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April 8, 2018

These Are Some Genius Ways to Organize Your Skincare Collection

You do your research, you shop around, you add to cart and finally commit. You spend all this time curating your perfect skincare routine, but how do you store your precious babies? Here, we provide some tricks and tips on how to organize your skincare collection.


If you’re a dedicated skincare junkie like a lot of us K-beauty addicts are, you know that our hoard — I mean collection — of skincare bottles and potions are sometimes out of control. Even if you’ve cut down on the excess and discarded everything but your essentials, you could still find yourself with 20 to 30 bottles, boxes, or jars to deal with. That might not be so bad if you’re living in a large home with ample storage space, but for many of us, city living is a cramped affair that prompts us to get creative with storage.


Today I’m going to share some of my favorite storage finds to help you get a handle on your hoard — damn, I mean collection, COLLECTION. Yeah, that’s it. If you’re getting ready to do some spring cleaning, this may be the story for you.

organize your skincare
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1. Countertop storage


If you’ve got a bounty of countertop space but want to streamline, check out these options.


Two Tone 3-Tier Free Standing Bathroom Organizer


Wow, I love love love this bamboo and white box minimalist number. Design-wise this one is totally me, and it would fit perfectly in my bathroom. I also like that this could work either on the counter or on the floor as a freestanding unit. It offers a lot of storage space too, so even someone with a crazy routine like mine would be totally covered with this organizer. This one is on my personal wish list.

organize your skincare


MOPPE Mini Chest Of Drawers

organize your skincare

This was a wildly popular item at Ikea that was discontinued and recently brought back, much to my delight. I love the unfinished plywood look but if you’re going to be using this in a bathroom setting, I’d suggest at least sealing it with a clear varnish to keep it safe from dampness. If you’re someone who hates visual clutter and wants things all squared away behind the scenes, this is a perfect little chest to get the job done. It’s also highly customizable since it comes unfinished; there are tons of tutorials for inspiration on how to paint your MOPPE to suit your tastes.


Yamazaki Free Standing Shower Caddy


organize your skincare


This is labeled as a shower caddy, which I guess it could be, but all I see is a K-beauty routine organizer when I look at it. This looks like the perfect little shelf for freeing up counter space, and I bet you could fit everything you need for almost every routine in here.


2. Inside Shelf Storage

organize your skincare

If you are blessed enough to have built-in cabinetry storage in your bathroom or bedroom, that doesn’t always mean you have enough room to store every little thing you have lurking about. Change that by taking advantage of vertical space by making a tower of VARIERA organizers. They come in two sizes: One is a bit longer than the other so you can either stack two like normal-sized bunk beds or choose one large bottom and one small top. Either combination will result in a lot more storage space and maximized organization.


organize your skincare

If you have tons of space and just want a way to keep things corralled, an open basket box is great. You can use these pine versions for an easily accessible bin. I personally have something similar that I keep in the fridge as dedicated sheet mask storage. They’re the perfect size for filing away your favorite masks and just about anything else you want to keep hidden away.


3. Wall Storage


If your countertop situation and shelving situation are both lacking, all’s not lost. There’s always the walls!


LACK Shelf

organize your skincare

I’ve often wondered if they named this line LACK since it’s for those of us lacking something and wanting a very simple solution. What you lack in counter space you gain in wall space with the LACK hidden bracket shelves. I love this small version since it works in even the most microscopic of bathrooms. They come in white, black, or a fun new yellow color, so I’m sure one of them will work for you.



BEKVAM Spice Rack

organize your skincare

It says spice rack, but I’ve seen this repurposed as everything from a picture rail to a children’s book rack. It’s not too far out of the realm to see this as a perfect skincare shelf. It’s also the most budget-friendly option at $3.99, so you can stock up on however many you need. If you find you’ve purchased too many, this would also be great for nail polish collection storage!


How do you organize your skincare? Have you repurposed anything to fit your hoard collection?


Coco Park is an author, beauty journalist, blogger, podcast host, and all around oddball living in Montreal Quebec with her family. Originally from the southern USA, she worked for several years in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and holds a certificate in esthetics. She is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Want to know more? Check her out on the Beauty Beyond Basics podcast, on her blog, on Instagram @thebeautywolf, and in her book "Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup."



I have some colorful baskets to storage my cosmetics, but I need some more space... I'm thinking of buying the 'inside shelf storage' one.

I use local handmade baskets to store my skincare. Since I have a '1 in 1 out' skincare rule, the baskets aren't full and stay looking pretty 😃

I have my basket from Target that I think is intended for CD's or something that I use for my daily skincare stuff with a few empty boxes to provide some elevation for my jars and smaller bottles. The rest go in to my Alex drawers from IKEA and when I bought them I finally understand why every beauty guru on YouTube never stops talking about them. They're brilliant!

omg I just looked them up and they're HUGE!!! (Of course, I should talk. I have two 5-foot tall cabinets to hold my "thinking about it" products lol)

I loooove organizing (and re-organizing) my beauty stash. I'll mostly repurpose pretty boxes to hold my stash in drawers and use a kitchen trolley in my bathroom to hold everything I'm using and testing. I would love to have a minimalist space but alas it's pretty much filled to the brim with stuff!