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September 7, 2018

Ask the Squad: Which ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Character Are You and Most Importantly, Why?

It’s the biggest rom-com of the year (in fact, of practically the last decade). Crazy Rich Asians is getting crazy rich box office numbers, and for good reason, not the least of which is the crazy rich cast of characters. So we had to know: Which Crazy Rich Asians character do you most relate to and why? Join in on the fun below!


Touted as the first Hollywood studio film starring a majority Asian cast in 25 years, Crazy Rich Asians has proven it’s a force to be reckoned with. With its record-breaking performance over Labor Day weekend, the film has topped the box office for the third weekend in a row. It’s now had the strongest opening of any comedy this year, and CBS is reporting that it’s the most successful studio rom-com in nine years.


The film is topping the charts overseas as well; it opened at $5.4 million in Australia, making Crazy Rich Asians the largest opening for a rom-com in the country ever. And thanks to its success, topping $200 million worldwide, Warner Bros. is moving forward with a sequel with director Jon Chu once again at the helm.


We’re frankly not surprised. The film is funny and touching and wholly relatable. It not only gives us a fascinating look into the world of, well, crazy rich Asians, but perhaps more importantly, highlights the contrast between Asian Americans and their overseas counterparts. Undoubtedly the best part of the film is its wide-ranging cast of characters, from the glamorous but stifled Astrid Leong (played by Gemma Chan) to the hilarious Goh Peik Lin (played by the equally hilarious Awkwafina) to Eleanor Young (played by Michelle Yeoh), whose ice queen facade masks an insecurity and need for acceptance that probably a lot of second generation Asian Americans can relate to. (Oh, and don’t forget those notable appearances by Ken Jeong, Jimmy O. Yang, and Harry Shum, Jr.)



So with that in mind, we had to ask the K-Beauty Squad, as well as our Beautytap community:


Q. Which Crazy Rich Asians character are you and most importantly, why?


Director of marketing Jude:

I’m the mom [Eleanor], because my son is handsome and perfect and no one could be good enough for him.



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Meeting the family like…😰 #CrazyRichAsians

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Contributing writer Megan:

I’d definitely have to pick Awkwafina as Goh Peik Lin. She’s sassy, she’s witty and she makes everyone laugh. I like to think I embody a few of these traits. Most importantly, she is true to herself and I really enjoy that about any character Awkwafina takes on.



Community intern Leo:

I can definitely say that I identified so much with Eleanor, Nick’s mom. I’m obviously not the matriarch of a massively profitable family empire (one can dream), but I definitely understand my own version of the feelings she has towards never being able to fulfill Nick’s grandmother’s expectations of “what it takes” to be a part of the family.


I also vibe with how proud and committed she is to staying connected with her culture, and all of my friends will tell you that I’m the absolute mom friend of the group; no one they’re dating is ever good enough for them for at least the first year, and I am ready to chase anyone off at a moment’s notice to protect the people I care about. I also worship the ground that Michelle Yeoh walks on and I want to be her when I grow up.



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Mother knows best? Don’t miss @michelleyeoh_official as Eleanor Young in #CrazyRichAsians, coming to theaters August 15!

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Contributing writer Tracy:

Oh, to be Astrid because she’s kind, sensitive, effortlessly beautiful, and has a wardrobe budget that would pay all my bills for life. But, alas, I believe I’m Oliver. I don’t have any money (‘cuz I spend it all on skincare). I fly economy (Rich People Problems spoiler) because of the aforementioned lack of money. I befriend people on their own merit, and I’ve broken up a relationship for the good of the family. *Sorry, sis.* Note: I might also be Charlie because, after all, he, too, loves Astrid.


crazy rich asians



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Everyone needs that one friend who tells it like it is 🤨. #CrazyRichAsians

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Editor in chief Anna:

I totally relate to Michelle Yeoh’s character, Eleanor Young, as well. Growing up, I felt so much of what I see in her: She’s misunderstood, trying so hard to fit in, and has a facade of ice but only to protect her vulnerability and insecurity. But I also relate to Constance Wu’s character, Rachel, especially when she goes to Singapore for the first time and discovers this crazy world she never knew existed. I had a similar experience when I visited friends in Singapore as well, and it brought all those flood of memories back for me.


crazy rich asians


Contributing editor Sheryll:

I think if I had to choose, I’d be Astrid. Her highlight was always poppin’, she was kind and genuine to Rachel, and she stood up for herself when she needed to the most. Plus, she’s just SO glamorous — the type of woman I aspire to be.


crazy rich asians



Peik Lin, most definitely. I always strive to help my friends whilst being as extra as possible.



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So tell us, which Crazy Rich Asians character are you and why? (And if you haven’t watched the film yet, here’s an enticing clip at the food in the movie that’ll just push you over the edge.)




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WARNING: Watching #CrazyRichAsians will make you hungry. 😋🥟

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HA I'm honored that y'all threw me in here. Thanks y'all.

Also general consensus, I think we all strive to be as kind and glamorous as Astrid, and we all relate to Eleanor's struggle of acceptance, even if the people we're trying to win over aren't crazy rich. I definitely need to catch up on the books, cause I want to know what happens next! I've fallen in love with all of these characters and just want to root for their happiness. T_T

Edit: Looking at the 'Shop the Article' on the bottom is hilarious since it's all the super expensive... Read more

I was surprised to see that so many members of the squad identified with Eleanor (Nick\'s mom). I completely relate, leolouie, to your comment about being the \"absolute mom friend,\" and annapark\'s comment about Eleanor\'s \"vulnerability\" reminds me that there was a similar dynamic between my mom and her mother-in-law that I didn\'t recognize until I was much older (and didn\'t even think about when considering identifying with Eleanor). Yikes! Thanks, everyone, for giving me a chance to ponder this character with a new perspective!

It's definitely her emotional and psychological state that I relate to. She's trying so hard to be perfect in order to be accepted, yet you can tell there's so much going on inside. I can't wait to read more about Eleanor in book 2.

tracyannteel I love that you picked Oliver. He would\'ve been the star if he wasn\'t overshadowed by Peik Lin. Now I\'m excited to read the sequel if they\'re gonna give him more face (page?) time!

annapark, I adored Peik Lin, too! Now, you have to read \"China Rich Girlfriend\" because Rachel\'s character is front and center for that one. Major shockers in that one for Eleanor, but I won\'t spoil it. :) P.S. Oliver is far more prominent in books two and three (especially the last one, \"Rich People Problems\").