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23 Years Old May Be the Time Machine Your Skin Needs, Whatever Your Age
Coco Park
Coco Park

Oct 15, 2018

Whatever you think of your early 20s, good or bad, there’s no denying that 23-year-old skin is covetable. And Korean beauty brand 23 Years Old wants to get you to plump, glowing, naturally bouncy skin. And know what? They’re pretty damn good at it.


23 Years Old is one of those brands I wasn't too sure about until I tried their products. As someone who's well past 23, I figured a youth worshipping name meant it probably wasn't for me. I couldn't have been more wrong!


The brand does believe that we are at our most youthful and attractive when we are in our 20s, which, ehhh, debatable! (Except for the most youthful part, I guess.) But it can't be denied that our 20s is when our skin is at its chok-chok peak. That kind of effortless plumpness and glow that you take for granted slowly slips away as you creep into your 30s, 40s, and beyond. So guided by that philosophy, the brand offers an extensive product range designed to keep skin revitalized. The 23 Years Old brand was started to dream up products that could be easily applied at home but performed more like a specialty spa product, resulting in healthy skin.


23 Years Old


Seriously y'all, if you're looking for a spa treatment level skin rescue at home, look no further than 23 Years Old. 23 Years Old is the brand of mask you want to turn to if you're looking for hardcore hydration that's going to last the entire day through. In all honesty, when I use these masks I can feel the effects well into the next day! It's like the hydration went several layers in and set up camp! I can start my morning routine, do a mask, go all day into the night when I wash my face, and still feel more hydrated than usual when I start my night routine. It's like my baseline hydration levels are completely maxed out — it's phenomenal.


23 Years Old sheet masks were my first foray into their products. I picked them up on a whim at my local K-beauty store, and it was like a record scratch the minute I opened the package. Holy essence! No matter which type I tried, the masks were absolutely loaded with product. These are like the everlasting gobstopper of sheet masks; they just never seem to run out of juice. I have fallen asleep wearing one and woken up two hours later with a still-wet mask! It gives masking marathon a whole new literal meaning.


A huge bonus to this if you're budget conscious: You can actually share this mask. It is so thick and juicy, you can wear it for 20 minutes and then pass it to your partner to use (on the other side that didn't touch your face!), and they'll still get the full effect of this mask! It's really incredible! I know that sounds over the top, but the quality of these masks are just that good!



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In addition to the exceptional bounty of essence, the special tension sheet that makes up each mask is outstanding and worthy of praise on its own. The super soft, thick, cottony mask is like a security blanket for your face. The weight of it alone is already comforting, and then you have the softness, which is soothing. It's a great combo, and I'm so appreciative of the care that must have gone into designing it this way.


What's even more remarkable is despite its incredible thickness, it has the unique ability to stretch and bounce. Each mask contains 90 grams of microfiber that stretch any which way you pull it, making it have a much more customized fit and better adhesion for your face. If your face is big, small, or weird like mine, these masks are more likely to fit it than your standard sheet masks. The fiber within the mask is like a mesh that lends its stretch for a good fit and captures more serum for long-lasting distribution, which explains the insane wear time you can achieve with them.


23 Years Old


I love every single sheet mask I've ever tried from this brand. I especially love the Rose Gold and Cocoon Willow Silky Mask. Oh, and one more thing I have to applaud this mask line for: There are no mouth holes in the mask. This may sound bizarre, but I love being able to lay one of these babies on and not have to talk to anyone because "sorry, Mommy's masking!" Oh, and not to mention I'm giddy over the idea of my lips getting the same great treatment the rest of my face is getting! “Don't forget the lips” is my newest masking motto!


23 Years Old


The other product that really wowed me from this line are the modeling masks. Truth be told, I was not a fan of modeling masks pre-23 Years Old. I had tried the popular ones that made the rounds in the K-beauty world some years ago and was less than impressed. They seemed like a lot of work for not much result. I most likely would not have even tried these particular modeling masks if they had not been from this brand, but I am so glad I did. If you're someone who's tried modeling masks and weren't a fan, I urge you to give these a chance! Why? Because they're amazing. Period.


The two-step mask comes with everything all pre-measured, absolutely no water needed, so it's impossible to flub. There's a "crystal gel complex" in one package and the powder in the other. In my favorite iteration of the mask, the Aqua Bab version, it contains the Aqua Bab Complex-4 consisting of hibiscus flower, lanolin oil, Morus alba bark extract, and red ginseng. All you have to do is squirt the gel into the cup-like lid, add the powder, and stir with the provided wood stick. It's foolproof, which is important for a fool like me who could manage to mess up just about anything.



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Another thing that makes it different from other modeling masks is there is no leftover residue and no ripped-out hair! Unlike some masks, this mask doesn't dry down hard and crusty. It forms into a solidified jelly that can easily be peeled off. All that's left behind is essence-infused skin glistening with hydration and plump as a fat baby. It is truly impressive. And like the 23 Years Old sheet masks, the modeling mask effect lasts the entire day through. I was so thrilled the first time I tried it, I had to jump onto the Group Chat and rave! These masks would be ideal for preparation surrounding a special event, especially if you modeling masked the day before and sheet masked the day of!


If you're looking to recapture the essence of the great skin you had in your youth, or simply hang onto it, give 23 Years Old a try!


Have you tried modeling masks in the past and were like, meh?




Coco Park
Coco Park

Coco Park is an author, beauty journalist, blogger, podcast host, and all around oddball living in Montreal Quebec with her family. Originally from the southern USA, she worked for several years in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and holds a certificate in esthetics. She is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Want to know more? Check her out on the Beauty Beyond Basics podcast, on her blog TheBeautyWolf.com, on Instagram @thebeautywolf, and in her book "Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup."



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