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April 6, 2018

5 Times We Wish We Had Park Shin Hye’s Look

Whether a new record-breaking drama or a stunning magazine editorial, hallyu elite Park Shin Hye always gives us something to rave about. Most recently, it was the breaking news her fans were waiting for — confirmation that she and heartthrob actor Choi Tae Joon were officially dating. This had us gushing over how cute it is that they kind of look alike and, of course, how naturally beautiful the actress is. In celebration of the new It couple, here are five times we were in love with Park Shin Hye’s look.


Park Shin Hye’s career is the stuff of fantasies. When she’s not choosing between heartthrobs in mega hit K-dramas, she’s getting paid to relax on Jeju Island. OK, so she’s still working — she filmed a new tvN reality show where she and So Ji Sub each lived in a little house in a Jeju forest. Camera crews followed her around as she figured out the practicalities of living away from modern technology and civilization and relished in Mother Nature. But that beats a day in the office, if you ask us.


Check out this teaser clip of Little House in the Forest.



Her personal life also resembles a modern day fairy tale. Falling in love with your close longtime friend who also happens to be the heartbreakingly handsome Choi Tae Joon? C’mon now! She is literally living the life of nearly every girl’s dream.


But does any of that surprise us? After all, this is Park Shin Hye we’re talking about. The top of the top A-list actress who’s been adored and praised for her acting chops since childhood, the ultimate CF queen, the face behind the “Park Shin Hye Effect.”


park shin hye
Park Shin Hye for jewelry brand Agatha Paris


Of course, we can’t speak of the icon without mentioning her striking natural beauty. Ever since her big doe-like eyes captured our hearts when she played Jung Suh as a child in Stairway to Heaven, the public has enjoyed watching her grow and transform from adorable girl into a gorgeous hallyu goddess.


park shin hye
A 13-year-old Park Shin Hye in Stairway to Heaven.


Whatever she’s doing, wherever she is, Park Shin Hye steps out with major style, from her effortlessly pretty hair and flawless skin to her perfect-for-the-occasion makeup and covetable fashion.


So here, we cheers to Park Shin Hye and news of a new man in her life with a look back at some of her best looks.


1. When she played a beautiful and brainy neurosurgeon in hit 2016 K-drama Doctors


park shin hye


Maybe it was her character Yoo Hye Jung’s boss attitude. Maybe it was all the Mamonde makeup she’s been using as the brand’s model. Or maybe she was just born with it.


park shin hye
Park Shin Hye in Doctors. SBS


Most likely a combination of all three and other X factors, Park Shin Hye’s look in the drama was major inspo from head to toe. Let’s start from the head. As Dr. Yoo, she rocked reddish brown hair that lit up her already radiant complexion. Her bangs were slightly see-through, making her face appear smaller and highlighting her signature eyes. Her long hair was often styled in loose waves, tied in a low or high ponytail, or tucked under a surgical scrub, depending on whatever the character’s adventurous life called for.


park shin hye


Her makeup appeared minimal, focusing on her amazingly spotless and baby-like skin with lightweight cosmetic coverage, black eyeliner drawn closely along the upper lash line and winged out ever so subtly, a flush of blush on the cheeks, and a pop of bright, girly color on the lips.


park shin hye


We loved almost everything the leading lady wore on screen, especially the outfits she wore to work. They were usually equal parts feminine, sophisticated, and sexy. Think below-the-knee dress or skirt with heels. Overall, a look that screamed of success and style.


2. When she stole the show at Chanel Fall Winter 2018 during Paris Fashion Week


Park Shin Hye sat front row at Chanel during PFW, and good thing because we couldn’t get enough of her unexpected look.


Her fresh, standout makeup consisted of crisp black cat eyes, highlights, a fierce poppy pout, and just-sipped-champagne cheeks set against her covetable bright skin.


Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye, right, with model Elaine Kim.


Her hair, though not a fave to everyone, was a pleasant surprise to us since it was a step away from her usually polished locks, especially from the back and side profile. Her curled hair was pulled back into a full, dramatically voluminous ponytail, and see-through bangs and loose layers framed the sides of her face. Her ’do lent a rebellious vibe to her classic yet super modern tweed Chanel jacket and skirt.


park shin hye
Park Shin Hye at the Chanel FW18 runway presentation.


Check out this video for a better view of her tresses.



3. When she channeled her inner bad girl for the April 2015 issue of InStyle Korea


Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye in InStyle Korea.


Park Shin Hye hit yet another K-drama out of the park with Pinocchio, and she and her co-star Lee Jong Suk rendezvoused in London for a sultry photoshoot for InStyle Korea. They shared sizzling chemistry on screen and apparently in front of the camera as well because this spread was all sorts of hotness.


Park Shin Hye
Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye in InStyle Korea.


We fell head over heels for the good-girl-gone-bad vibe on her. We’re so used to seeing her fresh-faced and naturally beautiful, true to her beloved innocent image, so it was a such a treat to see her rocking smoky eyes, groupie getups, and major ’tude.


Park Shin Hye


Did we mention her arm candy looked great on her, too?


Park Shin Hye


4. When she was all class at Swarovski’s 2016 luncheon in France


“Park Shin Hye is like a girl sometimes and other times she’s like a woman. She’s exactly what Swarovski has been looking for and her beauty blends in well with our jewelry.” That’s what the folks over at Austrian jewelry brand Swarovski said of Korea’s top actress when they chose her as an ambassador, and we couldn’t agree more.


Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye at the Swarovski luncheon at the Cannes Film Festival.


Her ability to exude both charming aegyo and sophisticated sexiness is what makes her irresistible and lovable. Case in point, her look at Swarovski’s lunch during the Cannes Film Festival.


Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye at the Swarovski luncheon at the Cannes Film Festival.


As an honored guest, Park Shin Hye looked like a breath of fresh air in an all-white ensemble. Her dress was simple yet eye-catching, featuring cascading ruffles and a mermaid flair skirt. She layered a white, long blazer over the feminine silhouette, adding another dimension of sophistication. The anything-but-basic monotone outfit helped showcase all the sparkling Swarovski jewelry she was donning, of course.


But in our opinion, the winner was her red-hot pout. The daring red color was the perfect pick to elevate her classy look to another level. Her bold reddish hair also highlighted her otherworldly beauty.


A post shared by 박신혜 (@ssinz7) on


It’s not easy pulling off an all-white outfit and a vixenish red lip at a lunch in broad daylight, but if anyone could do it, it would be Park Shin Hye!


5. When she shone as a beaming bride in Pinocchio


Park Shin Hye
Pinocchio. SBS


So this ending scene of Pinocchio was only dress-up and not the actual wedding between characters In Ha and Dal Po, but we love a glimpse of any of our favorite actresses in wedding dresses. Especially with such a turn of events in Park Shin Hye’s real-life love affair, it only makes sense that we include this bridal look in our list.


park shin hye


The off-shoulder, sweetheart neckline and mermaid silhouette accentuated and flattered her figure (those collarbones!), while the low ponytail and soft layers framing her face radiated sheer romance and a happily ever after. Sigh. And again, that arm candy of hers! Double sigh.


Here’s a look at this heart-melting scene of Park Shin Hye’s character in all her wedding dress glory.



Could this be a peak into the new hallyu couple’s near future? We can only hope.


What are some of your favorite Park Shin Hye looks? Let us know below so we can continue the fangirling!





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