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October 21, 2018

From Latte Cups to Manga Masks, Haruharu Is Not Just Your Everyday Skincare

Moisturizers in latte cups? Manga on sheet masks? Haruharu takes your everyday routine to another level with great ingredients and a whole “latte” fun.


Haruharu (“every day” in Korean) is a brand that promotes honest beauty with a priority on basic skincare for everyday use. With natural and fermented formulas, Haruharu’s goal is to rewind the negative impacts of skin damage using nature’s most effective and powerful ingredients.


The brand has two main skincare lines: the Wonder line and the Maqui Berry line. The differences between the lines vary quite a bit, so I’ll do my best to explain them both.




Wonder line


Just looking at the packaging for this line’s creams makes my cute-loving heart squeal. THEY’RE LITERALLY LITTLE LATTE CUPS! How precious is that?! I felt a serious Etude House Bubble Tea moment from this line and was living for it — when it comes to café-inspired packaging (or anything cute, for that matter), I say the more, the merrier.


What’s more impressive, though, is their ingredient lineup; more specifically, their Honey Green formulation, which is a blend of fermented green tea and honey. Delicious sounding? Yes. Skin-loving? Even more so. Haruharu took special green tea from South Korea’s famed Boseong region and fermented it with locally grown honey. Potent antioxidant benefits paired with the antibacterial, moisturizing goodness of honey — and fermented??? Name a more iconic duo — I’ll wait.



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The Wonder Honey Green Creams come in four “flavors”: Maqui Berry Anti-Oxidant (anti-aging), Repairative (repairing and revitalizing), Aqua Bomb (hydrating and moisturizing), and Brilliant (brightening). I’d recommend these formulas for those with oilier skin, as they have a more gel-like texture and dry down really quickly. I can also see these working really well if you’re in a hurry to get ready, as you wouldn’t have to wait for your moisturizer to dry down before putting on the rest of your makeup.



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For my on-the-go squad, don’t worry about the bulkiness of the latte packaging. Each cream comes with a corresponding sheet mask, so you can experience the Wonder benefits without bulking up your toiletries bag.


Maqui Berry Line


This is Haruharu’s sheet mask-exclusive line featuring yet another nature-derived star ingredient, the maqui berry.


I’ll keep it real and say I had no damn clue what a maqui berry was when I started testing this line out. As it turns out, I’ve been sleeping on some seriously resilient, antioxidant-rich goodness. The maqui berry can withstand extremely dry and hot climates with little to no precipitation, meaning they have water-holding properties like you wouldn’t BELIEVE. On top of that, these impressive little guys have an antioxidant level 400 times HIGHER than any other berry. Blueberries? Never heard of them. Açaí? I don’t know her!




Oh, and did I mention that this line features a manga-inspired, kick-ass skincare heroine? Yes, you read that right: Haru is a superhero who aims to destroy any and all skincare woes. Each mask utilizes one of Haru’s superpowers to defeat the monsters that are blocking your skin’s potential — all while wearing her own sheet mask.


Am I confused? A little. Am I excited to give y’all the scoop on Haru’s range of skin-saving superpowers? OMG absolutely.


Prologue Maqui Berry Soothing Mask: Sun damage? Overheated skin? Haru cools your skin with her Cool Down Drop Kick. Additional ingredients include adenosine, niacinamide, and paprika extract.




Prologue Maqui Berry Brightening Mask: Turn up the brightness with Haru’s Radiant Press to give your skin the glow you desire. Additional ingredients include adenosine, niacinamide, and Schizandra chinensis fruit extract.



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Prologue Maqui Berry Lifting Mask: Your new anti-aging BFF, Haru places her Tightening Headlock to reduce wrinkles and brighten skin. Additional ingredients include adenosine, niacinamide, and Bletilla striata root extract.




Prologue Maqui Berry Moisture Mask: Best for those with dry, itchy skin, Haru packs on the moisture with her Hydrating High-Kick. Additional ingredients include adenosine, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid.




My personal favorite in this line is the Moisture Mask. Haru’s Hydrating High Kick did the damn thing in healing my dry patches and gave me a gorgeous glow throughout the day without looking oily. It also sat really well under makeup and didn’t slip n’ slide everywhere, even when using “hydrating” foundations.


Have you ever tried Haruharu? Which product would you be most interested in testing? Let’s chat!



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I have been using Haruharu products since February. Actually my favorite is the Soft Peeling Gel!! This is the best exfoliator I have ever used. Being an Esty for 18 years, I have tried almost every exfoliator out there. I have never come across one like this gem. I love the fact that you leave it on for 5 min before rinsing. I feel like it’s a mini peel as it leaves your skin sooo smooth, soft and bright!! The perfect product, being fermented, and natural ingredients. The whole line is amazing!! My definite go to!!


I'm starting to fall in love with this product line. I already use the Soft Peeling Gel which left my skin looking renewed and fresh. Next on the list to try is the Hyaluronic Toner.


This is the type of skincare I live for! Can't wait to try!


I am so beyond excited to try this brand! They are chock full of wonderful ingredients that show to be a godsend for damage reversal. I am on my way of buying this collection for myself as well!


Great review and I can't wait to try this product!


Recently, I've seen many good reviews on this cream from many beauty bloggers. So I got this Wonder cream for myself. Cream's ingredients are very satisfying (claiming free paraben, cruelty free, free chemicals!) . Since the texture is very light, not so oily or dense like other night creams, so I can use it for day and night all time. even layering with other serum or facial oil or mixing with foundation. After using it, my skin look plump and fresh. and coffee cup design... how cute is that. I really enjoy everything about Wonder cream! sure beautytap has a... Read more


A few months ago I got an amazing mask pack from my lovely friend. That was how I met this brand first time. While I used that I was pretty satisfied with everything such as the amounts of essence and texture of sheet, etc. I’ve known they have a good mask pack products but didn’t know they have a cream!
So I decide I got it for myself this time! Basically I use this cream alternatively. It is either during the day or during my night skincare routine.
I’ve used it for days now and what I can tell you is that... Read more


Honey Green??? *my longest YEAH BOI ever* My oily self loves those!! Also gel creams are my favorite. This sounds GR8.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with Big Bang's 'Haru Haru' stuck in my head now.