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NOW READING These Top 10 K-Pop Looks From the Asia Artist Awards Have Me Swooning
December 27, 2018

These Top 10 K-Pop Looks From the Asia Artist Awards Have Me Swooning

Yes, we’re all holding our breaths for those next-level performances by our fave K-pop idols (hello, BTS!). But what shows up on the red carpet of Korean music award ceremonies can be just as exciting. Case in point: all the amazing K-pop looks from the Asia Artist Awards. We pick our top 10.


It’s Korean music awards season, starting last November with the MGAs and continuing through January with the Golden Disc and Seoul Music Awards. For many, that means endless appearances by their fave idols, iconic performances, and emotional thank you speeches. For others, it means loads of fashion inspiration.


k-pop looks
Minho of SHINee at the Asia Music Awards.


IMO, the Asia Artist Awards has had the best red carpet fashion of 2018. While prior entertainment eras have stressed the importance of loudness and standing out (remember that moment in K-pop where everyone wore gold lamé leggings? My goodness!), the AAAs showed that celebs are going back to classics — but never looking basic.


Here, my top 10 top K-pop looks from the Asia Artist Awards.


1. IU


k-pop looks
IU at the Asia Artist Awards.


Um. Wow? This is a DRESS? I really don’t find myself living for a gown when observing a music awards red carpet — let alone such a conservative one — but I LOVED this. The fabric, beading, silhouette all scream “elegance.” Angels are shook!


2. Jung Hae In


k-pop looks
Jung Hae in at the Asia Artist Awards.


I’ll keep it real and admit I had no idea who this was. All I knew was that he was serving a look.


Now I know he’s a 30-year-old actor with a pretty impressive resume who also serves looks. This VELVET! Velvet blazers aren’t disruptive by any means, but the color sold me.


3. iKON


k-pop looks
iKON at the Asia Artist Awards.


iKON genuinely came through with the iKONIC suits, proving they’re not “Just Another Boy.” Could they look any more “Beautiful”? It’s “Killing Me”!


OK, I’ll stop. All I’m saying is that it’s rare that I like an entire group’s outfit choices, and I’m obsessed with all seven.


4. Sunmi


k-pop looks
Sunmi at the Asia Artist Awards.


The neckline was controversial, and for what?


First of all, she literally looks like a painting. It looks like what I imagine Salvador Dali would do with a neckline. The makeup and hair are on point and the dress has pockets. I rest my case!


5. Chungha


k-pop looks
Chungha at the Asia Artist Awards.


Oh, how I love a pajama-style suit. The pearl detailing is incredible, and I’m very into how it kind of reminds me of a mariachi suit. It’s a look!


6. Kim Da Mi


k-pop looks
Kim Da Mi at the Asia Artist Awards.


Maybe it’s my childhood figure skating career coming back to haunt me, but I can’t get enough of the velvet-with-glitter-stuff-on-it trend. GIVE ME ALL OF IT.


On top of that, her makeup is stunning, gorgeous, FLAWLESS! This is what I want my makeup to look like every day. Please @ her MUA in the comments below.


7. gugudan


k-pop looks
gugudan at Asia Artist Awards.


I am getting VERY aggressive vintage Versace vibes from this, just mixed with K-pop classics (yes, skater skirt!). TBH, all this does is make me want a pair of leather pants and sock boots — two fashion desires I never knew I had.


8. Minho of SHINee


k-pop looks
Minho of SHINee at the Asia Artist Awards.


Let’s be honest: Minho could wear a grocery bag with cut-out arm holes and still look good AF.


Regardless of that fact, this suit is fire. The trick-eye button detailing is just beyond cool, and the high neck looks super sharp. I’m just as obsessed as I am confused with the crisscrossed lapels — how do those work? And why does it look so CLEAN?


9. (G)I-DLE


k-pop looks
(G)I-DLE at the Asia Artist Awards.


I can’t put my finger on what I like about each outfit individually, but I would buy all of them. Actually, the very moment I see a stark-white blazer dress is the moment my capsule wardrobe is complete.


They also may be serving the teeeeeniest bit of Christmas recital realness, but that only makes me stan more. Who doesn’t need a bit of holiday party inspo?


10. Lee Da Hee


k-pop looks
Lee Da Hee at the Asia Artist Awards.


I just want to start off by saying I will always turn up for a ruffled shoulder. With that said, I just think this look is so classic and polished, I can’t get enough of it. The coral-red lip makes the look a bit more current while staying timeless. Queens only!


What are some of your top K-pop looks from this music awards season? Who have you had your eye? Let us know!



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listen, choi minho could wear rags and a paper bag and be the most beautiful

He's got that perfect nonchalant air that is SWOOOOOOOON 😍

He is truly 1 of 1

OK, Minho ... that fashion model walk??? SWOOOOONNNN. I don't know what it was like in the past, but I for one am thrilled to see Oscar-worthy outfits on K-pop stars.