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June 21, 2018

Are You Ready to Transition Your Routine For Summer? Here’s How to Do It

We love, love, love summer. But summertime skin? Not so much. To help manage the greasy, sweaty, oily direction our skin tends to go when the weather heats up, contributing editor Sheryll shows us how she switches up her products for summer skincare.




Summertime is here! Sun! Beach! Short shorts! Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas on the patio! Pool days! FUN FUN FUN!


(Can you tell I’m excited about summer?)


Summer is my favorite season. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in two countries for three years with eternal summers and I’m just used to the heat, I don’t know, but I seriously live for the summer. I looooove spending long afternoons relaxing by the pool. I love taking trips to the beach. I love wearing short shorts and crop tops and it not getting dark until 8:30 pm. It’s like I come alive. But like life, there are highs and lows to my love affair with summertime.


summer skincare


In the winter, my skin is naturally drier. It’s is always on its best behavior. It’s always so pretty, balanced, clear, and smooth. I remember when I lived in Seoul during those brutal freaking winters. Everyone had crazy chapped, dry, and flaky skin, and my skin would just be flourishing. A goal! But then summertime comes around and kicks me in the butt and my skin goes nuts. It gets super oily, and I tend to have more breakouts than normal. The weather has barely started to heat up and I’m already seeing some changes. WHY ME?!


So that’s why, when summertime rolls around, it’s time to switch up the routine yet again. In the winter, I like to focus on making sure my skin is properly hydrated and moisturized, while in the summer I’m trying to do that PLUS a heavy focus on sun protection, calming the skin from the heat and sun, and making sure my skin doesn’t turn into a sweaty, greasy, pimple-y pizza. It’s a lot.


As you transition your skincare routine from spring to summer, make sure you answer these two important questions (that I ALWAYS ask myself before I switch things up):


1. What is your skin type and how has it changed?


2. What goals are you trying to achieve?


So to answer my own questions: My oily skin tends to get even more oily during the summer, and I want to make sure that my skin is properly balanced without the use of heavy creams and oils, since that’s what I rely on during the winter.


I typically stick with the same cleansers (making sure they are low pH), since cleansers tend to work the same for me year round. Chemical exfoliants are a mainstay. But then after that, I like to switch things up and focus on lightweight, watery, and gel-type textured products. Thankfully, K-beauty has made this SUPER easy because a lot of the products have these words in their names. Thanks K-beauty!


Some of my favorite summer skincare products are:


The ENTIRE Laneige Water Bank line


Like, if you are looking to revamp your skincare routine for summer and don’t want to think about it, just buy everything from this line and thank me later. The Water Bank gel cream, the eye cream, and the water sleeping mask are my personal favorites.


summer skincare


COSRX Oil Free Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap


Lightweight hydration at its finest. My boyfriend LOVES this stuff. It sinks into the skin beautifully and doesn’t leave a greasy finish.


summer skincare


Purito Fermented Complex 94 Boosting Essence


This essence is watery, lightweight, sinks into the skin immediately, and delivers a mega-brightening punch. You wanna glow this summer? GET THIS. Trust me.


summer skincare


Anything with hyaluronic acid


Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that holds 1,000 times its weight in water. What does this mean? It means you get TONS of awesome hydration, without the heaviness. The Klairs Unscented Supple Preparation Toner is a big favorite of mine. I’ve also heard great things about the Earth’s Recipe Energy Boosting Toner.


summer skincare




The most important component to any skincare routine. During the summer you tend to be outdoors more often, so sun protection is a must. My current sunscreen bae is the Earth’s Recipe Waterful Sun Gel SPF50+++.


summer skincare


How do you plan on changing your routine up for summer skincare? Let me know in the comments!


Sheryll Donerson got her start as a beauty writer by writing K-beauty reviews for her blog, The Wanderlust Project. These days, she's lifting heavy weights, eating tacos, drinking (too much) coffee and is 1/4 of the beauty podcast, Beauty Beyond Basics (or Triple Bees for short). You can find her on Instagram and Twitter at @sheryllrenata.



I switch up my heavier creams to gels in the summer! My skin needs lots of hydrating layers to keep me from being too oily but I find that in the summer finishing those layers with a heavy cream leads to lots of congestion and looking more oily, less dewy in the summer heat. I also like using emulsions/gel combo. The hardest part for me is finding the right night time routine because my AC is not doing me any favors! I've got to invest in a humidifier but until then Sulwhasoo overnight mask is my go to product. RIP... Read more

My skin gets super overactive in the summer so I need to really pay attention to what's going on with it on a day to day basis. It gets more oily, more congested, builds up dead skin faster and also is more prone to irritation from the extreme heat; I still lean oily in the winter but it's a much different scenario than summer where it feels like my face is literally trying to escape the rest of my head.

Great suggestions! Some of these were already on my wishlist, so it's good to know that they work well for summer! I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself by buying things I can't use for months...

I find I am switching out my current moisturizers for lighter emulsions. Sometimes, I skip the moisturizer and go from emulsion to sleeping mask!

Me too! I'm finding I like the feel of emulsions during the summer and my skin doesn't get all dry and tight midday. It also gives me a chance to try out some emulsions I have in my stash that I ignore over the winter.

What are your favorite emulsions so far? I'm such a Sulwhasoo fangirl that I have not really tried emulsions from other brands but am sooo tempted with all the wonderful brands on Beautytap!

Haha, well, you'll have to continuing feeding that obsession because my fave emulsion right now is the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Emulsion. It's soooo good. But the SanDaWha Liposome Lotion is really good, too. What do you use @blushnmochi?

Yes, I'm lusting after the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Emulsion! :) It's next on my list! I have a small sample of it and it's sooo good! And I think the price point is so much more reasonable as a little goes a long way. And, I love ginseng!! So nice! But first, I need to finish my Sulwhasoo Time Treasure Emulsion. It's really really good too! Smells amazing and really good for older skin. I love it a lot a lot. But it was a splurge reward buy and not something I think I can maintain long term! :D

I\'m using the Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Emulsion right now, too blushnmochi! It does smell really nice, and I was happy to see that it felt a lot like the Ginseng Emulsion. The Ginseng Emulsion sinks in faster while still feeling moisturizing, but I don\'t mind since I too have older skin and need just a lot of everything lol

I was born and raised in Hawaii but currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I am fortunate enough to visit my family twice a year but that has caused me to have a Hawaii skincare routine and a PNW skincare routine. First world problem, I know. Thank you sheryll for emphasizing the need for some serious sunscreen in the summer. It\'s a step I often (foolishly) forget because I tell myself there\'s SPF in my cushions.

This is my year round routine haha, thanks SoCal heat :/

I'm next door in Arizona and I feel you 100%. It gets bad some times lol

It's made figuring out a proper skin care routine so hard! I moved from the midwest where I was in a suuuuuper humid area that gave me totally different issues. Plus aging makes things so different now XD

Now that it’s getting warmer I can feel my face getting I’ll definitely need to buy some more hydrating products to feed my thirsty dehydrated skin. And try to drink more water 😅

I'm the opposite — I have to focus on getting my oily T-zone under control when the weather heats up. I keep my humidifier on at work all day long to battle harsh, drying AC because I still have super dry cheeks.

Ooh what humidifier do you use? Is it small portable one? I’ve only seen larger ones and am looking for a small one!

I bought a cute little "donut" humidifier in Korea that you just put in a glass of water and plug into any USB. I thought it'd die after a few months, but it's been over half a year and it's still going strong. It's pretty crazy! It's no more than three inches long and you can even plug it into your car and let it float on a thermos! It's basically this: