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October 19, 2018

Stop Wasting Coin; Get Your Klairs Fix Faster, Better & For Less — Here’s How

Yeah, we love wasting money — said no one ever. So why do we throw away our hard-earned dolla dolla bills when we can score skincare for less? I mean, you may not realize it, but those Amazon Prime fees add up — and exactly who’s shipping you those products anyway? Here, five reasons (and $10) why you need to get your Klairs fix from BeautytapASAP stat.


When the Beautytap team began putting together the launch inventory for our BeautytapASAP U.S. 3-5 day shipping service, we hit a crisis of identity. With access to thousands of skus via our Seoul-based sourcing team, which ones should we send to our U.S. warehouses? The truly unique new curations our Korea team discovers every day, or the tried-and-true bestsellers that routinely hold the top spots on Amazon’s beauty product rankings?


Due to the investment needed to stock products in our stateside fulfillment centers, it’s a business decision as much as a branding decision. Ultimately, we decided to go with a mix of both. We also decided to go head-to-head with Amazon itself on those top-selling staples because, frankly, we think we can do it better.


Case in point: Klairs.


You all know Klairs, the sensitive skin-friendly Korean skincare line now loved all over the world for its minimal, gentle formulations and focus on calming. Klairs’s alcohol-, paraben-, colorant-, and artificial fragrance-free products have soothed countless complexions and propelled the brand to the top of many “best of” lists. Riding that wave of popularity, Klairs is now readily available online, including on Amazon Prime. The brand’s beloved Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop antioxidant serum and Supple Preparation Facial Toner are hardly scarce commodities.


klairs fix


So if you can get your Klairs fix on Amazon Prime, you might be wondering, why should you switch to BeautytapASAP instead?


Let’s look at some reasons.


1. No membership fee tomfoolery


Amazon Prime can seem like a godsend. Free 2-day shipping? Too bad it’s more like “free” “2-day shipping.” According to this recent Reddit post, “If the only reason you pay for Amazon Prime is because of 2-day shipping, there is a good chance it’s a smarter financial move for you to cancel it than continue.” The astute Redditor points out that shipping isn’t as fast as it sounds, since those “2 days” don’t take processing time into account.


In addition, you’re still paying for the shipping. You just pre-pay for it in bulk when you pay for your membership, and if you want good value out of that pre-pay, you’d better make plenty of purchases afterwards.


There’s no membership fee to use BeautytapASAP, on the other hand. Have a U.S. address? Want a product delivered to you within 3-5 business days? Don’t want to pay shipping? We’ve got you covered. Your shipping is equally free whether you make one purchase a year or a dozen (or more). Remember that the next time you need to restock your Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser.


klairs fix


2. No free shipping minimums


Another thing you might notice about Amazon Prime is that your faster shipping options aren’t as simple as they appear. In order to get your “free” “2-day” delivery, you’re generally asked to spend a minimum amount. When you’re looking at Klairs, a very affordable basic skincare line, you’ll often find that that minimum amount is much higher than what you were planning to spend, since all you wanted was a backup toner. Don’t want to spend $35 when you just needed a single product but still want the faster shipping? You’ll pay more. On top of your Amazon Prime membership.


Just as there is no membership fee to order from BeautytapASAP, there are no free shipping minimums. Order one product or order 10. It’s up to you, and the shipping is still on us. Keep that in mind the next time you’re eyeing up a tub of Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask over on Amazon.


klairs fix


3. Comparable and sometimes even better pricing


So we’ve covered the often-forgotten cost of a Prime membership as well as those sneaky shipping minimums and extra fees. What about the cost of the actual products? If we’re charging significantly more for products like our Klairs selection, then the BeautytapASAP shipping savings could end up being a wash.


Luckily for you, that’s not the case. Our prices on Klairs products are consistent with Amazon Prime pricing, so you’re not paying more for the products themselves in order to cover your shipping. As a final bonus, you’ll also find several Klairs items on our site that we don’t currently see on Prime! Remember that if you were thinking about getting the original Supple Preparation Facial Toner, Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream, Mid-Day Blue Sun Lotion, or Supple Preparation All Over Lotion.


new to k-beauty klairs fix


4. No fakes!


Time to address an elephant in the room. It often seems like you can find everything on Amazon. And that may be true, but are the products you’re ordering genuine? Counterfeit products are everywhere, according to this Allure article, this impassioned Reddit post, and Beautytap’s own contributing editor Sheryll Donerson in our article on spotting fake K-beauty products.


The problem lies in Amazon’s marketplace structure. While Amazon does sell some products directly and some brands do operate their own Amazon storefronts, far more products on the site are uploaded by third party vendors. Third party vendors whose sourcing and integrity can only be guessed at. Counterfeits are a major danger: You have no real idea what’s in them, under what conditions they were manufactured or stored, or if they’re safe to go on your face or anywhere near your person.


You never have to worry about fakes with Beautytap. We work directly with brands and with authorized distributors, so we know that we’re carrying real-deal, authentic products. Just another reason to grab your Klairs (and other K-beauty faves) from us.


south coast plaza klairs fix
David Kim


5. Extra rewards with every purchase


Think fast. When was the last time you accrued any rewards from K-beauty shopping on Amazon? We’re going to guess the answer is “never.” When you shop from Amazon, you make a purchase, you get your purchase, and everyone moves on to the next purchase.


Do your K-beauty shopping on Beautytap, on the other hand, and your rewards will come rolling in. With our Beautytap Social Rewards loyalty program, every purchase you make earns you loyalty points, which are then multiplied based on your Beautytap social level! Loyalty points start at 1 point per dollar spent, which increases as you comment on articles, review products, and post on your Beauty Wall. So that Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil you just bought for $23 with multi-masker status? It earned you not 23 but 34.5 points! And those loyalty points can be redeemed for real dollars off of your future purchases. Mark that down as yet another benefit you won’t get from Amazon.


klairs fix


Bonus: $10 off your next Klairs order!


Just to give you one final push to grab your next Klairs restock from us instead of Amazon, we’ve got a special offer for you. From now through Sunday, October 21, buy two Klairs items from our BeautytapASAP section, and you’ll get $10 off your entire order!


There’s no need to enter a coupon code, either. Your discount will be automatically applied to checkout. So not only will you save on membership and shipping costs, you’ll also save an extra $10, just for giving us a shot.


Where do you normally get your Klairs fix? And if you’ve already tried BeautytapASAP, we’d love to know how the experience went for you. Sound off on the comments below!





still no love for your other north american neighbours?

The fakes on Amazon are such a big problem: fake sellers make a container that look similar, tack on a lower price to it, and they rise to be the primary supplier because of those lower prices.
We're the ones who suffer for it, especially since we're putting these things on OUR SKIN :(
I've been duped too many times.