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September 6, 2018

The Top 7 Selfie Apps Koreans Can’t Get Enough Of — & Why They’re So Addicting

When it comes to selcas (Korean for selfies), Koreans just may be the world experts. I mean, have you seen those selcas?? The poses, the angles, the lighting, the stickers! So it makes sense that they’d have the inside scoop on the best selfie apps out there. From A-list K-pop idol go-to’s to every girl-next-door faves, here are the top selfie apps you need to download rn.


Koreans love selfies. Nine times out of 10 when I stumble upon an Instagram account of a Korean national, the feed is riddled with selfies. And why not? Koreans have no qualms about pulling out a little hand mirror (no dinky compact mirror will do) to perfect their face on the subway, posing for a number of selfies (or selcas in Korea, short for “self camera”), and then spending the rest of the commute modifying and embellishing their selfies to their liking.


So it stands to reason that when it comes to selfie apps, Koreans pretty much know the best ones out there. Here, a list of the top selfie apps Koreans are totally hooked on.


top selfie apps
Jennie of BLACKPINK.


1. Kwai


A big hit with Korean celebs, this app goes beyond just a regular ol’ selfie and allows you to record yourself lip syncing lines from Korean shows or pop songs — with bunny ears and whiskers, of course. It’s totally addicting to watch, as you can see with these Korean celebs. (Can you imagine if they had The Godfather here?)




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Park Han-byul:


#유행어플 2탄 #주세요 👶🏻 ㅋㅋ

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(BTW, if you’re curious about that dialogue that Sulli is mouthing, it’s from a Korean reality show called Living Away From Mom about kids who try to adapt to a new living environment without their mothers. Check out the og clip here.)


Download Kwai here.


2. Foodie


Foodie may have been around for eons, but what started out as an app for food porn has now turned into one of the top selfie apps of choice for Korean celebs and laypeople alike. Everyone and their mother in Korea have used this app to post a selfie. Just check out a small sampling:


RM of BTS:




Jeong Eun-ji of A Pink:



Jimin of BTS:




Jin & J-Hope of BTS:



Download Foodie here.


3. B612


This selfie app offers advanced filters for the next level selfie junkie. Add a soundtrack to your videos, download scenery, add bunny ears. Perhaps what Koreans love the most is the ability to modulate the V-line of your face (even if there are six of you in the photo, like the one below!) and instantly give you a poreless, soft-focus complexion.


top selfie apps
Beautytap’s L.A. team with our Korean interns!


Download B612 here.


4. Kirakira+


Taking advantage of the all-glitter, all-the-time mood that’s been going on for years now, Kirakira+ is an app that will add sparkling effects to anywhere light is hitting. Kirakira, which means “glittering” in Japanese, natch, is sure to be big come holiday season. And it’s not just Asians who’ve discovered this mesmerizing app; just check out the high fashion and Hollywood stars joining in on the fun.


Irene Kim:


This Chanel jacket tho 😍🎇✨💯#아이린찜 #ireneischanel

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Makeup artist Pat McGrath:


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Actress Emily Ratajkowski via celeb makeup artist Patrick Ta’s Instagram:


✨ @emrata

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Download Kirakira+ here.


5. Meitu


Make your anime cosplay dreams come true with this super cool app that basically takes your photo and turns it into an anime-like illustration. With a bunch of different illustration options, from cutesy to hand-drawn-by-an-aspiring-artist-slash-idol, this app will make you want to pen your own graphic novel stat.


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You can see the different cartoon effects in this post:


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Download Meitu here.


6. Gudak


Taken from the word gudakdari, which means the outdated in Korean, this contender for top selfie apps takes your throwback experience to the next level. Gudak not only gives you old-school-looking filters (think fuzzy ’80s prints), it actually takes three days for you to get your filtered photos, giving you a true pre-Internet experience. (Now all they need is the surly worker behind the counter to truly bring what it was like in the old days.)




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Jennie of BLACKPINK:



Download Gudak here.


7. Snow


OK, so this app has been around for years now as well (we first wrote about it here), with over 200 million downloads to date, but it’s still going strong among Korean celebs. From some of the best complexion-smoothing filters in the field to what may be the widest array of stickers (apparently thousands of new filters are updated daily), Snow shows no sign of melting away. (The hashtag #스노우 has over 1.2 million posts.) Just check out how good the face mask filters look:




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Download Snow here.


Craving more? Check out this Twitter account solely dedicated to Korean celebs and their selfie app posts.


Have you tried any of these selfie apps? What are your top selfie apps and why? Let’s chat in the comments.


— with reporting by Minji Kim and Davis Taewon Ha



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