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December 3, 2018

12 Beautykit Wrapping Hacks to Make the Holidays a Tiny Bit Easier

There’s enough to think about during the holidays, so let us help you tackle that massive gift list you’ve got going. From babysitters to BFFs, cousins to colleagues, we’ve curated holiday gift kits sure to please everyone on your list — and maybe even something for yourself. The best part? Our gift wrapping hacks that’ll make everyone wonder how you do it all. You’re welcome.


The holidays are hard enough without adding the stress of picking the perfect gift for the people on your list. Add in the terror of needing to return the holiday cheer and give a gift to someone you hadn’t initially remembered when you were out braving the flu-germ ridden hoards of shoppers, and it’s enough to make you want to hibernate till spring.


But fear not! We’ve put together 12 perfect holiday gift kits — what we’re calling “Beautykits” — each with FREE 3-day shipping and each saving you between 15% to 35% off the individual prices, expertly curated for whatever situation may come your way. No more stressing and scrambling, we’ve got you covered! You’re not just going to survive the holidays, you’re going to come out looking like you’ve been ready for this all year!


And to make things even easier, we’ve come up with clever ways for you to package and wrap your gifts of self-care — because we think the ultimate in self-care is not stressing so hard about what to give this holiday season!


#1 Good Things Come In Small Packages Beautykit, $25 ($31 value)

We’re going to start off easy: stocking stuffers! Whether it be a work holiday party, a casual gift exchange with friends, or just needing to slip something to your weird brother’s new girlfriend he neglected to tell you he was dragging along to Christmas dinner, you’ll be so glad you have these little treasures on hand. They are excellent gap-fillers as well as adult stocking stuffers, or package them all together inside a cute little wool mini stocking like this one for a last minute, great-for-anyone gift!


holiday gift kits


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

No one is immune to the occasional zit, so why not make it an oddly fascinating experience? If you’re somehow not familiar with these cult favs, each little patch goes on top of clean, dry skin on an active or extracted pimple. Overnight, this magical clear sticker will suck the moisture and pus out of the breakout and leave it flat and healed! It’s a real Christmas miracle!


Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

Nobody is impressed with waxy Reagan-era chapstick, but they’ll be blown away by how far we’ve come when it comes to lip care. These lip balms are more like lip treatments, delivering real-deal moisture and hydration with both shea and murumuru butters. These don’t leave a thick film or sticky residue so they work well under lipstick (and they smell oh-so heavenly).


SanDaWha Camellia Flower Mist

This facial mist is a personal favorite of mine. The main ingredient is my best friend Camellia japonica flower extract, and when I say “main” I mean it’s made up of 92.52% camellia extract. Rounding out the rest of this antioxidant-rich refresher is my fav natural brightener, licorice root extract, antioxidant heavy hitter green tea extract, and pea protein extract, which is full of vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin C.


Get the Good Things Come In Small Packages Beautykit here. 


#2 Thank You, It’s Because of You I Get Any Me Time Beautykit, $35 ($48 value)

Here’s a gift kit for those angels in our lives who we couldn’t do without: the babysitter who restores your sanity, the teacher imparting wisdom, the housekeeper who keeps you from living in a Hoarders episode, or anyone always there to lend a hand in times of need. Tell them thank you with this self-care pampering kit.


holiday gift kits


23 Years Old Rose Gold 24 Mask

This sheet mask is more than your average sheet mask. Its thick sheet is like a quilt full of mega-hydrating essence that will leave behind an unmistakable glow. I love the fact that the lips are let in on the party thanks to the lack of mouth hole. In the harsh winter months, your lips need extra soothing, and this mask doesn’t forget that. This 4-pack spa trip in a box will be loved by all who try it!


Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

Again, this lip balm is more like a treatment, and it’s the perfect follow-up to a 23 Years Old Rose Gold 24 masking session!


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Let’s take that lip care one step further with this overnight hydrating mask made specifically for dry, cracked, chapped lips that winter so famously brings about. This treatment is made with Laneige’s trademarked Berry Mix Complex containing antioxidant rich goji berry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, and blueberry, while their Moisture Wrap technology envelops the lips in a hydrating, protective overnight coating. They’ll wake up with pillowy soft lips every time!

holiday gift kits

I like putting gifts in cute packaging, but for these angels, let’s keep it cute and add in some much appreciated practicality! Present them with this Ikea desk organizer with the gifts tucked into the bottom pocket. Add a bow, and you’re all done!


Get the Thank You, It’s Because of You I Get Any Me Time Beautykit here.


#3 Let’s Break Up With My Breakout Beautykit, $37 ($48 value)

This is for the troubled skin teens in your life, or really any close friend who laments their stubborn breakouts. This may seem like a rude gift on its surface — “Hay crater face fix yerself!” — but it’s actually a “Hey, I see you struggling and I’m here to help!” gift. This gift set is not only affordable, it’s extremely helpful for those at their wit’s end with their breakouts.


holiday gift kits


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Again this miracle patch will drastically improve breakout healing time and offer some much needed instant relief to any active eruptions.


COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule

What’s propolis got to do with acne? It’s only nature’s all-around VIP when it comes to antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties! Soothe, heal, and prevent more breakouts with this 80% concentrate propolis ampoule. It has a light texture that makes it great for any skin type. Remember, acne isn’t just for oily skin — dry skin with a compromised moisture barrier can be a hotbed of breakouts, too. This ampoule works great no matter what the root cause.


COSRX Aloe Vera Oil Free Moisture Cream

Whether you’re oily or dry, you need to build up your moisture barrier to keep potential irritants at bay. This lightweight cream is formulated with 90% aloe vera leaf water and is exceedingly gentle, making it ideal for irritated skin dealing with breakouts, as it helps moisturize, calm, and cool the skin down.

holiday gift kits

Since this is basically first aid for your face, I love the idea of packaging these gifts in this whimsical Oh Joy! for Target First Aid Kit. They can also later fill the kit with actual first aid supplies to keep in their car!


Get the Let’s Break Up With My Breakout Beautykit here.


#4 No One Will White Elephant This Gift Beautykit, $40 ($62 value)

These are pretty, IG-worthy products that won’t get passed off and re-gifted with an eye roll! Perfect for your judge-y co-workers or just someone you love who does it all for the ’gram!


holiday gift kits


JayJun Anti-Dust Whitening Mask

Not only is the packaging of this mask gorgeous (it reminds me a lot of the floral collages I used to do for my blog), your skin will be equally gorgeous afterwards! My skin always glows with the radiance of someone 10 years younger after a 20-min session with this mask, I’m not even exaggerating. Whenever I have a big event or am just in need of some serious skin TLC, I reach for this mask, which has quickly become my holy grail. It comes with a sheet, a powerful thick ampoule, and an under-eye corrector treatment all in one package. They’re great for travel, great for at-home spa days, and great for glow!


Laneige Lip Glowy Balm

I’ve already mentioned the benefits of this balm that’s more of a treatment, but I haven’t mentioned how on-trend and cute the sleek pastel packaging is! The modern minimal font on the juicy colored packaging makes this worthy of a Snap when laid next to a contrasting piece of fruit.


SanDaWha Camellia Flower Mist

All-natural, free from artificial scents or dyes, oh and slap a filter on this mist and it’s now a millennial pink bottle your friend is dying to pose with as she sets up the perfect #selfcareselfie.

holiday gift kits

Speaking of millennial pink, this pink-with-white splatter box from Ikea is the perfect size, and to stylishly deliver this gift, put a ready-made or expertly tied gold bow on it and prepare to be tagged on all social media when this is inevitably cross-posted on every platform by the grateful recipient!


Get the No One Will White Elephant This Gift Beautykit here.


#5 Take Me Down the K-Beauty Rabbit Hole Beautykit, $50 ($67 value)

This one is for your curious friend who’s always asking you about your 10-steps, snails, and vitamin C adventures! We’ve got some of the best, instant results, Insta cult favs that will be sure to get your friend hooked and begging to climb onto the K-beauty train with you for a round-trip journey to their best skin possible.


holiday gift kits


COSRX Advanced Snail 92 All In One Cream

It should be the law that all K-beauty adventures start with a good snail cream! Snail mucin is the ingredient that launched just about every K-beauty blogger and vlogger into prominence, and is now firmly a part of skincare culture. COSRX’s snail cream is the perfect introduction for even the most timid. Their skin will be undeniably softer, smoother, and will quickly get that trademark glow we’re all crazy for. It’s made with 92% snail mucin ethically collected from live snails. It’s suitable for all skin types and works like a charm to plump fine dehydration lines.


Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

The brightness they’ll get from this vitamin C serum made with 5% ascorbic acid would make anyone a lifelong K-beauty convert! Fade hyperpigmentation from previous breakouts, even out skin tone, and shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose (without the redness, of course!) with this cult fav.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Getting a newbie on board with overnight sleeping masks can sometimes take some convincing, so start small and show them the plump overnight miracle of sleeping masks on their lips first! It won’t be long until they’re asking for sleeping pack recommendations.


COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

The beauty of these patches for newbs? They really are instant! They’ll marvel at all the gross crap sucked out of their pimples when they peel off the patch in the morning. It’s that kind of magic that got all of us hooked on K-beauty, too!

holiday gift kits

You can’t go through this rabbit hole and not come out the other end hopelessly in love with K-beauty. And what’s the first thing a convert does? Take a #shelfie of course! Give them an instant #shelfie by presenting this gift in Ikea’s Bekvam spice rack. I have four of these hung up in my bathroom full of my skincare products!


Get the Take Me Down the K-Beauty Rabbit Hole Beautykit here.


#6 Help, I Just Pulled an All-Nighter! Beautykit, $50 ($67 value)

This is for your sleep-deprived friend — the one with a new baby, the one in a particularly gruesome college major, the one with a high stress job. We’re gonna bless them with rejuvenation, or at least help them fake it!


holiday gift kits


JayJun All In One Multi Cleansing Mask

Ever been too tired to move? Felt like washing your face was too labor intensive? This cool mask makes it easy to pamper and clean! It comes with a giant swab preloaded with makeup remover to take away your lip and eye makeup. Next slap on the Bubble Cleansing Mask, and let it start to bubble and foam. Remove the mask, work in the bubbles, rinse and boom, done! Fresh, clean, pampered, and hopefully a little more refreshed and revitalized by the bubbles!


Secret Key Snail Repairing Cream

After you cleanse, slather on a bit of this lightweight gel moisturizer containing snail mucin, EGF (epidermal growth factor), and to give it a little kick, witch hazel extract to cool down and refresh tired stressed skin! Who doesn’t need a little kick after an all-nighter?


Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream

I’m usually a BB cushion type of gal, but my favorite BB cream in a tube is hands-down this Klairs version. I love the bouncy glow it gives my skin! It’s suitable for all skin types, making it a safe bet as a gift even if you’re not intimately familiar with your friend’s skin. Oh, and I’m certainly not mad that it features my favorite skin brightener, licorice root extract. This is a super easy way to fake the perfect, dewy,  glowing skin of someone who’s a hell of a lot better rested.


holiday gift kits


Present this gift to your tired pal on the thing they need most — a pillow! This cute sparkling gold polka dot one is full of holiday cheer without looking corny. Stack the boxes and secure onto the pillow with ribbon and voilà! They can sneak in a nap right then and there if need be!


Get the Help, I Just Pulled an All-Nighter! Beautykit here.


#7 It’s a Netflix & Sheet Kind of Weekend Beautykit, $60 ($71 value)

This gift set is for staying home and vegging the eff out. Present your friend with the kind of gift set to inspire a weekend of doing absolutely nothing but getting real soft.


holiday gift kits


23 Years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

Cocooning is not just a thing you do in your bed on cold weekends — it’s one of my favorite sheet masks around! This 4-pack mask set is the sister mask of the 23 Years Old Rose Gold version I love so much. This soothing, thick sheeted version features cocoon silk extract and silk extract for a softness and glow you just might feel is being wasted on a night in … almost. It’s the perfect mask to use when wrapping yourself up in a quilt and making your own human cocoon. Leave the world outside and get your whole life from this cushy sheet!


Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

My friend recently gifted me a bottle of this serum (thanks, Rebeka!) and I had forgotten how much I loved it! Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum is exactly what the name says it is: a rich soothing serum that imparts serious moisture into your skin. The serum is simple yet elegant, and filled with really interesting ingredients like natto gum, Centella asiatica extract, and my fav licorice root extract.


SanDaWha Liposome Skin Softener

If you’re a follower of mine, you know I have a slavish devotion to this toner. It is beyond my holy grail — it is my everything! I ran out earlier this month and mistakenly thought I had another bottle stashed away in a drawer. When I realized I was actually totally out, I emailed Beautytap in a panic begging them to please help lol. It sounds so overly dramatic but my skin was tanking fast! If I ever had a doubt about how much my skin loves and needs this toner, it was quickly erased. Its botanical rich formula makes this a wonderful choice for a gift — you might even print out the instructions for the 7-skin method for them, the perfect non-activity to do while mindlessly watching a K-drama.


If you don’t tuck these inside some cute pajamas like these or wrap them with this sleep shirt and gift them that way, what are you even doing with your gift-giving life?


Get the It’s a Netflix & Sheet Kind of Weekend Beautykit here.


#8 Let’s Get Chic Faced Beautykit, $60 ($73 value)

This is for your sheet mask-loving friends, or those who you want to seduce over to the sheet mask side!


holiday gift kits


JayJun Anti Dust Therapy Mask

This pretty green package contains everything needed to fight back against external pollution and crappy air quality. Each sheet contains a cleanser to remove gunk, a sheet mask to strengthen your moisture barrier, and a protective cream. It’s great for tucking away in your travel bag or as a low effort, self-contained, all-in-one truncated care regimen for busy days.


Mediheal x BTS Mask Sheet Special Set Hydrating Moisture Care

Cute boys and a mask? Sounds like my idea of the perfect night in. This 10-set box not only comes with two different kinds of skin hydrating (N.M.F Aquaring Ampoule Mask EX) and skin healing (Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask EX) masks, but it also comes with 14 exclusive BTS photo cards! Gazing at hot dudes while getting great skin? They’ll love it!


23 Years Old Rose Gold 24 Mask

Like I mentioned above, these are a must-have for all mask lovers. Honestly, I don’t blame you if you pilfer one from the box to keep for yourself!


holiday gift kits

Gift the gift of masks, and storage, by presenting these gifts in this mini chest of drawers! The layout is perfect, you can tuck a box of masks into each drawer, making each one a new masking adventure.


Get the Let’s Get Chic Faced Beautykit here.


#9 Just Stop & Smell The Roses Beautykit, $70 ($86 value)

This is for that floral fiend in your life (Hi, it’s me, someone send me this). They’ll appreciate the subtle rose aromas incorporated into these products that make them a total sensorial experience!


holiday gift kits


SanDaWha Floral Water Cream

This is another personal favorite of mine. I’ve written about its performance against another famous and way more expensive cream, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. Elegant, sophisticated, and with undeniable results, this might just be the perfect cream.


JayJun Purple Fragrance Mask

When a sheet mask is called “Purple Fragrance,” you know you’re in for a serious aromatherapy treat. I like that this mask contains actual Rosa damascena flower oil, as well as a bunch of floral extracts. It’s a virtual garden for your face.


23 Years Old Rose Gold 24 Mask

Hello again, Rose Gold masks, you’re so nice you’ve showed up way more than twice. Again, you can’t go wrong with this mask!


holiday gift kits


This gift set demands to be housed in this rose print Baggu bag based on the iconic Thank You plastic bags. The reusable shopping tote will be just as appreciated as the sweet smelling gifts inside!


Get the Just Stop & Smell The Roses Beautykit here.


#10 My Ex Is Gonna Be There — It’s Time To Slay Beautykit, $75 ($99.77 value)

Pffft, we give zero effs about our exes — that is, until we accidentally run into them at Target looking like leftover sh—t. Support your sis and help her play offensively and defensively the next time she has to attend an event alongside the dreaded ex! We all know wedding season is upon us, and these types of big events are ripe with exes skulking around like the trash buzzards they are.


holiday gift kits


Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish

OK OK OK, don’t panic. Your friend hasn’t been religiously following your meticulously laid out chemical exfoliation game plan. It’ll be OK, we have Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish! Tell your girl to gently use her ring and pinky finger to lightly massage her skin in little circles. She’ll reveal glowing new skin and be ready to slay on the big day!


JayJun Intensive Shining Mask

This 3-in-1 mask is pretty much a checklist of everything needed to look like a glowing goddess. Essence? Check. Juicy sheet mask? Check. Hydrating eye cream? Oh, you better believe that’s a check. I love JayJun’s 3-in-1’s, and this mask is a perfect example of why they have my loyalty. You just can’t go wrong with a mask so well thought out!


Laneige Two Tone Tint Lip Bar

Draw attention to those killer lips he most certainly misses so much. Laneige’s Two Tone Tint Lip Bars give your lips an instant sexiness by delivering a two-tone gradient in one swipe. Get seriously sensual with dark Cherry Milk, a shade that says “lol u wish.”


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

How are we going to gear up for the perfect pout before we wield our powerful Two Tone Lip Bar sword? With Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask, of course! As if we’d let chapped lips come between our friend and making her sh—tty ex eat his heart out!

holiday gift kits

We are leaving nothing to chance with this gift — the box will be as glittery and perfect as your precious lady-bro. Lay your gifts in this sparkly box and fill it up with Hershey’s Kisses — just in case she needs some chocolate to binge if her ex brings his new girlfriend to the party!


Get the My Ex Is Gonna Be There — It’s Time To Slay Beautykit here.


#11 I Need a Serious Pick-Me-Up Beautykit, $80 ($108.50 value)

This holiday gift kit is for those of us who have noticed Father Time has reared his head and he’s determined to be an A-hole.


holiday gift kits


JayJun Collagen Skin Fit Mask

As time marches on, your skin loses its ability to maintain its moisture levels. This intensely hydrating mask hits all the right notes when it comes to skincare. It’s full of ginseng extract, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid for instant plumping. Squalane, ceramides, niacinamide, and adenosine are also present for serious brightening effects.


Dr. Frog Collagen Real Lifting Ampoule

I haven’t tried this ampoule yet, but man I want to! It’s made with marine collagen to boost your skin’s elasticity and resilience. What really catches my eye is this part: “ingredients fermented for 100 hours at low temperatures to maximize its ability to absorb deep into the skin.” Yes, yes, mama needs this.


Dr. Frog Intense Lifting Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate, and it needs a lot of pampering. This cream is made with peptides and collagen to strengthen, while Korean mulberry and adenosine brighten and keep dark spots in check.


23 Years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

OK, nothing is going to make you look 23 years old again, but like I’ve said before, this mask gets pretty darn close. It’s an instantly hydrating treat for all skin types, especially aging ones!

holiday gift kits

A serious pick-me-up deserves a serious delivery system. Pick up a nice bottle of wine and place it and these skincare goodies in a Fladis basket. It’s trendy yet classic, just like your friend.


Get the I Need a Serious Pick-Me-Up Beautykit here.


#12 This Week Killed Me So It’s Self-Care Time Beautykit, $90 ($122.50 value)

If time is the ultimate gift, then this gift of self-care comes pretty close. Give it to someone who really needs some serious me-time. Or hell, given the stress of the holidays, you might want to keep this one all to yourself.


holiday gift kits


SanDaWha Natural Mild Cleansing Oil

Double cleansing is a must if you wear makeup or even just sunscreen (you better be!), so you might as well make it as enjoyable as possible! I love SanDaWha’s version of this first step cleanser. It’s made with my fav camellia oil as well as a host of other all-natural oils (Macadamia ternifolia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, rice germ oil, grape seed oil, etc. etc.). It does an excellent job of gently removing stubborn point makeup as well as the 400 layers of sunscreen I slather on daily. Its 99% all-natural ingredients will also make it a hit with your friend’s inner hippie.


Klairs Supple Preparation All Over Lotion

We get so caught up in skincare we sometimes forget all about body care! Your body has skin too, don’t neglect it! If you want to treat body skin as well as your facial skin, you’ve got to try this lotion that’s suitable to use from head to toe if you really wanted. It’s also vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, and formulated without alcohol, fragrance, dyes, parabens, making it suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.


23 Years Old Cocoon Willow Silky Mask

Well hello, Cocoon Mask, we meet again. What more can I say about this mask besides you need it, your friends, need it, your Mama needs it.


SanDaWha Extra Virgin Camellia Face Oil

My go-to facial oil. Camellia oil makes my skin so happy, I’d want to give that out as a gift to my friends, too! Made with extra virgin pressed camellia oil, this no-B.S. facial oil sinks in almost immediately and leaves the skin supple, deeply hydrated, and better able to protect against interlopers and no-good bacteria looking for weak spots in your moisture barrier. If you’re wondering what makes camellia oil so great, this little sentence says it all: “Camellia seed oil has more antioxidant power than even olive or grape seed oil; nourishes skin with vitamins A, B, and E; and is rich in omega-3, -6, and -9 fatty acids.” Talk about a gift.


holiday gift kits


Don’t let the self-care and pampering stop short — tie it all together with some fuzzy soft washcloths. Fold and line the cloths inside this cute wire crate — they can even repurpose it to tote their skincare to the couch and pamper from there — and put the gifts inside. Top with a bow, and much like this article, you’re finished!


Get the This Week Killed Me So It’s Self-Care Time Beautykit here.


I hope these holiday gift kits have inspired you and hopefully made your holiday gift giving a little bit easier! Let me know which one of these gifts you’d like to receive or if you have any other clever gift wrapping ideas in the comments!



Coco Park is an author, beauty journalist, blogger, podcast host, and all around oddball living in Montreal Quebec with her family. Originally from the southern USA, she worked for several years in the makeup industry as a professional makeup artist and holds a certificate in esthetics. She is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Want to know more? Check her out on the Beauty Beyond Basics podcast, on her blog, on Instagram @thebeautywolf, and in her book "Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup."



I started using SanDaWha's camellia oil again after a seasonal hiatus, and OMG. Can I just say, why did I ever stop??? First, that scent is so heavenly. Second, I add a few drops to any nighttime moisturizer and not only does it help it to just go WHOOSH into my skin (it's seriously magic) but it's completely solved the itchy, dry winter skin problem overnight. This oil is worth every penny!!!