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NOW READING BTS Just Released Two Full Makeup & Skincare Lines with VT — & My Wallet Is Crying
October 17, 2018

BTS Just Released Two Full Makeup & Skincare Lines with VT — & My Wallet Is Crying

Many celeb-beauty collabs in the K-beauty world often feel like they just slapped on a different package on the same ol’ products. But the latest VT x BTS and VT x BT21 releases go beyond a few token special editions — they’re a full collection of makeup and skincare that’s going to make you want to go into debt. Let’s discuss.


If you’ve been in the Beautytap community long enough, you should know a few things about me:


1. I love makeup. Like, LOVE love makeup,

2. I love cute anything and everything, and

3. I love BTS.


Sure, BTS and Korean beauty brand VT Cosmetics have had their fair share of collaborations, but I’d never really considered any of them to be particularly special. I mean, a black/white compact? Meh. I’d rather just stare at RM photos for free, you know?


But OMG.


O. M. G.


vt x bts


My wallet’s in for a world of hurt, ’cause VT just released not one but two beauty collabs with BTS: a full skincare and makeup collection called VT x BTS — divided into three sub-collections that focus on skincare, base makeup, and color cosmetics — as well as what I’m most excited about, the VT x BT21 release that just blew my mind with NEW LEVELS of adorbs.



VT x BT21 ain’t your momma’s traditional boy group + makeup line collab with a few repackaged lip tints and hand creams (no shade, y’all). This is a *full blown* line of cushion compacts, foundations, CC creams, color correctors, liquid luminizers, eyeshadows, and lipsticks — the whole shebang.


VT x BT21


Instead of using the members’ faces, the line’s packaging is plastered with BTS’s precious cartoon alter egos, hand drawn by the boys themselves.


RJ (Jin’s precious li’l lamb):



Koya (RM’s soft, tenderhearted koala):



Chimmy (Jimin’s tiny puppy):



Shooky (Suga’s character, which he simply describes as “cuteness”):

vt x bts


Tata (V’s V-shaped heart with polka dot pajamas):



Cooky (Jungkook’s doppelgänger-esque pink bunny):



Mang (J-Hope’s horse):

vt x bts


The packaging is absoLUTELY on point, and from the looks of it, so are the formulas inside.


vt x bts


The eyeshadow palettes are to die for. Yes, I own all of these colors individually already. No, I don’t care and I will still buy them. Do you SEE this packaging?! DO YOU SEE IT? Even if it does give me Etude House Universe Multi Palette vibes, I’m still here for it. Judge me, that’s fine!


vt x bts vt x bts


If I’m being honest, though, I’m majorly annoyed at the fact that there’s, uh, like HALF a shade within the foundation range (ivory, light beige, natural beige, sand for the Tinted Foundation and 21, 23 for the cushions) — did we forget BTS is basically the definition of an international boy band orrrr?



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If it’s any consolation, the real skin magic will most likely be found in the Tinted Shimmering Luminizer, which is bound to give every skin tone a radiant, dewy glow. I can already envision how good it’s gonna look mixed in foundations *swoons for days*.


vt x bts


The lip lacquers — which come in both “glow” and “creamy” options — look absolutely divine and oh-so pigmented. I’m 100% eyeing Nude Brick, an orange-y beige MLBB shade. If I’m keeping it 100, they all look so gorgeous and comfortable that I may just dip into my savings account and call it a day.



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The VT x BT21 line ranges from 9,000 won (about $8) for the Rich Whip Cleanser to 28,000 won (about $25) for the Real Wear Cover Cushions. The VT x BTS line ranges from 7,000 won (about $6) for the Born Natural Healing Hand Cream to 32,000 won (about $28.50) for the Super Tempting Eye Palette.


For a more sophisticated take on BTS beauty, check out VT x BTS, with its full line of skincare (called Born Natural), base makeup (Glorious Gloria), and color makeup (Super Tempting), which you can check out here. Note: There are more foundation shades in this line, including the promising Honey (25-28) and Almond (30-35) shades.



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Unfortunately, these collabs have yet to reach the States, but I’m keeping my eyes peeled (and fingers crossed) for when it does. If anyone manages to find it, though, let a girl know!


Sound off below with your bias (and must-have VT x BT21 or VT x BTS product) if you’re in the ARMY! Regardless, are you the type that gets super excited for beauty collabs or special editions just for the limited edition packaging or shades?


And in the meantime, here’s more eye candy to tempt you:




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I did try the white cushion which had their berry collagen formula – in theory it sounded neat and I think the elasticity of my skin improved. However, it was a nightmare to blend and I'm pretty fair-skinned. I was glad to be done with it when I reached the bottom of the compact.

I'd maybe try the BT21 foundation since the third shade looks like a closer match but we'll see. I think another site was doing special requests for the products and they allowed people to request and purchase.


I'm afraid to try anything in pact form — it generally tends to just sit on top of my pores and make everything look magnified.

But I was pleasantly surprised with the BT21 Cooky water cushion in 23. The color wasn't too bad (I'm between a 23 and 25) and it really is nice and cooling and hydrating. There's even a bit more coverage than, say, the Hera UV mist moisture cushion. I'm curious about the satin cushion (Tata) now!


I'm glad to hear the Cooky water cushion worked out for you. I did buy the Cooky Tinted Foundation and it's very light. A little goes a long way.

Not overly fond of the scent, but it goes away eventually.


LOL the lip liner had a scent, too — fruity — which kinda surprised me. But it fades.

What did the foundation smell like?


To me it reminded me of some kind of flower and a bit of petroleum jelly.


lol that doesn't sound great 😆Thank goodness the cushion doesn't have much of a scent!


It's a really good thing for my wallet that the BT21 collab isn't available in the states yet since I would go on a super shopping spree if it were WELP.

The VT x BTS stuff looks quite sophisticated, and those lip products look pretty bomb. Though honestly I'm not as tempted to buy those.

My bias is J-Hope! Seeing the boys live in Fort Worth helped confirm. :P What about you?


I have to agree — the BT21 collab looks sooo tempting, and I'm not even a cutesy packaging type of person usually. But it looks like they actually put a lot of thought into the products, so I'm eager to try out the cushions. (I AM the chief cushion hoarder, after all.)

And YES to the Nude Brick shade! Finally a K-beauty lip shade I can wear!

I'm a BTS newbie, so I'm still figuring out my bias. Just based on visuals, it was Jin, but then I love V's voice and Jimin just has the cutest smile ever. And RM is... Read more


It's the cushion blushes that are calling out to me. Those colors are so pretty! (And honestly if I can just buy a pack of the character cushion puffs to use with my other products, I will. They're too cute).

Yeah honestly all of them are so wonderful, you can't help but to just love the whole group.

The concert was absolutely amazing. It was the best concert experience I'd had in a long time. The whole show was so well put together, and the technical aspects had my jaw dropping to the floor. The arena itself was pretty big... Read more


New products are always dangerous for our wallets, especially those with cute packaging! 😂

Best from @beautytapoffical

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