one of my favorites. It smells like pure, real honey!

I like to press an oil into my skin after I mask to keep the essence from evaporating while I finish watching Netflix!


Nice, i like moshka apple and honey mask sheet, papa recipe honey mask I'm not try it yet ^