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July 10, 2018

Ask the Squad: What Are Your Latest Skincare Finds That You Love for Travel?

The day the TSA announced those new liquid limitations for carry-ons, K-beauty multi-step skincare aficionados everywhere let out a collective noooooo!!!! How on earth are we supposed to bring all 10 steps with us when we’re only allotted a little quart-size baggie? Well, where there’s a skin lover, there’s a way. Here, we ask the K-Beauty Squad and Beautytap community members about their fave new travel skincare finds that allow them to pat, pat, pat wherever they go.


Q. What are your fave new travel skincare finds?


travel skincare finds


Editor in chief Anna:


I really pare down my skincare routine when I travel (I like to think of it as a “detox”), so instead of my usual 13 or so steps, I stick to double cleansing, toner, essence, moisturizer, sunscreen. Multi-step sheet masks are perfect for this. They make it so easy to get your skincare done on the go or in the plane. The Wonjin Effect masks are great because they’re super hydrating and come with toner and ampoule. The Water Bomb Mask is rich in niacinamide (one of my go-to’s for brightening and the fourth ingredient) and feels so cushiony yet practically sheer on the skin (so as not to scare my fellow passengers). It leaves my skin super hydrated, especially because the toner and ampoule are both very rich and viscous — and there’s tons of it!


travel skincare finds


If you’re suffering from overly shiny skin this summer, look no further than the Wonjin Effect Withbee Honey Mask. I don’t know how they do it, but this mask gives you a totally velvety, almost matte finish, even while making your skin feel like you went through an entire 10-step routine.


The Dr.Gloderm TABRX masks are my fave new sheet masks, not just for travel but for anytime really. First of all, this mask looks so much more expensive than it is ($3, hello!?!), and I always feel like I’m treating myself to something special with this mask. The TABRX Lift Up Mask is a soft cupro, it clings amazingly well to the face, and they definitely don’t skimp on bouncy essence. The best part is you can slather all the extra essence on your neck, chest, and arms, and not only is there no stickiness whatsoever, it actually dries down to a matte finish. The Hucell oil capsule you apply afterwards is sheer perfection. It comes out like a gel cream, not like an oil at all, but it feels like a balm. It’s so moisturizing, you don’t really need anything else. I used the TABRX Moisture Mask before my 13-hour flight, and didn’t suffer from my usual dryness (or over-oiliness on the T-zone).


Speaking of Dr.Gloderm, the Oil Capsule Cleanser is GENIUS. It’s a bag full of the cutest one-time use capsules of oil cleanser, perfect for traveling. I took a dozen of these capsules with me to Korea, and they contain the perfect amount (even a bit too much) of olive fruit oil, argan oil, and grape seed oil to effectively remove every last drop of makeup and sunscreen — super important when you’ve been out shopping and sightseeing all day.


Contributing editor Coco:


I sure love that JayJun Anti-Dust Whitening Mask that comes with the essence and eye treatment all in the same sheet mask package. It’s like an all-in-one mini facial!


travel skincare finds


Contributing editor Sheryll:


Those JayJun Anti-Dust Masks are where it’s at! I am IN LOVE. They really cut down on the amount of products you have to pack because you get either a cleanser, serum, ampoule, or eye cream (depending on which Anti-Dust mask you get). I am obsessed with all the steps, and the masks are amazing! [Ed. note: Read more of Sheryll’s review of her new fave JayJun masks here.]


Associate editor Ruth:


Wonjin Effect sheet mask: Similar to Coco’s reasoning, I really like these 3-in-1 sheet masks (not only ‘cause they’re so aesthetically cute!) because they’re just sooo convenient. I’ve really been paring my routine down to be more minimal lately, so these 3-in-1 type sheet masks are perfect to target specific concerns, rather than lathering a ton of different products on.


Dr.Gloderm TABRX Mask: The Dr. Gloderm TABRX masks are also great for travel, since they include a mini capsule ​of a nourishing serum to use after the sheet mask portion. I accidentally did the reverse and applied the serum before the mask, but I felt the mask really helped push in the serum into my skin.

travel skincare finds

Dr.Gloderm Oil Capsule Cleanser: I frequently go down to my parent’s house in Orange County on the weekends, and I hate having to bring the full-sized bottle of my oil cleanser — but I’m also super lazy and hate decanting said oil cleanser into a travel-sized bottle. These squishy little capsules are the epitome of travel-friendly skincare. You just have to be careful when twisting them open so they don’t squirt all over your sink!


Social media intern Miranda:


My favorite travel discovery has been eye patches (of all kinds)! I didn’t think they’d make much of a difference during my travels, but it’s nice to look refreshed and awake; it speeds up my freshening up routine before I go out to explore.


Director of marketing Jude:


Put another vote down for the Wonjin Effect sheet masks and Dr. Gloderm TABRX Oil Capsule Cleanser for me!


I’ve been consistently impressed by the three-step Wonjin Effect masks that I’ve tried. The toners, serums, and sheet masks in these are legitimately good, especially the sheet masks. Really nice thin and clingy material that holds plenty of essence and stays moist for a good long time, comfortable fit, outstanding results. The Water Bomb and Withbee Honey are my personal favorites, and for those of you who aspire to glass skin, the Amino Up gave me the glassiest of glass skin.

travel skincare finds

On the Dr.Gloderm Oil Capsule Cleanser: Cleansing oil is one of the most annoying product types to travel with. The Oil Capsule Cleanser solves the practical problems of traveling with cleansing oil by coming in single-use capsules. Grab a clean bottle or pill case, count out a capsule or two for every night you’ll be on the road, and you’re all set. Also like the Wonjin Effect masks, the oil cleanser capsules aren’t just convenient packaging. This is a really nice cleansing oil. It’s medium thickness, not too runny, breaks up makeup and sunscreen without too much effort, and rinses clean.

travel skincare finds

Another product I’ll be taking with me on trips (though not carried by Beautytap) is Dr. Frog Water Fullcharge All In One. This is a moisturizer that claims to provide “all in one” effects, meaning that it hydrates like a toner and essence and moisturizes like a cream. The Water Fullcharge All In One is one of the few I’ve found that lives up to the multi-step claims. It pumps out like a lotion but feels like a stiffer water drop cream when applied to the face; once you spread it onto skin, it releases a surprise layer of watery hydration. The hydration sinks in quickly while the moisturizing element creates a soft emollient layer on top to hold it in. It plumps and adds glow, and it keeps my skin moist all day. Also, the strange texture makes it a fun enough experience that I don’t mind missing out on a few other steps when I’m away from home.


Community intern Leo:


Honestly, my only traveling has been to the grocery store as of late, but 100-plus degree weather and less than 10% humidity has my oils on overdrive and my skin dry, so I’ve been keeping blotting sheets and mist in my bag. I’ve been using the Boscia blotting sheets, but I’m not attached to them in any way so anything we carry would be suitable. The mist is the Keep Cool Ocean Mist; I find blotting and misting is a lot better to remove excess oils and get back some hydration as opposed to the traditional blotting and then powder. Powder just makes me feel even drier and the mist is way more refreshing and helps much more with the dehydration.

travel skincare finds

Christina (


COSRX One Step Moisture Up Kit since it has all three products I need (cleanser, moisture pad, mask), and I have this in my backpack just in case they lose my suitcase.


J.One Hana Cream because the little balls made it perfect for getting exactly how much cream I needed (the pastry chef in me being all exact and sh—t).


AmorePacific lip treatment (a good in-between for a lip balm without being too thick).


W.Lab Honey Cushion, but I think it is discontinued. A great hydrating cushion that performs well throughout the day.


Rafael (@rafaeldiascosta):


Sunscreen sticks! They’re travel-friendly, and the Asian ones like Banila Co., Tony Moly (the cute octopus one), Shiseido, Whoo, and many more offer super high protection.


Tony Moly Tako Pore Sebum Sun Stick travel skincare finds


Banadelie (@Banadelie):


The COSRX One Step Moisture Up Kit. It is perfect to use in the plane. It has a cleanser, a toner, and a sheet mask. All that you need for a simple and effective airplane skincare routine.


Beauty_unplugged (@beauty_unplugged):


Ground Plan mist!!!!




Sulwhasoo Overnight Mask! So amazing for a flight!


travel skincare finds




Whenever I’m traveling, whatever the weather is, I never forget my Dr. Dream Rose Mist. I tend to use it more than ever when I’m out of town. For a ski trip or when I travel to very cold places, it’s the best to constantly hydrate my dry skin, or every time my face and I are feeling tired it’s a lifesaver.


__sy_g (@__sy_g):


Definitely enzyme washes!! They cleanse the skin so well, and it’s great after a day of walking, sweating, getting exposed to sun and dust. They give that squeaky clean feeling after a long day! Also, they’re not liquid so it’s easy to bring it for travels. Another one would be face mists. I really like the Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist because it’s so fine, comes in travel size bottles, and it’s great for a perk-my-skin-up!


How do you get all 10 (or however many) steps into your carry-on when you travel? Share your travel skincare finds and tips with the Squad below!


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She may have started her career as a lawyer, but Anna found her true calling long before that, while poring over the beauty editorials and skincare how-to’s in teen magazines. Sure, the ladies at the Estée Lauder counter may have scoffed at her when she asked for an eye cream at the age of 16, but hey, she was just ahead of her time. Today, Anna is a beauty editor, obsessing over skincare ingredients and the Oxford comma. Follow her travels on Instagram at @annanymity.




Samples SAVED my life last week on a last minute overnight flight! But was so wishing I had some Dr. Gloderm cleansing oil capsules stashed because those would have been perfect.


I actually save, wash, and reuse sample bottles from companies like Sulwhasoo and Laneige since they're the perfect size for a short trip. I always pack sheet masks in my carry-on (Jung Saem Mool's are my absolute favorite right now, and I really wish I'd bought more when I was in Seoul), but I'm never brave enough to actually put one on during a plane ride. Enzyme powder washes are also super convenient for use in airplanes and airports, especially since I struggle too much with opening the foil packets that facewash samples come in to be able to rely... Read more


I do the same thing! I totally reuse my deluxe sample bottles. I just have to make sure to keep track of what is what.

Ooo, I wanna try Jung Saem Mool's masks now! JSM is so hard to get, period!

You're so lucky you get to buy straight from the source. I loved beauty shopping in Seoul, and I end up getting so much because Korean money feels like Monopoly money to me. 😂


I got lucky and ended up visiting her Plops store during the anniversary sale. Every single thing I picked up to try ended up being a buy 1 get 1 for 5 USD, so I pretty much brought the entire store back with me!

One thing I really liked appreciated was getting application, use, and product suggestions while I was in Seoul this time instead of just looking at things on my own. It definitely changed the way I use some things, and has made my routines a lot more efficient. If I had the time and vocabulary, I'd love... Read more


Ooo, I was eyeing the Sulwhasoo spa until I saw the prices. They're like American prices or even higher! I once got a Sulwhasoo facial at a department store and even though it was one of those free facials in the backroom, the facialist was amazing. I can't imagine how good it must have felt at the actual spa where you paid for the facial!


I have a mini size Sulwhasoo Overnight Mask that I am hoarding til my trip in October!


I love getting deluxe sample sizes of my fave products. I went to an Aritaum store and they gave me a travel size oil cleanser, which saved me (until I discovered Dr.Gloderm oil capsules). The mini Sulwhasoo Overnight Mask must be soooo cute!


And where are you going in October jacmakeup? I love hearing about people\'s travel plans!


Hawaii! A week on Oahu, a week on Maui, and then a week long cruise around the islands.


omg that sounds amazing! I love that you can take 3 weeks off. Why aren't we like Europe and get a month off???


I’m super fortunate to work for a company offering “unlimited” time off! But I agree, I’d love to be “forced” to take a month off thanks to the government!


Those cleansing oil capsules are a genius idea!

I sometimes buy sample packets of products even if I already have the full-size version, just to avoid having to decant them all for travel. For some reason I'm bad at estimating the right amount to decant -- I end up with too much of some products and not enough of others.

When I travel with sample packets, I bring some mini binder clips. If the packet contains more than I need for a single use, I can fold down the open end and clip it shut.

I have the same issue with decanting! I have a ton of foil samples that I use for when I travel and I love the mini binder clip tip!


I also finally realized, after losing some product out of too many sample packets, that it works better to snip off a corner of the packet with scissors rather than just tearing it open. Although I guess you can't bring scissors if you're flying with only a carry-on... But I don't pack light in general so I've never managed to travel like that, lol!

The Sulwhasoo overnight mask is my go to item when I travel! It never fails to make my skin happy especially after long travel days or when getting acclimated to a new climate. The biggest challenge for me when traveling is figuring out how to transport my oil cleanser (raise your hand if your makeup bag has battle scars from spilled products) so I'm excited to try out the Dr.Gloderm Oil Capsule Cleanser and to check out some of these multitasking masks!


Those oil capsules are so genius. I was actually worried that they might pop in-flight, but they were great! They're actually an oil cleanser I'd use any day — they're that good — but I have to save them for when I travel. They're sooo convenient!!

I've been seeing Jude's Instagram posts about them so they are currently sitting in my cart for when I do my next haul!